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Abrudan, J and Ramalho-Ortigão, M and O'Neil, S and Stayback, G and Wadsworth, M and Bernard, M and Shoue, D and Emrich, S and Lawyer, P and Kamhawi, S and Rowton, E D and Lehane, M J and Bates, P A and Valenzeula, J G and Tomlinson, C and Appelbaum, E and Moeller, D and Thiesing, B and Dillon, R and Clifton, S and Lobo, N F and Wilson, R K and Collins, F H and McDowell, M A (2013) The characterization of the Phlebotomus papatasi transcriptome. Insect Molecular Biology, 22 (2). pp. 211-232. ISSN 1365-2583

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