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Journal Article

UNSPECIFIED (2017) Psychologies of Ageing:Research, Policy and Practice. Working with Older People, 21 (1). ISSN 1366-3666

Berry, Natalie and Bucci, Sandra and Lobban, Anne Fiona (2017) Use of the Internet and Mobile Phones for Self-Management of Severe Mental Health Problems:Qualitative Study of Staff Views. JMIR Mental Health, 4 (4). ISSN 2368-7959

Berry, Natalie and Lobban, Anne Fiona and Belousov, Maksim and Emsley, Richard and Nenadic, Igor and Bucci, Sandra (2017) #WhyWeTweetMH:Understanding Why People Use Twitter to Discuss Mental Health Problems. Journal of Medical Internet Research, 19 (4). ISSN 1439-4456

Bosu, Billy and Aheto, Justice and Zucchelli, Eugenio and Reilly, Siobhan Theresa (2017) Prevalence, awareness, and associated risk factors of hypertension in older adults in Africa:a systematic review and meta-analysis protocol. Systematic Reviews, 6 (1). ISSN 2046-4053

Bousquet, J and Bewick, M and Cano, A and Eklund, P and Fico, G and Goswami, N and Guldemond, N A and Henderson, D and Hinkema, M J and Liotta, G and Mair, A and Molloy, W and Monaco, A and Monsonis-Paya, I and Nizinska, A and Papadopoulos, H and Pavlickova, A and Pecorelli, S and Prados-Torres, A and Roller-Wirnsberger, R E and Somekh, D and Vera-Muñoz, C and Visser, F and Farrell, J and Malva, J and Andersen Ranberg, K and Camuzat, T and Carriazo, A M and Crooks, G and Gutter, Z and Iaccarino, G and Manuel de Keenoy, E and Moda, G and Rodriguez-Mañas, L and Vontetsianos, T and Abreu, C and Alonso, J and Alonso-Bouzon, C and Ankri, J and Arredondo, M T and Avolio, F and Bedbrook, A and Białoszewski, A Z and Blain, H and Bourret, R and Cabrera-Umpierrez, M F and Catala, A and O'Caoimh, R and Cesari, M and Chavannes, N H and Correia-da-Sousa, J and Dedeu, T and Ferrando, M and Fokkens, W J and Garcia-Lizana, F and Guérin, O and Hellings, P W and Haahtela, T and Illario, M and Inzerilli, M C and Lodrup Carlsen, K C and Kardas, P and Keil, T and Maggio, M and Mendez-Zorrilla, A and Menditto, E and Mercier, J and Michel, J P and Nogues, M and O'Byrne-Maguire, I and Pappa, D and Parent, A S and Pastorino, M and Robalo-Cordeiro, C and Samolinski, B and Siciliano, P and Teixeira, A M and Tsartara, S I and Valiulis, A and Vandenplas, O and Vasankari, T and Vellas, B and Vollenbroek-Hutten, M and Wickman, M and Yorgancioglu, A and Zuberbier, T and Barbagallo, M and Canonica, G W and Klimek, L and Maggi, S and Aberer, W and Akdis, C and Adcock, I M and Agache, I and Albera, C and Alonso-Trujillo, F and Angel Guarcia, M and Annesi-Maesano, I and Apostolo, J and Arshad, S H and Attalin, V and Avignon, A and Bachert, C and Baroni, I and Bel, E and Benson, M and Bescos, C and Blasi, F and Barbara, C and Bergmann, K C and Bernard, P L and Bonini, S and Bousquet, P J and Branchini, B and Brightling, C E and Bruguière, V and Bunu, C and Bush, A and Caimmi, D P and Canovas, G and Cardona, V and Carlsen, K H and Cesario, A and Chkhartishvili, E and Chiron, R and Chivato, T and Chung, K F and d'Angelantonio, M and De Carlo, G and Cholley, D and Chorin, F and Combe, B and Compas, B and Costa, D J and Costa, E and Coste, O and Coupet, A-L and Crepaldi, G and Custovic, A and Dahl, R and Dahlen, S E and Demoly, P and Devillier, P and Didier, A and Dinh-Xuan, A T and Djukanovic, R and Dokic, D and Du Toit, G and Dubakiene, R and Dupeyron, A and Emuzyte, R and Fiocchi, A and Wagner, A and Fletcher, M and Fonseca, J and Fougère, B and Gamkrelidze, A and Garces, G and Garcia-Aymeric, J and Garcia-Zapirain, B and Gemicioğlu, B and Gouder, C and Hellquist-Dahl, B and Hermosilla-Gimeno, I and Héve, D and Humbert, M and Hyland, M and Johnston, S L and Just, J and Jutel, M and Kaidashev, I P and Khaitov, M and Kalayci, O and Kalyoncu, A F and Keijser, W and Kerstjens, H and Knezović, J and Kowalski, M and Koppelman, G H and Kotska, T and Kovac, M and Kull, I and Kuna, P and Kvedariene, V and Lepore, V and MacNee, W and Maggio, M and Magnan, A and Majer, I and Manning, P and Marcucci, M and Marti, T and Masoli, M and Melen, E and Miculinic, N and Mihaltan, F and Milenkovic, B and Millot-Keurinck, J and Mlinarić, H and Momas, I and Montefort, S and Morais-Almeida, M and Moreno-Casbas, T and Mösges, R and Mullol, J and Nadif, R and Nalin, M and Navarro-Pardo, E and Nekam, K and Ninot, G and Paccard, D and Pais, S and Palummeri, E and Panzner, P and Papadopoulos, N K and Papanikolaou, C and Passalacqua, G and Pastor, E and Perrot, M and Plavec, D and Popov, T A and Postma, D S and Raffort, N and Reuzeau, J C and Robine, J M and Rodenas, F and Robusto, F and Roche, N and Romano, A and Romano, V and Rosado-Pinto, J and Roubille, F and Ruiz, F and Ryan, D and Salcedo, T and Schmid-Grendelmeier, P and Schulz, H and Schunemann, H J and Serrano, E and Sheikh, A and Siafakas, N and Scichilone, N and Siciliano, P and Skrindo, I and Smit, H A and Sourdet, S and Sousa-Costa, E and Spranger, O and Sooronbaev, T and Sruk, V and Sterk, P J and Todo-Bom, A and Touchon, J and Tramontano, D and Triggiani, M and Tsartara, S I and Valero, A L and Valovirta, E and van Ganse, E and van Hage, M and van den Berge, M and Vandenplas, O and Ventura, M T and Vergara, I and Vezzani, G and Vidal, D and Viegi, G and Wagemann, M and Whalley, B and Wickman, M and Yiallouros, P K and Žagar, M and Zaidi, A and Zidarn, M and Hoogerwerf, E J and Usero, J and Zuffada, R and Senn, A and de Oliveira-Alves, B and Holland, Carol Ann (2017) Building Bridges for Innovation in Ageing:Synergies between Action Groups of the EIP on AHA. The Journal of Nutrition, Health & Aging, 21 (1). pp. 92-104. ISSN 1279-7707

