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Akhiyarova, Guzel and Veselov, Dmitriy and Ivanov, Ruslan and Sharipova, Guzel and Ivanov, Igor and Dodd, Ian C. and Kudoyarova, Guzel (2023) Root ABA Accumulation Delays Lateral Root Emergence in Osmotically Stressed Barley Plants by Decreasing Root Primordial IAA Accumulation. International Journal of Plant Biology, 14 (1). pp. 77-90. ISSN 2037-0164

Ali, S. and Khan, S.N. and Khan, S.N. and Rauf, M. and Khan, M.F. and Majid, A. and Dawar, F.U. and Akbar, N.U. and Ullah, R. and Bari, A. and Khan, M.F. (2023) Detecção molecular e prevalência de rotavírus com gastroenterite aguda entre as crianças de áreas rurais e urbanas. Brazilian Journal of Biology, 83.


Bastviken, D. and Treat, C.C. and Pangala, S.R. and Gauci, V. and Enrich-Prast, A. and Karlson, M. and Gålfalk, M. and Romano, M.B. and Sawakuchi, H.O. (2023) The importance of plants for methane emission at the ecosystem scale. Aquatic Botany, 184. ISSN 0304-3770

Bland, Rhian and Methion, Severine and Sharp, Stuart P. and Diaz Lopez, Bruno (2023) Assessing variability in marine traffic exposure between baleen whale species off the Galician Coast, Spain. Marine Pollution Bulletin, 186. ISSN 0025-326X


Carmo-Silva, Elizabete and Sharwood, Robert E (2023) Rubisco and its regulation—major advances to improve carbon assimilation and productivity. Journal of Experimental Botany, 74 (2). pp. 507-509. ISSN 0022-0957

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Carvalho, Daniel C. and Leal, Cecília G. (2023) Steps forward in Biomonitoring 2.0: <scp>eDNA</scp> metabarcoding and community‐level modelling allow the assessment of complex drivers of Neotropical fish diversity. Global Change Biology. p. 1. ISSN 1354-1013

Chen, Xiaoxin and Chen, Chang-Er and Guo, Xiaoyuan and Sweetman, Andrew J. (2023) Sorption and desorption of bisphenols on commercial plastics and the effect of UV aging. Chemosphere, 310. ISSN 0045-6535

Cheng, Qinbo and Su, Qiuju and Binley, Andrew and Liu, Jintao and Zhang, Zhicai and Chen, Xi (2023) Estimation of surface soil moisture by a multi-elevation UAV-based ground penetrating radar. Water Resources Research. ISSN 0043-1397 (In Press)


Donkersley, Philip and Bloom, Elias and Crowder, David (2023) A little does a lot:Can small-scale planting for pollinators make a difference? Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment, 343. ISSN 0167-8809

Donkersley, Philip and Rice, Annabel and Graham, Robert I and Wilson, Kenneth (2023) Gut microbial community supplementation and reduction modulates African armyworm susceptibility to a baculovirus. FEMS Microbiology Ecology, 99 (1). ISSN 0168-6496


Ge, L. and Cao, S. and Halsall, C. and Niu, J. and Bai, D. and He, G. and Zhang, P. and Ma, H. (2023) Photodegradation of hydroxyfluorenes in ice and water:A comparison of kinetics, effects of water constituents, and phototransformation by-products. Journal of Environmental Sciences (China), 124. pp. 139-145.

Goldstein, J.E. and Neimark, B. and Garvey, B. and Phelps, J. (2023) Unlocking “lock-in” and path dependency:A review across disciplines and socio-environmental contexts. World Development, 161. ISSN 0305-750X

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Holden, Claire (2023) ATR-FTIR Spectroscopy-Linked Chemometrics:A Novel Approach to the Analysis and Control of the Invasive Species Japanese Knotweed. PhD thesis, UNSPECIFIED.

Hounslow, Mark W and Horng, Chorng-Shern and Karloukovski, Vassil (2023) Rotational remanent magnetisation as a magnetic mineral diagnostic tool at low rotation rates. Geophysical Journal International, 232 (1). pp. 300-321. ISSN 0956-540X


Jin, Minghui and Liu, Bo and Zheng, Weigang and Liu, Conghui and Liu, Zhenxing and He, Yuan and Li, Xiaokang and Wu, Chao and Wang, Ping and Liu, Kaiyu and Wu, Shigang and Liu, Hangwei and Chakrabarty, Swapan and Yuan, Haibin and Wilson, Kenneth and Wu, Kongming and Fan, Wei and Xiao, Yutao (2023) Chromosome-level genome of black cutworm provides novel insights into polyphagy and seasonal migration in insects. BMC Biology, 21 (1). ISSN 1741-7007


Keith, S. A. and Hobbs, J-P.A. and Boström-Einarsson, L. and Hartley, I. R. and Sanders, N. J. (2023) Rapid resource depletion on coral reefs disrupts competitor recognition processes among butterflyfish species. Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences, 290 (1990). ISSN 0962-8452

Khalil, Idham and Muslim, Aidy M. and Hossain, Mohammad Shawkat and Atkinson, Peter M. (2023) Modelling and forecasting the effects of increasing sea surface temperature on coral bleaching in the Indo-Pacific region. International Journal of Remote Sensing, 44 (1). pp. 194-216. ISSN 0143-1161


Lahive, E and Matzke, M and Svendsen, C and Spurgeon, D J and Pouran, H and Zhang, H and Lawlor, A and Glória Pereira, M and Lofts, S (2023) Soil properties influence the toxicity and availability of Zn from ZnO nanoparticles to earthworms. Environmental pollution (Barking, Essex : 1987), 319. ISSN 0269-7491

