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Abendstern, Michele and Wilberforce, Mark and Deactivated, Given Names Deactivated Family Name and Arandelovic, Andelijia and Batool, Saqba and Boland, Jennifer and Pitts, Rosa and Challis, David (2022) The social worker in community mental health teams:Findings from a national survey. Journal of Social Work, 22 (1). pp. 4-25. ISSN 1468-0173

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Anderson, Rondi (2022) The Impact and Experience of Introducing Professional Midwives into Rural Government Hospitals in Bangladesh, a Mixed-Methods Study. PhD thesis, UNSPECIFIED.


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Bashir, Nasir (2022) Beyond the health care setting:Exploring the intersections of gender, culture and religion and their influence on utilization of family planning services in Northern Nigeria. PhD thesis, UNSPECIFIED.

Bavelaar, Laura and Nicula, Maria and Morris, Sophie and Kaasalainen, Sharon and Achterberg, Wilco and Loucka, Martin and Vickova, Karolina and Thompson, Genevieve and Cornally, Nicola and Hartigan, Irene and Harding, Andrew and Preston, Nancy and Walshe, Catherine and Cousins, Emily and Harrison Dening, Karen and De Vries, Kay and Brazil, Kevin and van der Steen, Jenny T. (2022) Developing country specific questions about end-of-life care for nursing home residents with advanced dementia using the nominal group technique with family caregivers. Patient Education and Counseling, 105 (4). pp. 965-973. ISSN 0738-3991

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Bradshaw, A and Dunleavy, Lesley and Garner, Ian and Preston, Nancy and Bajwah, Sabrina and Cripps, Rachel and Fraser, Lorna and Maddocks, Matthew and Hocaoglu, Mevhibe and Murtagh, F.E.M. and Oluyase, Adejoke and Sleeman, K.E. and Higginson, I. J. and Walshe, Catherine (2022) Experiences of staff providing specialist palliative care during COVID-19: A multiple qualitative case study. Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine. ISSN 0141-0768

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Calma, Kaara Ray B and Brown, Lynsey J and Fernando, Gunasekara Vidana Mestrige Chamath and Bibaa, Lundi Anne Omam Ngo (2022) Strengthening primary health care:Contributions of young professional-led communities of practice. Primary Health Care Research and Development, 23. ISSN 1463-4236

Chee, Kwan Foong (2022) Physical and social environments typical of residential care settings for older people in Malaysia. PhD thesis, UNSPECIFIED.

Chekar, Choon Key and Kim, Hyomin (2022) COVID-19 Exceptionalism:Explaining South Korean Responses. East Asian Science, Technology and Society: An International Journal, 16 (1). pp. 7-29. ISSN 1875-2160

Chester, Helen and Beresford, Rebecca and Clarkson, Paul and Entwistle, Charlotte and Gillan, Vincent and Hughes, Jane and Orrell, Martin and Pitts, Rosa and Russell, Ian and Symonds, Eileen and Challis, David and , Members of the HoSt-D (Home Support in Dementia) Programme Manag (2022) Implementing the Dementia Early Stage Cognitive Aids New Trial (DESCANT) intervention:Mixed-method process evaluation alongside a pragmatic randomised trial. Aging and Mental Health, 26 (4). pp. 667-678. ISSN 1360-7863

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Craig, Peter and Barr, Benjamin and Baxter, Andrew J. and Brown, Heather and Cheetham, Mandy and Gibson, Marcia and Katikireddi, Srinivasa Vittal and Moffatt, Suzanne and Morris, Steph and Munford, Luke Aaron and Richiardi, Matteo and Sutton, Matt and Taylor-Robinson, David and Wickham, Sophie and Xiang, Huasheng and Bambra, Clare (2022) Evaluation of the mental health impacts of Universal Credit:Protocol for a mixed methods study. BMJ Open, 12 (4). ISSN 2044-6055


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Garner, Ian and Varey, Sandra and Navarro-Pardo, Esperanza and Marr, Calum and Holland, Carol (2022) An Observational Cohort Study of Longitudinal Impacts on Frailty and Well-Being of COVID-19 Lockdowns in Older Adults in England and Spain. Health & Social Care in the Community. ISSN 0966-0410

Gosling, Rebecca and Parry, Sarah and Stamou, Vasileios (2022) Community support groups for men living with depression:Barriers and facilitators in access and engagement with services. Home Health Care Services Quarterly, 41 (1). pp. 20-39. ISSN 0162-1424

Gwyther, Holly and D’Avanzo, Barbara and Holland, Carol and Kurpas, Donata and Bujnowska-Fedak, Maria Magdalena and Shaw, Rachel L. (2022) Opportunities, challenges and learnings from qualitative research with stakeholders in frailty in three European countries. Qualitative Research in Psychology, 19 (2). pp. 360-376. ISSN 1478-0887


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Heyes, Mike (2022) Influences on worker’s role with children in residential settings:A grounded theory. PhD thesis, UNSPECIFIED.

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James, Charles (2022) Moral Distress in the Care of People Living with Moderate to Advanced Dementia:A Narrative Exploration of Family Carers’ Experience of Home-Based Care Provision towards the End of Life. PhD thesis, UNSPECIFIED.

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Lim, K. H. J. and Murali, K. and Thorne, Eleanor and Punie, Kevin and Kamposioras, Kostantinos and Oing, Christoph and O'Connor, M. and Elez, E. and Amaral, T. and Garrido, Pilar and Lambertini, Matteo and Devnani, Bharti and Westphalen, C. B. and Morgan, G. and Haanen, J. B. A. G. and Hardy, Claire and Banerjee, Susana (2022) The impact of COVID-19 on oncology professionals – one year on:lessons learned from the ESMO Resilience Task Force survey series. ESMO Open, 7 (1).


Malkin, Jesse D and Baid, Drishti and Alsukait, Reem F and Alghaith, Taghred and Alluhidan, Mohammed and Alabdulkarim, Hana and Altowaijri, Abdulaziz and Almalki, Ziyad S and Herbst, Christopher H and Finkelstein, Eric Andrew and El-Saharty, Sameh and Alazemi, Nahar (2022) The economic burden of overweight and obesity in Saudi Arabia. PLoS ONE, 17 (3). ISSN 1932-6203

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