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Mawer, Deborah, ed. (2010) Ravel Studies. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge. ISBN 9780-521-886-970

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Casey, Sarah (2010) Invisible Lines and Parallel Practice:Drawing Connections between Studio, Site and Laboratory. In: Practicing Science and Techology, performing the Social, 2010-09-012012-11-04.

Casey, Sarah (2010) Invisible Lines:Drawing the Delicate. In: Observation Mapping Dialogue, The International Drawing Research Network Conference 2010, 2010-09-14.

Casey, Sarah (2010) The Moment of Privacy has Passed:Sketchbooks by contemporary artists, architects, designers. [Exhibition]

Casey, Sarah (2010) Open Drawing. [Exhibition]

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Davies, Gerald (2010) Jenolan Caves: International Residency at the Study Centre for Drawing. The National Art School Sydney, NSW, Australia. July – August 2010:Solo exhibition of 60 new original drawings made in response to Jenolan Caves, NSW Australia. [Exhibition]

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Dickens, Pip (2010) Toward the Light by Pip Dickens. [Exhibition]

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Southern, Jen (2010) Floating points. [Exhibition]

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