Burt, Jenni and Campbell, John and Abel, Gary and Aboulghate, Ahmed and Ahmed, Faraz and Asprey, Anthea and Barry, Heather and Beckwith, Julia and Benson, John and Boiko, Olga and Bower, Pete and Calitri, Raff and Carter, Mary and Davey, Antoinette and Elliott, Marc N and Elmore, Natasha and Farrington, Conor and Haque, Hena W and Henley, William and Lattimer, Val and Llanwarne, Nadia and Lloyd, Cathy and Lyratzopoulos, Georgios and Maramba, Inocencio and Mounce, Luke and Newbould, Jenny and Paddison, Charlotte and Parker, Richard and Richards, Suzanne and Roberts, Martin and Setodji, Claude and Silverman, Jonathan and Warren, Fiona and Wilson, Ed and Wright, Christine and Roland, Martin (2017) Improving patient experience in primary care:a multimethod programme of research on the measurement and improvement of patient experience. Programme Grants for Applied Research, 5 (9). ISSN 2050-4322

Collins, Kirsten and Gratton, Caroline and Heneage, Celia and Dagnan, Dave (2017) Employed Carers' Empathy Towards People with Intellectual Disabilities:The Development of a New Measure and Some Initial Theory. Journal of Applied Research in Intellectual Disabilities, 30 (1). pp. 133-146. ISSN 1360-2322

D'Avanzo, Barbara and Shaw, Rachel and Riva, Silvia and Apostolo, Joao and Bobrowicz-Campos, Elzbieta and Kurpas, Donata and Bujnowska, Maria and Holland, Carol (2017) Stakeholders' views and experiences of care and interventions for addressing frailty and pre-frailty:A meta-synthesis of qualitative evidence. PLoS ONE, 12 (7). ISSN 1932-6203

