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Akhavan, Amir Ahmad and Mirhendi, Hossein and Khamesipour, Ali and Alimohammadian, Mohammad Hossein and Rassi, Yavar and Bates, Paul and Kamhawi, Shaden and Valenzuela, Jesus G and Arandian, Mohammad Hossein and Abdoli, Hamid and Jalali-zand, Niloufar and Jafari, Reza and Shareghi, Niloufar and Ghanei, Maryam and Yaghoobi-Ershadi, Mohammad Reza (2010) Leishmania species:detection and identification by nested PCR assay from skin samples of rodent reservoirs. Experimental Parasitology, 126 (4). pp. 552-556.

Alhamoruni, A. and Lee, A. C. and Wright, K. L. and Larvin, M. and O'Sullivan, S. E. (2010) Pharmacological effects of cannabinoids on the Caco-2 cell culture model of intestinal permeability. Journal of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics, 335 (1). pp. 92-102. ISSN 0022-3565

Allinson, Sarah (2010) DNA end-processing enzyme polynucleotide kinase as a potential target in the treatment of cancer. Future Oncology, 6 (6). pp. 1031-1042. ISSN 1479-6694

Andre, Jane and King, R. Andrew and Sturzenbaum, Stephen R. and Kille, Peter and Hodson, Mark E. and Morgan, A. John (2010) Molecular genetic differentiation in earthworms inhabiting a heterogenous Pb-polluted landscape. Environmental Pollution, 158 (3). pp. 883-890. ISSN 0269-7491

Andre, Jane and Sturzenbaum, Stephen R. and Kille, Peter and Morgan, A. John and Hodson, Mark E. (2010) Metal bioaccumulation and speciation in the epigeic earthworm (Lumbricus rubellus):the interactive influences of population exposure histories, site-specific geochemistry and mitochondrial genotype. Soil Biology and Biochemistry, 42 (9). pp. 1566-1573. ISSN 0038-0717


Benedetto, Alexandre and Au, Catherine and Avila, Daiana Silva and Milatovic, Dejan and Aschner, Michael (2010) Extracellular dopamine potentiates mn-induced oxidative stress, lifespan reduction, and dopaminergic neurodegeneration in a BLI-3-dependent manner in Caenorhabditis elegans. PLoS Genetics, 6 (8). ISSN 1553-7390

Benskin, Clare and Rhodes, Glenn and Pickup, Roger W. and Wilson, Kenneth and Hartley, Ian R. (2010) Diversity and temporal stability of bacterial communities in a model passerine bird, the zebra finch. Molecular Ecology, 19 (24). pp. 5531-5544. ISSN 0962-1083

Bray, Daniel P. and Alves, Graziella B. and Dorval, Maria E. and Brazil, Reginaldo P. and Hamilton, J. G.C. (2010) Synthetic sex pheromone attracts the leishmaniasis vector Lutzomyia longipalpis to experimental chicken sheds treated with insecticide. Parasites and Vectors, 3 (1). ISSN 1756-3305

Bridge, Jonathan W. and Oliver, David M. and Chadwick, David and Godfray, H. Charles J. and Heathwaite, A. Louise and Kay, David and Maheswaran, Ravi and McGonigle, Daniel F. and Nichols, Gordon and Pickup, Roger and Porter, Jonathan and Wastling, Jonathan and Banwart, Steven A. (2010) Engaging with the water sector for public health benefits:waterborne pathogens and diseases in developed countries. Bulletin of the World Health Organization, 88 (11). pp. 873-875. ISSN 0042-9686

Broughton, Susan J and Slack, Cathy and Alic, Nazif and Metaxakis, Athanasios and Bass, Timothy M and Driege, Yasmine and Partridge, Linda (2010) DILP-producing median neurosecretory cells in the Drosophila brain mediate the response of lifespan to nutrition. Aging Cell, 9 (3). pp. 336-46. ISSN 1474-9726


Clilverd, Mark A. and Rodger, Craig J. and Dietrich, Sarah and Raita, Tero and Ulich, Thomas and Clarke, Ellen and Thomson, Alan W.P. and Kavanagh, Andrew J. (2010) High-latitude geomagnetically induced current events observed on very low frequency radio wave receiver systems. Radio Science, 45 (RS2006). pp. 1-11. ISSN 0048-6604

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Cunningham, Charles and Gatherer, Derek and Hilfrich, Birgitta and Baluchova, Katarina and Dargan, Derrick J. and Thomson, Marian and Griffiths, Paul D. and Wilkinson, Gavin W. G. and Schulz, Thomas F. and Davison, Andrew J. (2010) Sequences of complete human cytomegalovirus genomes from infected cell cultures and clinical specimens. Journal of General Virology, 91 (3). pp. 605-615. ISSN 0022-1317


