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Aslan, Bulut and Stevenson, Mark and Hendry, Linda (2015) The applicability and impact of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems:results from a mixed method study on Make-To-Order (MTO) companies. Computers in Industry, 70. pp. 127-143. ISSN 0166-3615

Battaglia, Massimo and Bianchi, Lara and Frey, Marco and Passetti, Emilio (2015) Sustainability reporting and corporate identity:action research evidence in an Italian retailing cooperative. Business Ethics: A European Review, 24 (1). pp. 52-72. ISSN 0962-8770

Benstead, Amy and Hendry, Linda and Stevenson, Mark (2015) Linking the sustainability agenda to location decisions:a multiple case study analysis in the textiles and clothing industry. In: EurOMA Sustainability Forum, 2015-03-232015-03-24, Barcelona.

Black, Daniel and Eglese, Richard and Wøhlk, Sanne (2015) The Time-Dependent Multiple-Vehicle Prize-Collecting Arc Routing Problem. Working Paper. . (Unpublished)

Boyaci, Burak and Geroliminis, Nikolas (2015) Approximation methods for large-scale spatial queueing systems. Transportation Research Part B: Methodological, 74. pp. 151-181. ISSN 0191-2615

Boyaci, Burak and Zografos, Konstantinos and Geroliminis, Nikolas (2015) An optimization framework for the development of efficient one-way car-sharing systems. European Journal of Operational Research, 240 (3). pp. 718-733. ISSN 0377-2217

Boylan, John (2015) Toward a more precise definition of forecastability. Foresight: The International Journal of Applied Forecasting. pp. 34-40. ISSN 1555-9068

Boylan, John and Goodwin, Paul and Mohammadipour, Maryam and Syntetos, Aris (2015) Reproducibility in forecasting research. International Journal of Forecasting, 31 (1). pp. 79-90. ISSN 0169-2070

Chen, Daniel and Preston, David and Tarafdar, Monideepa (2015) From innovative I.S. strategy to customer value:the roles of innovative business orientation, CIO leadership and organizational climate (Equal contribution). Data Base for Advances in Information Systems, 46 (2). pp. 8-29. ISSN 1532-0936 (In Press)

Cransberg, Victor and Land, Martin and Hicks, Chris and Stevenson, Mark (2015) Handling the complexities of real-life job shops when implementing workload control:a decision framework and case study. International Journal of Production Research. ISSN 0020-7543 (In Press)

Djeumou Fomeni, Franklin and Kaparis, Konstantinos and Letchford, Adam (2015) Cutting planes for RLT relaxations of mixed 0-1 polynomial programs. Mathematical Programming, 151 (2). 639–658. ISSN 0025-5610

Dobrzykowski, David and Tarafdar, Monideepa (2015) Understanding information exchange in healthcare operations:evidence from hospitals and patients. Journal of Operations Management, 36. pp. 201-214. ISSN 0272-6963

Eglese, Richard and Black, Daniel (2015) Optimizing the routeing of vehicles. In: Green logistics. Kogan Page, London, pp. 229-242. ISBN 9780749471859

Fildes, Robert (2015) Forecasters and rationality:a comment on Fritsche et al., Forecasting the Brazilian Real and Mexican Peso: Asymmetric loss, forecast rationality and forecaster herding. International Journal of Forecasting, 31 (1). pp. 140-143. ISSN 0169-2070

Fildes, Robert and Petropoulos, Fotios (2015) Is there a golden rule? Journal of Business Research, 68 (8). pp. 1742-1745. ISSN 0148-2963

Fildes, Robert and Petropoulos, Fotios (2015) Simple versus complex selection rules for forecasting many time series. Journal of Business Research, 68 (5). pp. 1692-1701. ISSN 0148-2963

Glazebrook, Kevin and Paterson, Colin and Rauscher, Sandra and Archibald, Thomas (2015) Benefits of hybrid lateral transhipments in multi-item inventory networks under periodic replenishment. Production and Operations Management, 24 (2). pp. 311-324. ISSN 1059-1478