Darrell-Berry, H. and Bucci, S. and Palmier-Claus, J. and Emsley, R. and Drake, R. and Berry, K. (2017) Predictors and mediators of trait anger across the psychosis continuum:The role of attachment style, paranoia and social cognition. Psychiatry Research, 249. pp. 132-138. ISSN 0165-1781

Dodd, Alyson Lamont and Mallinson, Sara Louise and Griffiths, Martin James and Morriss, Richard and Jones, Steven Huntley and Lobban, Anne Fiona (2017) Users’ experiences of an online intervention for bipolar disorder:important lessons for design and evaluation. Evidence-Based Mental Health, 20 (4). pp. 133-139. ISSN 1362-0347

Hardy, Claire (2017) The Hot Flash Related Daily Interference Scale:cutoffs, minimally important differences, and a revised short version. MENOPAUSE-THE JOURNAL OF THE NORTH AMERICAN MENOPAUSE SOCIETY, 24 (8). pp. 869-870. ISSN 1072-3714

Hardy, Claire and Griffiths, Amanda and Hunter, Myra S. (2017) What do working menopausal women want?:A qualitative investigation into women's perspectives on employer and line manager support. Maturitas, 101. pp. 37-41. ISSN 0378-5122

Hardy, Claire and Hardie, Jenna (2017) Exploring premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD) in the work context:a qualitative study. Journal of Psychosomatic Obstetrics and Gynecology, 38 (4). pp. 292-300. ISSN 1743-8942

Hassan, Lamiece and Swarbrick, Caroline and Sanders, Caroline and Parker, Angela and Machin, Matthew and Tully, Mary and Ainsworth, John (2017) Tea, talk and technology: patient and public involvement to improve connected health ‘wearables’ research in dementia. Research Involvement and Engagement, 3. ISSN 2056-7529

Holden, Natasha and Kelly, James Andrew and Welford, Mary and Taylor, Peter J (2017) Emotional response to a therapeutic technique:The social Broad Minded Affective Coping. Psychology and Psychotherapy: Theory, Research and Practice, 90 (1). pp. 55-69. ISSN 1476-0835

Holland, Carol and Boukouvalas, Alexis and Wallis, Stuart and Clarkesmith, Danielle and Cooke, Richard and Liddell, Leanne and Kay, Amanda (2017) Transition from community dwelling to retirement village in older adults:Cognitive functioning and psychological health outcomes. Ageing and Society, 37 (7). pp. 1499-1526. ISSN 0144-686X

Jahoda, Andrew and Hastings, Richard and Hatton, Chris and Cooper, Sally-Ann and Dagnan, Dave and Zhang, Ruiqi and McConnachie, Alex and McMeekin, Nicola and Appleton, Kim and Jones, Rob and Scott, Katie and Fulton, Lauren and Knight, Rosie and Knowles, Dawn and Williams, Chris and Briggs, Andrew and MacMahon, Ken and Lynn, Helen and Smith, Ian and Thomas, Gail and Melville, Craig (2017) Comparison of behavioural activation with guided self-help for treatment of depression in adults with intellectual disabilities:a randomised controlled trial. Lancet Psychiatry. ISSN 2215-0366

Jahoda, Andrew and Hastings, Richard and Hatton, Chris and Cooper, Sally-Ann and Dagnan, Dave and Zhang, Ruiqi and McConnachie, Alex and McMeekin, Nicola and Appleton, Kim and Jones, Rob and Scott, Katie and Fulton, Lauren and Knight, Rosie and Knowles, Dawn and Williams, Chris and Briggs, Andrew and MacMahon, Ken and Lynn, Helen and Smith, Ian and Thomas, Gail and Melville, Craig (2017) Comparison of behavioural activation with guided self-help for treatment of depression in adults with intellectual disabilities:a randomised controlled trial. Lancet Psychiatry, 4 (12). pp. 909-919. ISSN 2215-0366

