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Journal Article

Abbas, Q. and Hassan, S.A. and Pervaiz, H. and Ni, Q. (2021) A Markovian Model for the Analysis of Age of Information in IoT Networks. IEEE Wireless Communications Letters. ISSN 2162-2337

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Bates, Oliver and Lord, Carolynne and Alter, Hayley and Friday, Adrian and Kirman, Ben (2021) Lessons from one future of work: opportunities to flip the gig economy. IEEE Pervasive Computing, Specia. ISSN 1536-1268 (In Press)

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Escarce Junior, Mario and Rossmann Martins, Georgia and Soriano Marcolino, Leandro and Rubegni, Elisa (2021) A Meta-interactive Compositional Approach that Fosters Musical Emergence through Ludic Expressivity. ACM - PACMHCI CHI PLAY, 5 (CHI PL). pp. 1-32. (In Press)

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