Hodge, David and Glazebrook, Kevin (2015) On the asymptotic optimality of greedy index heuristics for multi-action restless bandits. Advances in Applied Probability. ISSN 0001-8678 (In Press)

Jacko, P. and Morozov, E. and Potakhina, L. and Verloop, I. M. (2015) Maximal flow-level stability of best-rate schedulers in heterogeneous wireless systems. Transactions on Emerging Telecommunications Technologies. ISSN 2161-3915

Kamarulzaman, Nitty and Eglese, Richard (2015) Managing purchasing with different e-procurement solutions. In: Optimization of supply chain management in contemporary organizations. IGI Global, Hershey, PA, pp. 246-279. ISBN 9781466682283

Kembro, Joakim and Selviaridis, Kostas (2015) Exploring information sharing in the extended supply chain:an interdependence perspective. Supply Chain Management: An International Journal, 20 (4). pp. 455-470.

Kozlowski, Dawid and Worthington, David (2015) Use of queue modelling in the analysis of elective patient treatment governed by a maximum waiting time guarantee. European Journal of Operational Research, 244 (1). pp. 331-338. ISSN 0377-2217

Letchford, Adam and Djeumou Fomeni, Franklin and Kaparis, Konstantinos (2015) A cut-and-branch algorithm for the quadratic knapsack problem. In: 17th British-French-German Optimisation Conference (BFG 2015), 2015-06-152015-06-17, London.

Letchford, Adam and Lasserre, Jean B. and Parrilo, Pablo A. and Steurer, David (2015) Preface: The 2013 Newton Institute programme on polynomial optimisation. Mathematical Programming, 151 (2). 375–377. ISSN 0025-5610

Letchford, Adam and Nasiri, Saeideh (2015) The Steiner travelling salesman problem with correlated costs. European Journal of Operational Research, 245 (1). 62–69. ISSN 0377-2217

Letchford, Adam and Salazar Gonzalez, Juan Jose (2015) Stronger multi-commodity flow formulations of the capacitated vehicle routing problem. European Journal of Operational Research, 244 (3). pp. 730-738. ISSN 0377-2217

Liu, Liu and Stacey, Patrick (2015) The Development Process of Intrinsic Gamification in a Learning Difficulty Context. In: UK Association for Information Systems 2015 (UKAIS 2015), 2015-03-09, Oxford.

Nikolopoulos, Konstantinos and Litsa, Akrivi and Petropoulos, Fotios and Bougioukos, Vasileios and Khammash, Marwan (2015) Relative performance of methods for forecasting special events. Journal of Business Research, 68 (8). pp. 1785-1791. ISSN 0148-2963

Pang, Zhan and Berman, Oded and Hu, Ming (2015) Up then down:bid-price trends in revenue management. Production and Operations Management. ISSN 1059-1478

Petropoulos, Fotios and Kourentzes, Nikos (2015) Forecast combinations for intermittent demand. Journal of the Operational Research Society, 66 (6). pp. 914-924. ISSN 0160-5682

Rand, Graham (2015) Alan Mercer (1931-2014) – a founding editor of EJOR. European Journal of Operational Research, 240 (2). pp. 305-306. ISSN 0377-2217

Rand, Graham (2015) Predictions of elections. Impact (Spring). pp. 26-27. ISSN 2058-802X

Selviaridis, Kostas and Norrman, Andreas (2015) Performance-based contracting for advanced logistics services:challenges in its adoption, design and management. International Journal of Physical Distribution and Logistics Management, 45 (6). ISSN 0960-0035

Selviaridis, Kostas and Wynstra, Finn (2015) Performance-based contracting:a literature review and future research directions. International Journal of Production Research, 53 (12). pp. 3505-3540. ISSN 0020-7543

Shreeve, Ben and Sawyer, Pete and Ralph, Paul and Stacey, Patrick (2015) Geographically distributed sensemaking:developing understanding in forum-based software development teams. In: ICSE 2015 - 8th International Workshop on Cooperative and Human Aspects of Software Engineering, 2015-05-16, Florence.