Lobban, Anne Fiona and Appleton, Victoria Cathering Jane and Applebe, Duncan and Barraclough, Johanna and Bowland, Julie and Fisher, Naomi Ruth and Foster, Sheena and Johnson, Sonia and Lewis, Elizabeth Ann and Mateus, Ceu and Mezes, Barbara and Murray, Elizabeth and O'Hanlon, Puffin and Pinfold, Vanessa and Rycroft-Malone, Jo and Siddle, Ron and Smith, Jo and Sutton, Chris J. and Walker, Andrew John and Jones, Steven Huntley (2017) IMPlementation of A Relatives’ Toolkit (IMPART study): an iterative case study to identify key factors impacting on the implementation of a web-based supported self-management intervention for relatives of people with psychosis or bipolar experiences in a National Health Service: a study protocol. Implementation Science, 12. ISSN 1748-5908

Longley, Verity and Bowen, Audrey and Peters, Sarah and Swarbrick, Caroline (2017) Clinicians’ experience of identifying and managing patients with cognitive impairment and dementia in stroke rehabilitation. International Journal of Stroke, 12 (5 Supp). ISSN 1747-4930

Manning, R.P.C. and Dickson, J.M. and Palmier-Claus, J. and Cunliffe, A. and Taylor, P.J. (2017) A systematic review of adult attachment and social anxiety. Journal of Affective Disorders, 211. pp. 44-59. ISSN 0165-0327

Morriss, Richard and Mudigonda, Mohan and Bartlett, Peter and Chopra, Arun and Jones, Steven Huntley (2017) National survey of training of psychiatrists on advance directives to refuse treatment in bipolar disorder. BJPsych Bulletin, 41 (6). pp. 320-324. ISSN 2056-4694

Palmier-Claus, J. and Griffiths, R. and Murphy, E. and Parker, S. and Longden, E. and Bowe, S. and Steele, A. and French, P. and Morrison, A. and Tai, S. (2017) Cognitive behavioural therapy for thought disorder in psychosis. Psychosis, 9 (4). pp. 347-357. ISSN 1752-2439

Payne, Sheila Alison and Hughes, Sean and Varey, Sandra Elaine and Hasselaar, Jeroen and Preston, Nancy Jean and Eastham, Rachael Kay (2017) Enhancing integrated palliative care: what models are appropriate?:A cross-case analysis. BMC Palliative Care, 16 (64). ISSN 1472-684X

Reddy, Peter and Dias, Irundika and Holland, Carol and Campbell, Niyah and Nagar, Iaysha and Connolly, Luke and Krustrup, Peter and Hubball, Harry (2017) Walking football as sustainable exercise for older adults:a pilot investigation. European Journal of Sport Science, 17 (5). pp. 638-645. ISSN 1746-1391

Rose, Emma Elizabeth and Bingley, Amanda Faith (2017) Migrating art:A research design to support refugees' recovery from trauma - a pilot study. Design for Health, 1 (2). pp. 152-169.

Schneider, Benjamin and González-Romá, Vicente and Ostroff, Cheri and West, Michael Alun (2017) Organizational climate and culture:reflections on the history of the constructs in Journal of Applied Psychology. Journal of Applied Psychology, 102 (3). pp. 468-482. ISSN 0021-9010

Shipton, Helen and Sparrow, Paul Ronald and Budhwar, Pawan and Brown, Alan (2017) HRM and innovation:looking across levels. Human Resource Management Journal, 27 (2). pp. 246-263. ISSN 0954-5395

Siouta, Naouma and Van Beek, Karen and Payne, Sheila and Radbruch, Lukas and Preston, Nancy and Hasselaar, Jeroen and Centeno, Carlos and Menten, Johan (2017) Is the content of guidelines/pathways a barrier for the integration of palliative Care in Chronic Heart Failure (CHF) and chronic pulmonary obstructive disease (COPD)?:A comparison with the case of cancer in Europe. BMC Palliative Care, 16 (1). ISSN 1472-684X

Slinger, Claire and Vyas, Aashish and Slinger, Richard John (2017) Investigation of co-morbid factors in patients with vocal cord dysfunction (VCD). European Respiratory Journal, 50 (Suppl.). ISSN 0903-1936

Swarbrick, Caroline and Sampson, Elizabeth and Keady, John (2017) Notes from the hospital bedside:reflections on researcher roles and responsibilities at the end of life in dementia. Quality in Ageing and Older Adults, 18 (3). pp. 201-211. ISSN 2044-1827

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Contribution in Book/Report/Proceedings

Dehghani, Mostafa and Jagfeld, Glorianna and Azarbonyad, Hosein and Olieman, Alex and Kamps, Jaap and Marx, Maarten (2017) On Search Powered Navigation. In: ICTIR '17 Proceedings of the ACM SIGIR International Conference on Theory of Information Retrieval. ACM, NLD, pp. 317-320. ISBN 9781450344906

