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Alexander, Nicholas (2013) Retailing in International Markets, 1900-2010: a response to Godley and Hang’s ‘Globalization and the Evolution of International Retailing’ a comment on Alexander’s ‘British Overseas Retailing, 1900-1960’. Business History, 55 (2). pp. 302-312. ISSN 0007-6791

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Araujo, Luis (2013) What have markets ever done for the poor? Marketing Theory. ISSN 1470-5931

Awanis, Sandra and Cui, Charles (2013) Consumer susceptibility to credit card effect:a new concept and measurement scale. In: AMA Marketing and Public Policy Conference, 2013-05-01.

Awanis, Sandra and Cui, Charles (2013) Susceptibility to credit card effects and revolving credit card holders:a multi-country evaluation on British, Singaporean and Malaysian youth markets. In: Academy of Marketing Science (AMS) World Marketing Congress, 2013-07-17, Monash University.


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Carpenter, Jason and Moore, Marguerite and Alexander, Nicholas and Doherty, Anne Marie (2013) Consumer Demographics, Ethnocentrism, Cultural Values and Acculturation to the Global Consumer Culture: a retail perspective. Journal of Marketing Management, 29 (3-4). pp. 271-291. ISSN 0267-257X

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Chandrasen, Abhirarm and Alexander, Nicholas and Daryanto, Anto (2013) Home is where the heart is:home countries and their influences on sojourners’ consumption preferences. In: Reflecting on the Past, Celebrating the Present and Shaping the Future in Marketing Research, 2013-09-192013-09-20, Edinburgh Business School.

Cheetham, Fiona C. and McEachern, Morven (2013) Extending Holt's consuming typology to encompass subject-subject relations in consumption:lessons from pet ownership. Consumption, Markets and Culture, 16 (1). pp. 91-115. ISSN 1477-223X

Cronin, James and McCarthy, Mary and Collins, Alan (2013) Covert distinction:how hipsters practice food-based resistance strategies in the production of identity. Consumption, Markets and Culture. ISSN 1477-223X

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Gadalla, Eman and Keeling, Kathy and Abosag, Ibrahim (2013) Metaverse retail-service quality:a future framework for retail service quality in the 3D internet. Journal of Marketing Management, 29 (13-14). pp. 1493-1517. ISSN 0267-257X

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Kerrane, Ben and Bettany, Shona (2013) Siblings as socialization agents:exploring the role of “sibship” in the consumer socialization of children. In: Academy of Marketing, 2013-07-082013-07-11.

Kerrane, Ben and Bettany, Shona and Hogg, Margaret (2013) The material semiotics of fatherhood:the co-emergence of technology and the contemporary father. In: LaLonde Conference, 2013-05-282013-05-31, France.

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Khan, Hina and Rodrigo, Padmali (2013) Utilizing product-country-image (PCI) –self-image congruity intelligence to target glocal elites in an emerging market:SMEs perspective. In: International Council for Small Business World Conference, 2013-06-202013-06-23.


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Onyas, Winfred and Ryan, Annmarie (2013) Exploring the performativity of privately-driven sustainability statements in the agro-food sector. In: 38th Macromarketing Conference 2013, 2013-06-042013-06-07, Canada. (Unpublished)


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Salciuviene, Laura and Ivanauskiene, N. and Auruskeviciene, Vilte (2013) Perceived value drivers of customer loyalty. In: British Academy of Management Conference 2013. UNSPECIFIED.

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