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Alsaady, I. and Tedford, E. and Alsaad, M. and Bristow, G. and Kohli, S. and Murray, M. and Reeves, M. and Vijayabaskar, M.S. and Clapcote, S.J. and Wastling, J. and McConkey, G.A. (2019) Downregulation of the central noradrenergic system by toxoplasma gondii infection. Infection and Immunity, 87 (2). ISSN 0019-9567

Antonica, Francesco and Orietti, Lorenzo Carlo and Mort, Richard Lester and Zernicka-Goetz, Magdalena (2019) Concerted cell divisions in embryonic visceral endoderm guide anterior visceral endoderm migration. Developmental Biology, 450 (2). pp. 132-140. ISSN 0012-1606

Arslan, M. and Yang, X. and Santhakumar, D. and Liu, X. and Hu, X. and Munir, M. and Li, Y. and Zhang, Z. (2019) Dynamic expression of interferon lambda regulated genes in primary fibroblasts and immune organs of the chicken. Virus Genes, 10 (2). ISSN 0920-8569


Benedetto, Alexandre and Gems, David (2019) Autophagy promotes visceral aging in wild-type C. elegans. Autophagy, 15 (4). pp. 737-732. ISSN 1554-8627

Benezech, Cecile and Jackson-Jones, Lucy (2019) ILC2 orchestration of local immune function in adipose tissue:ILC2 orchestration of immune adipose function. Frontiers in Immunology, 10. ISSN 1664-3224

Bogus, Katarzyna and Pałasz, Artur and Suszka-Świtek, Aleksandra and Worthington, John Joseph and Krzystanek, Marek and Wiaderkiewicz, Ryszard (2019) Chronic Antipsychotic Treatment Modulates Aromatase (CYP19A1) Expression in the Male Rat Brain. Journal of Molecular Neuroscience, 68 (2). pp. 311-317. ISSN 0895-8696


Carare, Roxana Octavia and Teeling, Jessica Liesbeth and Hawkes, Cheryl A. and Püntener, Ursula and Weller, Roy O. and Nicoll, James A.R. and Perry, Victor Hugh (2019) Immune complex formation impairs the elimination of solutes from the brain:Implications for immunotherapy in Alzheimer's disease. Acta Neuropathologica Communications, 2 (1). ISSN 2051-5960

Chanmol, Wetpisit and Jariyapan, Narissara and Somboon, Pradya and Bates, Michelle D. and Bates, Paul A. (2019) Axenic amastigote cultivation and in vitro development of Leishmania orientalis. Parasitology Research, 118 (6). pp. 1885-1897. ISSN 0044-3255

Cohen, Taylor S. and Takahashi, Virginia and Bonnell, Jessica and Tovchigrechko, Andrey and Chaerkady, Raghothama and Yu, Wen and Jones-Nelson, Omari and Lee, Young and Raja, Rajiv and Hess, Sonja and Stover, C. Kendall and Worthington, John Joseph and Travis, Mark A and Sellman, Bret R. (2019) Staphylococcus aureus drives expansion of low-density neutrophils in diabetic mice. Journal of Clinical Investigation, 129 (5). pp. 2133-2144. ISSN 0021-9738

Contu, L. and Carare, R. O. and Hawkes, C. A. (2019) Knockout of apolipoprotein A-I decreases parenchymal and vascular β-amyloid pathology in the Tg2576 mouse model of Alzheimer's disease. Neuropathology and Applied Neurobiology. ISSN 0305-1846


