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Gutsche Jr, Robert and Brennen, Bonnie, eds. (2020) Journalism research in practice:Perspectives on change, challenges, and solutions. Routledge. (In Press)

UNSPECIFIED (2020) Literary Back-Translations. Translation and Literature, 29 (3). ISSN 0968-1361 (In Press)

UNSPECIFIED (2020) Special Issue on "2020 Review Issue". Family Business Review. ISSN 0894-4865 (In Press)

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Atanasova, Dimitrinka and Koteyko, Nelya (2020) Fighting obesity, sustaining stigma:How can critical metaphor analysis help uncover subtle stigma in media discourse on obesity. In: Applying Linguistics in Illness and Healthcare Contexts. Contemporary Studies in Linguistics . Bloomsbury Academic, pp. 223-243. ISBN 9781350057654 (In Press)

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Lambert, Zoe (2020) Cluster of short stories and vignettes exploring caring, disability and chronic illness. UNSPECIFIED.

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Quick, Andrew and Brooks, Pete (2020) Night of the Living Dead - Remix. [Performance]

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