Dehghani, Mostafa and Jagfeld, Glorianna and Azarbonyad, Hosein and Olieman, Alex and Kamps, Jaap and Marx, Maarten (2017) Telling How to Narrow it Down:Browsing Path Recommendation for Exploratory Search. In: CHIIR '17 Proceedings of the 2017 Conference on Conference Human Information Interaction and Retrieva. ACM, NOR, pp. 369-372. ISBN 9781450346771

Jagfeld, Glorianna and Vu, Ngoc Thang (2017) Encoding Word Confusion Networks with Recurrent Neural Networks for Dialog State Tracking. In: Proceedings of the Workshop on Speech-Centric Natural Language Processing. Association for Computational Linguistics, DNK, pp. 10-17. ISBN 9781945626920

Jagfeld, Glorianna and Ziering, Patrick and van der Plas, Lonneke (2017) Evaluating Compound Splitting Extrinsically with Textual Entailment. In: Proceedings of the 55th Annual Meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics (Short Papers),. Association for Computational Linguistics, CAN, pp. 58-63. ISBN 9781945626760

Milligan, Christine and Tarrant, Anna (2017) Social and cultural geographies of ageing. In: Geographical Gerontology. Taylor and Francis, pp. 43-55. ISBN 9781315281216

Contribution to Conference

Ahmed, Faraz and Morbey, Hazel and Kenyon, Jane and Harding, Andrew and Holland, Fiona and Reeves, David and Swarbrick, Caroline and Leroi, Ira and Burrow, Simon and Davies, Linda and Keady, John and Reilly, Siobhan Theresa (2017) Developing a programme theory for dementia training in hospitals:Why we need a critical interpretive synthesis review of current evidence-base? In: HSRUK Symposium 2017, 2017-07-062017-07-07, Nottingham Conference Centre.

Harding, Andrew and Hemingway, Ann and Parker, Jonathan and Hean, Sarah (2017) Telephone housing options service for older people considering specialist housing:A Realist Evaluation. In: British Society of Gerontology, 2017-07-052017-07-07, Wales.

Harding, Andrew and Morbey, Hazel and Ahmed, Faraz and Williamson, Paula and Keady, John and Leroi, Iracema and Swarbrick, Caroline and Holland, Fiona and Reeves, David and Hellstrom, Ingrid and Reilly, Siobhan Theresa (2017) Developing a core outcome set for people with dementia living at home in their neighbourhoods and communities. In: British Society of Gerontology, 2017-07-052017-07-07, Wales.

Reilly, Siobhan Theresa and Ahmed, Faraz and Morbey, Hazel and Harding, Andrew and Holland, Fiona and Hann, Mark and Davies, Linda and Keady, John and Leroi, Ira and Swarbrick, Caroline and Reeves, David (2017) Variation in dementia training provided to hospital staff in England. In: 27th Alzheimer Europe Conference, 2017-10-022017-10-04.

Reilly, Siobhan Theresa and Harding, Andrew and Morbey, Hazel and Ahmed, Faraz and Williamson, Paula and Leroi, Iracema and Keady, John (2017) What is Important to People with Dementia Versus Trial Outcomes:A Neighbourhoods and Dementia Study. In: International Association of Gerontology & Geriatrics, 2017-07-232017-07-27.


Wastian, Monika and von Rosenstiel, Lutz and Braumandi, Isabell and West, Michael Alun, eds. (2017) Angewandte Psychologie fur das Projecktmanagement 3. Auflage:Ein Prxisbuch fur die erfolgreiche Projektleitung. Springer, Berlin. ISBN 9783662539286

Ettorre, Elizabeth and Annandale, Ellen and Hildebrand, Vanessa and Porroche-Escudero, Ana and Katz Rothman, Barbara (2017) Health, culture and society:conceptual legacies and contemporary applications. Palgrave Macmillan, Cham. ISBN 9783319607856


Houston, Ella (2017) The representation of disabled women in Anglo American advertising:examining how cultural disability tropes impact on the subjective wellbeing of disabled women. PhD thesis, UNSPECIFIED.

Rigby, Selane (2017) Cancer:emotional experiences. PhD thesis, UNSPECIFIED.

Zarotti, Nicolo (2017) Emotional processing and communication in people with Huntington's disease:a mixed methods inquiry. PhD thesis, UNSPECIFIED.

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