Dimitrov, Kiril M. and Abolnik, Celia and Afonso, Claudio L. and Albina, Emmanuel and Bahl, Justin and Berg, Mikael and Briand, François-Xavier and Brown, Ian H. and Choi, Kang-Seuk and Chvala, Ilya and Diel, Diego G. and Durr, Peter A. and Ferreira, Helena Lage and Fusaro, Alice and Gil, Patricia and Goujgoulova, Gabriela V. and Grund, Christian and Hicks, Joseph T. and Joannis, Tony M. and Kim Torchetti, Mia and Kolosov, Sergey and Lambrecht, Bénédicte and Lewis, Nicola S. and Liu, Haijin and Liu, Hualei and McCullough, Sam and Miller, Patti J. and Monne, Isabella and Muller, Claude P. and Munir, Muhammad and Reischak, Dilmara and Sabra, Mahmoud and Samal, Siba K. and Servan de Almeida, Renata and Shittu, Ismaila and Snoeck, Chantal J. and Suarez, David L. and Van Borm, Steven and Wang, Zhiliang and Wong, Frank Y. K. (2019) Updated unified phylogenetic classification system and revised nomenclature for Newcastle disease virus. Infection, Genetics and Evolution, 74. ISSN 1567-1348

Drummond, Emma and Short, Emma and Clancy, David (2019) Mitonuclear gene X environment effects on lifespan and health:How common, how big? Mitochondrion, 49. pp. 12-18. ISSN 1567-7249

da Costa, Samara G and Bates, Paul and Dillon, Rod and Genta, Fernando Ariel (2019) Characterization of α-Glucosidases From Lutzomyia longipalpis Reveals Independent Hydrolysis Systems for Plant or Blood Sugars. Frontiers in Physiology, 10. ISSN 1664-042X

da Costa, Samara G and Moraes, Caroline da Silva and Bates, Paul and Dillon, Rod and Genta, Fernando Ariel (2019) Development of Leishmania mexicana in Lutzomyia longipalpis in the absence of sugar feeding. Memorias do Instituto Oswaldo Cruz, 114. ISSN 0074-0276


Fullwood, Nigel James and Lawlor, Alan J. and Martin-Hirsch, Pierre Leonard and Matanhelia, Shyam and Martin, Francis (2019) An analysis of benign human prostate offers insight into the mechanism of apocrine secretion and the origin of prostasomes. Scientific Reports, 9. ISSN 2045-2322


Gibby, William Alexander Thomas and Barabash, Miraslau and Guardiani, Carlo and Luchinsky, Dmitry and Fedorenko, Olena and Roberts, Stephen Kenneth and McClintock, Peter Vaughan Elsmere (2019) Theory and experiments on multi-ion permeation and selectivity in the NaChBac ion channel. Fluctuation and Noise Letters, 18 (2). ISSN 0219-4775

Glover, Zoe and Hodges, Matthew David John and Dravecz, Nikolett and Cameron, Jack and Askwith, Helen and Shirras, Alan Duncan and Broughton, Susan Jane (2019) Loss of angiotensin-converting enzyme-related (ACER) peptidase disrupts behavioural and metabolic responses to diet in Drosophila melanogaster. Journal of Experimental Biology, 222 (8). ISSN 0022-0949

González, M.A. and Bell, M.J. and Bernhardt, S.A. and Brazil, R.P. and DIlger, E. and Courtenay, O. and Hamilton, J.G.C. (2019) Susceptibility of wild-caught Lutzomyia longipalpis (Diptera: Psychodidae) sand flies to insecticide after an extended period of exposure in western São Paulo, Brazil. Parasites and Vectors, 12 (1). ISSN 1756-3305

Gowthaman, V. and Singh, S.D. and Dhama, K. and Ramakrishnan, M.A. and Malik, Y.P.S. and Gopala Krishna Murthy, T.R. and Chitra, R. and Munir, M. (2019) Co-infection of Newcastle disease virus genotype XIII with low pathogenic avian influenza exacerbates clinical outcome of Newcastle disease in vaccinated layer poultry flocks. Virusdisease. ISSN 2347-3584

Guardiani, Carlo and Fedorenko, Olena and Khovanov, I. A. and Roberts, Stephen Kenneth (2019) Different roles for aspartates and glutamates for cation permeation in bacterial sodium channels Article reference. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA) - Biomembranes, 1861 (2). pp. 495-503. ISSN 0005-2736


