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Alexander, Nicholas Simon and Doherty, Anne Marie (2017) The origins of American international retailing:Tiffany of New York in London and Paris, 1837-1914. Business History Review, 91 (2). pp. 301-328. ISSN 0007-6805

Awanis, Sandra (2017) Automation in Credit Card Repayment. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Awanis, Sandra (2017) Ethical Appraisal of Credit-Card Marketing Strategy:Measure and Antecedent Exploration of Consumer Vulnerability to Credit-Card Debt. In: The Customer is NOT Always Right? Marketing Orientations in a Dynamic Business World. Developments in Marketing Science: Proceedings of the Academy of Marketing Science . Springer International Publishing, Cham, pp. 348-357. ISBN 9783319500065

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Bai, Yuxin and Zhao, Xin and Cocker, Hayley Louise (2017) WeChat Brands:Communal Interaction and Brand Publicity in Chinese Social Media. In: North America - Advances in Consumer Research. NA - Advances in Consumer Research . Association for Consumer Research, Duluth.

Budds, Kirsty and Hogg, Margaret Kathleen and Banister, Emma Neva and Dixon, Mandy Patricia (2017) Parenting agendas:an empirical study of intensive mothering and infant cognitive development. The Sociological Review, 65 (2). pp. 336-352. ISSN 0038-0261

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Daskalopoulou, Athanasia and Skandalis, Alexandros (2017) The role of festivals in the shaping of the independent music industry. In: Primavera PRO Conference, 2017-05-31.


Finke, Tobias and Mouzas, Stefanos and Gilchrist, Alan John Patterson (2017) Bumps on the road: Barriers and enablers of sustainability transitions in China. In: UNSPECIFIED. (Unpublished)

Finke, Tobias and Mouzas, Stefanos and Gilchrist, Alan John Patterson (2017) The political embeddedness of business networks:Evidence from firms’ responses to climate change. In: UNSPECIFIED. (Unpublished)

Freund, James (2017) Authority in the Anthropocene. In: European Group for Organisational Studies Conference 2017, 2017-07-052017-07-08, Copenhagen Business School.


Gentina, Elodie and Hogg, Margaret Kathleen and Sakashita, Mototaka (2017) Identity (Re)construction through sharing:a study of mother and teenage daughter dyads in France and Japan. Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services, 37. pp. 67-77. ISSN 0969-6989

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Hesketh, Ian and Cooper, Cary L. and Ivy, Jonathan (2017) Wellbeing and Engagement in Policing:The Key to Unlocking Discretionary Effort? Policing: Journal of Policy and Practice, 11 (1). pp. 62-73. ISSN 1751-4512

Hesketh, Ian and Williams, Emma (2017) A New Canteen Culture:The Potential to Use Social Media as Evidence in Policing. Policing: Journal of Policy and Practice, 11 (3). pp. 346-355. ISSN 1751-4512

Higgins, Leighanne (2017) Hearing Voicelessness:A Methodological Exploration to Understand the Consumption Experiences of Voiceless Consumers. In: Interpretive Consumer Research Conference, 2017-01-012017-12-31.

Higgins, Leighanne (2017) It just isn’t worth the stress!:An Exploration into Disability and Illness Consumer Vulnerability when Accessing Touristic Marketplaces. In: Macromarketing Conference in special session on Consumer Vulnerability, 2017-01-012017-12-31.

Higgins, Leighanne (2017) More Homely than Home:Stigma, Liminality and Pilgrimage Consumption. In: Advances in Consumer Research Conferences in Special Session on Stigma and Consumer Research, 2017-01-012017-12-31.

Hopkinson, Gillian Clare (2017) Making a market for male dairy calves:alternative and mainstream relationality. Journal of Marketing Management, 33 (7-8). pp. 556-579. ISSN 0267-257X

Hopkinson, Gillian Clare and Aman, Asad (2017) Women entrepreneurs:how power operates in bottom of the pyramid-marketing discourse. Marketing Theory. ISSN 1470-5931


Jalili Tanha, Thomas and Mason, Katy (2017) Strategizing-as-Competing:A Conceptual Review and Call for an Interdisciplinary Approach to Further Studies in Strategizing-as-Competing. In: British Academy of Management 2017 conference, 2017-09-042017-09-07, Warwick University.


Keiningham, Timothy L. and Ball, Joan and Benoit, Sabine and Bruce, Helen and Buoye, Alexander and Dzenkovska, Julija and Nasr, Linda and Ou, Yi-Chun and Zaki, Mohammed (2017) The Interplay of Customer Experience and Commitment. Journal of Services Marketing, 31 (2). pp. 148-160.

Kerrane, Benedict Andrew and Banister, Emma (2017) Cultural hindrances to ‘involved fathering’ in the context of SPL. In: British Sociological Association Conference 2017, 2017-04-042017-04-06, Manchester University.