Luo, Shan and Png, G. Kenny and Ostle, Nicholas J. and Zhou, Huakun and Hou, Xiangyang and Luo, Chunling and Quinton, John N. and Schaffner, Urs and Sweeney, Christopher and Wang, Dangjun and Wu, Jihua and Wu, Yuwei and Bardgett, Richard D. (2023) Grassland degradation-induced declines in soil fungal complexity reduce fungal community stability and ecosystem multifunctionality. Soil Biology and Biochemistry, 176. ISSN 0038-0717


Mikołajczak, Katarzyna and Barlow, Jos and Lees, Alexander and Ives, Christopher and Strack, Micha and Almeida, Oriana and Souza, Agnis and Parry, Luke and Sinclair, Frazer (2023) Evaluating the influence of nature connection and values on conservation attitudes at a tropical deforestation frontier. Conservation Biology. ISSN 0888-8892 (In Press)

Mogno, Caterina and Palmer, Paul I. and Marvin, Margaret R. and Sharma, Sumit and Chen, Ying and Wild, Oliver (2023) Road transport impact on PM2.5 pollution over Delhi during the post-monsoon season. Atmospheric Environment: X, 17. ISSN 2590-1621


Nayak, R.R. and Krishnaswamy, J. and Vaidyanathan, S. and Chappell, N.A. and Bhalla, R.S. (2023) Invasion of natural grasslands by exotic trees increases flood risks in mountainous landscapes in South India. Journal of Hydrology, 617 (Part A). ISSN 0022-1694


Osuoha, Justice Obinna and Anyanwu, Brilliance Onyinyechi and Ejileugha, Chisom (2023) Pharmaceuticals and Personal Care Products as Emerging Contaminants:Need for Combined Treatment Strategy. Journal of Hazardous Materials Advances, 9. ISSN 2772-4166


Payne, Wesley and Wade, Daniel and Hartley, Ian and Shemmings-Payne, Jen (2023) An evaluation of thermal imaging as a tool for assessing occupancy of enclosed nests. Ringing and Migration. ISSN 0307-8698

Pearce, Craig (2023) Remote Sensing of Grassland Variables Across Seasons and Using Multiple Spectral Devices. PhD thesis, UNSPECIFIED.

Pereira Silva, Bruno and Saballo, Heloisa Maria and Moreira Lobo, Ana and Costa Lima Neto, Milton (2023) The plasticity of the photosynthetic apparatus and antioxidant responses are critical for the dispersion of Rhizophora mangle along a salinity gradient. Aquatic Botany, 185. ISSN 0304-3770

Popay, J. and Chekar, C.K. and Griffiths, A. and Halliday, E. and Kaloudis, H. and Leiper, R. and Panagaki, K. and Porroche-Escudero, A. (2023) Strengthening the equity focus of applied public health research: introducing the FOR EQUITY platform. Public Health, 215. pp. 12-16. ISSN 0033-3506


Reinelt, Laura and Whitaker, Jeanette and Kazakou, Elena and Bonnal, Laurent and Bastianelli, Denis and Bullock, James and Ostle, Nicholas J. (2023) Drought effects on root and shoot traits and their decomposability. Functional Ecology. ISSN 0269-8463


Sanaei, Anvar and Sayer, Emma J. and Yuan, Zuoqiang and Saiz, Hugo and Delgado‐Baquerizo, Manuel and Sadeghinia, Majid and Ashouri, Parvaneh and Ghafari, Sahar and Kaboli, Hasan and Kargar, Mansoureh and Seabloom, Eric W. and Ali, Arshad (2023) Grazing intensity alters the plant diversity‐ecosystem carbon storage relationship in rangelands across topographic and climatic gradients. Functional Ecology. ISSN 0269-8463 (In Press)

Sun, Yiming and Jones, Kevin C and Sun, Zongquan and Shen, Jialun and Ma, Fujun and Gu, Qingbao (2023) Does freeze-thaw action affect the extractability and bioavailability of Pb and As in contaminated soils? Science of the Total Environment, 854. ISSN 0048-9697


Tang, Yijie and Wang, Qunming and Atkinson, Peter M. (2023) Filling Then Spatio-Temporal Fusion for all-Sky MODIS Land Surface Temperature Generation. IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Applied Earth Observations and Remote Sensing, 16. pp. 1350-1364. ISSN 1939-1404

Tangena, J.-A.A. and Mategula, D. and Sedda, L. and Atkinson, P.M. (2023) Unravelling the impact of insecticide-treated bed nets on childhood malaria in Malawi. Malaria Journal, 22 (1). ISSN 1475-2875

Ticktin, T. and Charitonidou, M. and Douglas, J. and Halley, J.M. and Hernández-Apolinar, M. and Liu, H. and Mondragón, D. and Pérez-García, E.A. and Tremblay, R.L. and Phelps, J. (2023) Wild orchids: A framework for identifying and improving sustainable harvest. Biological Conservation, 277. ISSN 0006-3207


Wang, Yanjie and Yang, Liying and Wild, Oliver and Zhang, Song and Yang, Kai and Wang, Wenwen and Li, Lin (2023) ADMS simulation and influencing factors of bioaerosol diffusion from BRT under different aeration modes in six wastewater treatment plants. Water Research, 231. ISSN 0043-1354

Williamson, M.J. and Jacoby, D.M.P. and Piper, A.T. (2023) The drivers of anguillid eel movement in lentic water bodies:a systematic map. Reviews in Fish Biology and Fisheries. ISSN 0960-3166

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