Han, Seungmin and Fink, Juergen and Jörg, David J and Lee, Eunmin and Yum, Min Kyu and Chatzeli, Lemonia and Merker, Sebastian R and Josserand, Manon and Trendafilova, Teodora and Andersson-Rolf, Amanda and Dabrowska, Catherine and Kim, Hyunki and Naumann, Ronald and Lee, Ji-Hyun and Sasaki, Nobuo and Mort, Richard Lester and Basak, Onur and Clevers, Hans and Stange, Daniel E and Philpott, Anna and Kim, Jong Kyoung and Simons, Benjamin D and Koo, Bon-Kyoung (2019) Defining the Identity and Dynamics of Adult Gastric Isthmus Stem Cells. Cell Stem Cell, 25 (3). 342-356.e7. ISSN 1934-5909

Holubová, M. and Hrubá, L. and Popelová, A. and Bencze, M. and Pražienková, V. and Gengler, S. and Kratochvílová, H. and Haluzík, M. and Železná, B. and Kuneš, J. and Hölscher, C. and Maletínská, L. (2019) Liraglutide and a lipidized analog of prolactin-releasing peptide show neuroprotective effects in a mouse model of β-amyloid pathology. Neuropharmacology, 144. pp. 377-387. ISSN 0028-3908

Hughes, Rebecca (2019) Characterisation of neurodevelopmental disorder and ageing phenotypes in transgenic mouse and fruit fly models of Neurexin1 dysfunction. PhD thesis, UNSPECIFIED.

Hussain, A. and Wu, T. and Li, H. and Fan, L. and Li, K. and Gao, L. and Wang, Y. and Gao, Y. and Liu, C. and Cui, H. and Pan, Q. and Zhang, Y. and Aslam, A. and Muti-Ur-Rehman, K. and Munir, M. and Butt, S.L. and Wang, X. and Qi, X. (2019) Pathogenic Characterization and Full Length Genome Sequence of a Reassortant Infectious Bursal Disease Virus Newly Isolated in Pakistan. Virologica Sinica, 34 (1). pp. 102-105. ISSN 1674-0769


Jackson-Jones, Lucy and Smith, Peter and Magalhaes, Marlene and Portman, Jordan and Mylonas, Katie and Nixon, Mark and Dobie, Ross and Henderson, Beth and Henderson, Neil and Mole, Damian and Benezech, Cecile (2019) Neutrophils mediate the capture of peritoneal contaminants by fat-associated lymphoid clusters of the omentum. Biorxiv.

Johnson, Matthew and Danvers, Emily and Hinton-Smith, Tamsin and Atkinson, Kate and Bowden, Gareth and Foster, John and Garner, Kristina and Garrud, Paul and Greaves, Sarah and Harris, Patricia and Hejmadi, Momna and Hill, David and Hughes, Gwen and Jackson, Louise and O’Sullivan, Angela and ÓTuama, Séamus and Perez Brown, Pilar and Philipson, Pete and Ravenscroft, Simon and Rhys, Mirain and Ritchie, Tom and Talbot, Jon and Walker, David and Watson, Jon and Williams, Myfanwy and Williams, Sharon (2019) Higher Education Outreach:Examining Key Challenges for Academics. British Journal of Educational Studies. ISSN 0007-1005

Jones, A.E. and Turner, J. and Caminade, C. and Heath, A.E. and Wardeh, M. and Kluiters, G. and Diggle, P.J. and Morse, A.P. and Baylis, M. (2019) Bluetongue risk under future climates. Nature Climate Change, 9. 153–157. ISSN 1758-678X


Karwad, M.A. and Couch, D.G. and Wright, Karen and Tufarelli, C. and Larvin, M. and Lund, J. and O'Sullivan, S.E. (2019) Endocannabinoids and endocannabinoid-like compounds modulate hypoxia-induced permeability in CaCo-2 cells via CB1, TRPV1, and PPAR<alpha>. Biochemical Pharmacology, 168. pp. 465-472. ISSN 0006-2952

Kumordzi, Yasmine (2019) Investigation into the migration of Leishmania within Phlebotomine sand flies. PhD thesis, UNSPECIFIED.