Kharuhayothin, Tanyatip and Kerrane, Benedict Andrew (2017) Why Don’t Parents Walk Their Talk?:Exploring Parental Deviant Food Socialization Behaviors Within the Family. Advances in Consumer Research, 45. pp. 433-437. ISSN 0915-5524

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Mason, Katherine Jane and Chakrabarti, Ronika (2017) The role of proximity in business model design:making business models work for those at the bottom of the pyramid. Industrial Marketing Management, 61. pp. 67-80. ISSN 0019-8501

Mason, Katherine Jane and Chakrabarti, Ronika and Singh, Ramendra (2017) Markets and marketing at the bottom of the pyramid. Marketing Theory, 17 (3). pp. 261-270. ISSN 1470-5931

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Rindt, Jekaterina (2017) Dealing with risk in business networks:the use of institutional devices. PhD thesis, UNSPECIFIED.


Salciuviene, Laura and Ivanauskiene, Neringa and Auruskeviciene, Vilte and Mikoliunas, Tomas (2017) Moderating effects of customer profitability in the retail banking services sector. In: Academy of Marketing Conference AM2017 Proceedings. Academy of Marketing, GBR. ISBN 9781527212718

Salciuviene, Laura and Ivanauskiene, Neringa and Auruskeviciene, Vilte and Mikoliunas, Tomas (2017) Reassessing relationship equity in the retail banking services sector. In: AM2017 Conference Proceedings. Academy of Marketing, GBR. ISBN 9781527212718

Salciuviene, Laura and Miller, Chip E. and Reardon, James and Mikoliunas, Tomas and Lee, Kelvin and Miller, Kenneth E. (2017) Media involvement and consumer attitude formation towards digital advertising. In: Academy of Marketing Conference AM2017 Proceedings. Academy of Marketing, Hull. ISBN 9781527212718

Shaikh, Shayan and Malik, Aneela and Akram, Shakaib and Chakrabarti, Ronika (2017) Do luxury brands successfully entice consumers?:the role of bandwagon effects. International Marketing Review, 34 (4). pp. 498-513. ISSN 0265-1335

Singh, Jaywant and Xue, Melanie and Dehganpour, Farashah (2017) Rising by sin:Consumer evaluation of social cause-brand alliances in stigmatized and non-stigmatized industries. In: Winter Marketing Academic Conference 2017. AMA Educators Proceedings . American Marketing Association, USA. ISBN 9781510844063

Skandalis, Alexandros and Byrom, John and Banister, Emma (2017) Architecture and the consumption experience. In: EIASM 9th Workshop on Interpretive Consumer Research, 2017-04-262017-04-29, Stockholm Business School.

Skandalis, Alexandros and Byrom, John and Banister, Emma (2017) Spatial taste formation as a place marketing tool:The case of live music consumption. Journal of Place Management and Development, 10 (5). pp. 497-503. ISSN 1753-8335

Spring, Martin and Hughes, Alan and Mason, Katy and McCaffrey, Paul (2017) Creating the competitive edge:a new relationship between operations management and industrial policy. Journal of Operations Management, 49-51. pp. 6-19. ISSN 0272-6963


Tarim, Emre (2017) The Anthropocene and the self-sabotaging innovativeness of modern finance theory and practice. In: The 24th Nordic Academy of Management Conference, 2017-08-23, Nord University. (Unpublished)

Tarim, Emre (2017) Turning the tables:how individual investors make use of data publics to take advantage of institutional investors. In: Data Publics: Investigating the formation and representation of crowds, groups and clusters in digital economies, 2017-03-312017-04-02, Lancaster University. (Unpublished)

Tarim, Emre (2017) Why Istanbul is struggling to become an international financial centre. The Conversation.

Tarim, Emre and Chen, Yu-Hsiang (2017) Retail investor logics or what constitutes good practice in emerging equity markets?:The case of Taiwan and Turkey. In: European Group for Organisational Studies Conference 2017, 2017-07-052017-07-08, Copenhagen Business School. (Unpublished)

Tarim, Emre and Mouzas, Stefanos (2017) Marketing your country:Categorical imperative vs Captive Marketing? In: British Academy of Management 2017 conference, 2017-09-042017-09-07, Warwick University. (Unpublished)

Tarim, Emre and Muradoglu, Gulnur (2017) The Holy Spirit and Performativity:Institutionalization of noise trading in the Turkish market. In: Chains of Value, 2017-05-042017-05-05, University of Edinburgh. (Unpublished)

Tinson, Julie and Piacentini, Maria Grazia and Nuttall, Peter and Cocker, Hayley (2017) Social belonging and the social collective:understanding how processes shape youth markets. Marketing Theory, 17 (2). pp. 201-217. ISSN 1470-5931


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Yang, Sophie and Wos, Anna (2017) Case study 3:Co-create a smart phone brand with consumers via social media: A case study of Xiaomi in China. In: Services Marketing Cases in Emerging Markets. Springer International Publishing, Cham, pp. 27-34. ISBN 9783319329680

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