Silva, Cristovao and Stevenson, Mark and Thurer, Matthias (2015) A case study of the successful implementation of workload control:a practitioner-led approach. Journal of Manufacturing Technology Management, 26 (2). pp. 280-296. ISSN 1741-038X

Simm, Will and Ferrario, Maria-Angela and Whittle, Jon and Davenport, Ryan and Binner, Jane and Frankova, Katerina and Garton, Laurence and Woodcock, Andrée and Lam, Busayawan and Lawlor-Wright, Therese (2015) On the role of digital consultation tools in public space design:a case study. Interacting with Computers. ISSN 0953-5438 (In Press)

Spithourakis, George and Petropoulos, Fotios and Nikolopoulos, Konstantinos and Assimakopoulos, Vassilios (2015) Amplifying the learning effect via a forecasting and foresight support system. International Journal of Forecasting, 31 (1). pp. 20-32. ISSN 0169-2070

Stacey, Patrick and Tether, Bruce (2015) Designing emotion-centred product service systems:the case of a cancer care facility. Design Studies. ISSN 0142-694X (In Press)

Stevenson, Mark and Busby, Jeremy (2015) An exploratory analysis of counterfeiting strategies:towards counterfeit-resilient supply chains. International Journal of Operations and Production Management, 35 (1). pp. 110-144. ISSN 0144-3577

Stevenson, Mark and Vanharanta, Markus (2015) The effects of managerial decision making behavior and order book size on workload control system implementation in make-to-order companies. Production Planning and Control, 26 (2). pp. 97-115. ISSN 0953-7287

Tarafdar, Monideepa and D'Arcy, John and Turel, Ofir and Gupta, Ashish (2015) The dark side of information technology:Is overuse of information technology sapping your employees’ productivity, innovation, and well-being? MIT Sloan Management Review, Winter. ISSN 1532-9194

Tarafdar, Monideepa and Gupta, Ashish and Turel, Ofir (2015) Special issue on 'Dark side of information technology use':an introduction and a framework for research. Information Systems Journal, 25 (3). pp. 161-170. ISSN 1350-1917

Tarafdar, Monideepa and Pullins, Ellen and Ragu-Nathan, T. S (2015) Technostress:negative effect on performance and possible mitigations. Information Systems Journal, 25 (2). pp. 103-132. ISSN 1350-1917

Thurer, Matthias and Land, Martin and Stevenson, Mark and Fredendall, Lawrence and Filho, Moacir (2015) Concerning workload control and order release:the pre-shop pool sequencing decision. Production and Operations Management. ISSN 1059-1478 (In Press)

Thurer, Matthias and Stevenson, Mark and Qu, Ting (2015) Job sequencing and selection within workload control order release:an assessment by simulation. International Journal of Production Research. ISSN 0020-7543

Thurer, Matthias and Stevenson, Mark and Qu, Ting (2015) Simple subcontracting rules for make-to-order shops with limited subcontractor capacity:an assessment by simulation. Production Planning and Control. ISSN 0953-7287

Trapero, Juan R. and Kourentzes, Nikos and Martin, Alberto (2015) Short-term solar irradiation forecasting based on dynamic harmonic regression. Energy, 84. pp. 289-295. ISSN 0360-5442

Tukamuhabwa Rwakira, Benjamin and Stevenson, Mark and Busby, Jeremy and Zorzini, Marta (2015) Supply chain resilience:definition, review and theoretical foundations for further study. International Journal of Production Research. ISSN 0020-7543

Wen, Liang and Eglese, Richard (2015) Minimum cost VRP with time-dependent speed data and congestion charge. Computers and Operations Research, 56. pp. 41-50. ISSN 0305-0548

Wynstra, Finn and Spring, Martin and Schoenherr, Tobias (2015) Service triads:a research agenda for buyer–supplier–customer triads in business services. Journal of Operations Management, 35. pp. 1-20. ISSN 0272-6963

Zorzini, Marta and Hendry, Linda and Huq, Fahian and Stevenson, Mark (2015) Socially responsible sourcing:reviewing the literature and its use of theory. International Journal of Operations and Production Management, 35 (1). ISSN 0144-3577

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