Mattey, Ashley (2019) HPLC and mass spectrometry analysis of the free radical degradation of chondroitin sulfate and its implications in osteoarthritis. Masters thesis, UNSPECIFIED.

Mead, Dylan J T and Lunagomez, Simón and Gatherer, Derek (2019) Visualization of protein sequence space with force-directed graphs, and their application to the choice of target-template pairs for homology modelling. Journal of Molecular Graphics and Modelling, 92. pp. 180-191. ISSN 1093-3263

Mujawar, S. and Mishra, R. and Pawar, S. and Gatherer, D. and Lahiri, C. (2019) Delineating the plausible molecular vaccine candidates and drug targets of multidrug-resistant acinetobacter baumannii. Frontiers in cellular and infection microbiology, 9. ISSN 2235-2988

Mylonas, Katie and Jackson-Jones, Lucy and Andrews, Jack and Magalhaes, Marlene and Meloni, Marco and Joshi, Nikhil and Allen, Judith and Newby, David and Dweck, Marc and Gray, Gillian and Benezech, Cecile (2019) The pericardium promotes cardiac repair and remodelling post-myocardial infarction. Biorxiv. (Unpublished)


Niassy, S. and Tamiru, A. and Hamilton, J.G.C. and Kirk, W.D.J. and Mumm, R. and Sims, C. and de Kogel, W.J. and Ekesi, S. and Maniania, N.K. and Bandi, K. and Mitchell, F. and Subramanian, S. (2019) Characterization of Male-Produced Aggregation Pheromone of the Bean Flower Thrips Megalurothrips sjostedti (Thysanoptera: Thripidae). Journal of Chemical Ecology, 45 (4). 348–355. ISSN 0098-0331

Nizari, Shereen and Carare, Roxana O. and Romero, Ignacio A. and Hawkes, Cheryl A. (2019) 3D reconstruction of the neurovascular unit reveals differential loss of cholinergic innervation in the cortex and hippocampus of the adult mouse brain. Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience, 11. ISSN 1663-4365


Openshaw, Rebecca L and Thomson, David M and Thompson, Rhiannon and Penninger, Josef M and Pratt, Judith A and Morris, Brian J and Dawson, Neil (2019) Map2k7 Haploinsufficiency Induces Brain Imaging Endophenotypes and Behavioral Phenotypes Relevant to Schizophrenia. Schizophrenia Bulletin. ISSN 0586-7614


Pauzaite, Tekle (2019) Identification and analysis of the signalling networks that regulate Ciz1 levels in normal and cancer cell lines. PhD thesis, UNSPECIFIED.

Pałasz, A. and Segovia, Y. and Skowronek, R. and Worthington, J.J. (2019) Molecular neurochemistry of the lanthanides. Synapse, 73 (9). ISSN 0887-4476

Pałasz, Artur and Bogus, Katarzyna and Suszka-Świtek, Aleksandra and Kaśkosz, Andrzej and Saint-Remy, Shirley and Piwowarczyk-Nowak, Aneta and Filipczyk, Łukasz and Worthington, John Joseph and Mordecka-Chamera, Kinga and Kostro, Karol and Bajor, Grzegorz and Wiaderkiewicz, Ryszard (2019) The first identification of nesfatin-1-expressing neurons in the human bed nucleus of the stria terminalis. Journal of Neural Transmission. ISSN 0300-9564

Pountain, Andrew W and Weidt, Stefan K and Regnault, Clément and Bates, Paul A and Donachie, Anne M and Dickens, Nicholas J and Barrett, Michael P (2019) Genomic instability at the locus of sterol C24-methyltransferase promotes amphotericin B resistance in Leishmania parasites. PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases, 13 (2). ISSN 1935-2727

Pratt, Judith A and Morris, Brian and Dawson, Neil (2019) Deconstructing Schizophrenia:Advances in Preclinical Models for Biomarker Identification. In: Current Topics in Behavioral Neurosciences. Springer, Berlin, pp. 295-323. ISBN 9783319996417


Rahman, Aziz-Ul- and Munir, Muhammad and Shabbir, Muhammad Zubair (2019) A comparative phylogenomic analysis of peste des petits ruminants virus isolated from wild and unusual hosts. Molecular Biology Reports, 46 (5). pp. 5587-5593. ISSN 0301-4851

Rahman, Aziz-ul and Munir, Muhammad and Shabbir, Muhammad Zubair (2019) A comparative genomic and evolutionary analysis of circulating strains of Avian avulavirus 1 in Pakistan. Molecular Genetics and Genomics.

Richardson, Hollian and Rhodes, Glenn and Henrys, P.A and Sedda, Luigi and Weightman, Andrew J. and Pickup, Roger (2019) Presence of Mycobacterium avium Subspecies paratuberculosis Monitored Over Varying Temporal and Spatial Scales in River Catchments:persistent Routes for Human Exposure. Microorganisms, 7. ISSN 2076-2607

Roberts, Ryan and Yee, Pinn Tsin Isabel and Mujawar, Shama and Lahiri, Chandrajit and Poh, Chit Laa and Gatherer, Derek (2019) A decade of sustained selection pressure on two surface sites of the VP1 protein of Enterovirus A71 suggests that immune evasion may be an indirect driver for virulence. Scientific Reports, 9 (1). ISSN 2045-2322

Rohaim, M.A. and El Naggar, R.F. and Helal, A.M. and Bayoumi, M.M. and El-Saied, M.A. and Ahmed, K.A. and Shabbir, M.Z. and Munir, M. (2019) Genetic diversity and phylodynamics of avian coronaviruses in Egyptian wild birds. Viruses, 11 (1). ISSN 1999-4915


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Sadlova, Jovana and Vojtkova, Barbora and Hrncirova, Katerina and Lestinova, Tereza and Spitzova, Tatiana and Becvar, Tomas and Votypka, Jan and Bates, Paul and Volf, Petr (2019) Host competence of African rodents Arvicanthis neumanni, A. niloticus and Mastomys natalensis for Leishmania major. International Journal for Parasitology: Parasites and Wildlife, 8. pp. 118-126. ISSN 2213-2244

Shinomoto, Makiko and Kasai, Takashi and Tatebe, Harutsugu and Kondo, Masaki and Ohmichi, Takuma and Morimoto, Masafumi and Chiyonobu, Tomohiro and Terada, Naoto and Allsop, David and Yokota, Isao and Mizuno, Toshiki and Tokuda, Takahiko (2019) Plasma neurofilament light chain:A potential prognostic biomarker of dementia in adult Down syndrome patients. PLoS ONE, 14 (4). ISSN 1932-6203

Simmons, Hannah (2019) Determining the mechanism of dichloroacetate-regulated processing of the Alzheimer’s disease-related amyloid precursor protein. Masters thesis, UNSPECIFIED.

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Southern, Jen and Dillon, Rod (2019) Blood Red and Neon Stain:The para-site of colour in micro-mobile geographies. In: Institute of Australian Geographers Conference, 2019-07-092019-07-13, Wrest Point.

Southern, Jen and Dillon, Rod (2019) Para-site-seeing: Departure Lounge. [Exhibition]

Staniek, Monica E and Sedda, Luigi and Gibson, Tim D and de Souza, Cristian F and Costa, Erika M and Dillon, Rod J and Hamilton, James G C (2019) eNose analysis of volatile chemicals from dogs naturally infected with Leishmania infantum in Brazil. PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases, 13 (8). ISSN 1935-2727

Steel, Nicola and Faniyi, Aduragbemi and Rahman, Sayema and Swietlik, Stefanie and Czajkowska, Beata I and Chan, Bethany and Hardgrave, Alex and Steel, Anthony and Sparwasser, Tim and Assas, Mushref and Grencis, Richard K and Travis, Mark A and Worthington, John Joseph (2019) TGFβ-activation by dendritic cells drives Th17 induction and intestinal contractility and augments the expulsion of the parasite Trichinella spiralis in mice. PLoS Pathogens, 15 (4). ISSN 1553-7366

Sun, Huaping and Zheng, Zeyu and Fedorenko, Olena and Roberts, Stephen Kenneth (2019) Covalent linkage of bacterial voltage-gated sodium channels. BMC Biophysics, 12 (1).

Suszka-Świtek, Aleksandra and Pałasz, Artur and Filipczyk, Łukasz and Menezes, Itiana Castro and Mordecka-Chamera, Kinga and Angelone, Tommaso and Bogus, Katarzyna and Bacopoulou, Flora and Worthington, John J. and Wiaderkiewicz, Ryszard (2019) The GnRH analogues affect novel neuropeptide SMIM20/phoenixin and GPR173 receptor expressions in the female rat hypothalamic-pituitary-gonadal (HPG) axis. Clinical and Experimental Pharmacology and Physiology. ISSN 0305-1870


Tarrason Risa, Gabriel and Hurtig, Fredrik and Bray, Sian and Hafner, Anne and Harker-Kirschneck, Lena and Faull, Peter and Davis, Colin and Papatziamou, Dimitra and Mutavchiev, Delyan and Fan, Catherine and Meneguello, Leticia and Pulschen, Andre and Dey, Gautam and Culley, Siân and Kilkenny, Mairi and Pellegrini, Luca and de Bruin, Robertus and Henriques, Ricardo and Snijders, Ambrosius and Šarić, Anđela and Lindås, Ann-Christin and Robinson, Nick and Baum, Buzz (2019) Proteasome-mediated protein degradation resets the cell division cycle and triggers ESCRT-III-mediated cytokinesis in an archaeon. Biorxiv.

Tsekleves, Emmanouil and Darby, Andrew and Ahorlu, Collins and de Souza, Dziedzom and Pickup, Roger William and Boakye, Daniel (2019) Combining design research with microbiology to tackle drug-resistant infections in different home environments in Ghana:Challenging the boundaries of design thinking. The Design Journal, 22 (Suppl.). pp. 347-358. ISSN 1460-6925


Ul-Rahman, Aziz and Yaqub, T and Imran, M and Habib, M and Sohail, T and Mukhtar, N and Shahid, M F and Munir, Muhammad and Shabbir, M Z (2019) Sequence analysis and biological characterization of virulent Avian avulavirus 1 isolated from asymptomatic migratory fowl. Acta virologica, 63 (2). pp. 223-228. ISSN 0001-723X

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Wang, Li and Zhang, Rui and Hou, Xiaohong and Wang, Changtu and Guo, Shuai and Ning, Na and Sun, Cong and Yuan, Yuan and Li, Lin and Hölscher, Christian and Wang, Xiaohui (2019) DA-JC1 improves learning and memory by antagonizing Aβ31-35-induced circadian rhythm disorder. Molecular Brain, 12 (1). ISSN 1756-6606

Wang, Yifan (2019) Insulin/IGF-like signalling and brain ageing in Drosophila melanogaster. Masters thesis, UNSPECIFIED.


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Yates, C.A. and Ford, M.J. and Mort, R.L. (2019) Correction to: A Multi-stage Representation of Cell Proliferation as a Markov Process (Bulletin of Mathematical Biology, (2017), 79, 12, (2905-2928), 10.1007/s11538-017-0356-4). Bulletin of Mathematical Biology, 81 (10). 4309–4310. ISSN 0092-8240

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