Darmon, Elise and Eykelenboom, John K and Lincker, Frédéric and Jones, Lucy H and White, Martin and Okely, Ewa and Blackwood, John K and Leach, David R (2010) E. coli SbcCD and RecA control chromosomal rearrangement induced by an interrupted palindrome. Molecular Cell, 39 (1). pp. 59-70. ISSN 1097-2765

Dhillon, Simrat and Witteveldt, Jeroen and Gatherer, Derek and Owsianka, Ania M. and Zeisel, Mirjam B. and Zahid, Muhammad N. and Rychłowska, Małgorzata and Foung, Steven K. H. and Baumert, Thomas F. and Angus, Allan G. N. and Patel, Arvind H. (2010) Mutations within a conserved region of the hepatitis C virus E2 glycoprotein that influence virus-receptor interactions and sensitivity to neutralizing antibodies. Journal of Virology, 84 (11). pp. 5494-5507. ISSN 0022-538X

Dillon, Rod J. and Webster, Gordon and Weightman, Andrew J. and Charnley, A. Keith (2010) Diversity of gut microbiota increases with aging and starvation in the desert locust. Antonie van Leeuwenhoek, 97 (1). pp. 69-77. ISSN 0003-6072

Ding, Shengli and Chi, Michael M. and Scull, Brooks P. and Rigby, Rachael and Schwerbrock, Nicole M. J. and Magness, Scott and Jobin, Christian and Lund, Pauline K. (2010) High-Fat Diet:Bacteria Interactions Promote Intestinal Inflammation Which Precedes and Correlates with Obesity and Insulin Resistance in Mouse. PLoS ONE, 5 (8). -.

Durrant, Jacob D. and Amaro, Rommie E. and Xie, Lei and Urbaniak, Michael D. and Ferguson, Michael A. J. and Haapalainen, Antti and Chen, Zhijun and Di Guilmi, Anne Marie and Wunder, Frank and Bourne, Philip E. and McCammon, J. Andrew (2010) A multidimensional strategy to detect polypharmacological targets in the absence of structural and sequence homology. PLoS Computational Biology, 6 (1). ISSN 1553-7358

Durrant, Jacob D. and Urbaniak, Michael D. and Ferguson, Michael A. J. and McCammon, J. Andrew (2010) Computer-aided identification of Trypanosoma brucei uridine diphosphate galactose 4'-epimerase inhibitors:toward the development of novel therapies for African sleeping sickness. Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, 53 (13). pp. 5025-5032. ISSN 1520-4804


Ehlers, Bernhard and Spiess, Katja and Leendertz, Fabian and Peeters, Martine and Boesch, Christophe and Gatherer, Derek and McGeoch, Duncan J (2010) Lymphocryptovirus phylogeny and the origins of Epstein-Barr virus. Journal of General Virology, 91 (3). pp. 630-642. ISSN 0022-1317

Exil, Vernat J. and Silva Avila, Daiana and Benedetto, Alexandre and Exil, Elizabeth A. and Adams, Margaret R. and Au, Catherine and Aschner, Michael (2010) Stressed-induced TMEM135 protein is part of a conserved genetic network involved in fat storage and longevity regulation in Caenorhabditis elegans. PLoS ONE, 5 (12). ISSN 1932-6203


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Fritz-Laylin, Lillian K. and Prochnik, Simon E. and Ginger, Michael L. and Dacks, Joel B. and Carpenter, Meredith L. and Field, Mark C. and Kuo, Alan and Paredez, Alex and Chapman, Jarrod and Pham, Jonathan and Shu, Shengqiang and Neupane, Rochak and Cipriano, Michael and Mancuso, Joel and Tu, Hank and Salamov, Asaf and Lindquist, Erika and Shapiro, Harris and Lucas, Susan and Grigoriev, Igor V. and Cande, W. Z. and Fulton, C. and Rokhsar, D. S. and Dawson, Scott C. (2010) The genome of Naegleria gruberi illuminates early eukaryotic versatility. Cell, 140 (5). pp. 631-642. ISSN 0092-8674

Fukumoto, Hiroaki and Tokuda, Takahiko and Kasai, Takashi and Ishigami, Noriko and Hidaka, Hiroya and Kondo, Masaki and Allsop, David and Nakagawa, Masanori (2010) High-molecular-weight β-amyloid oligomers are elevated in cerebrospinal fluid of Alzheimer patients. The FASEB journal : official publication of the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology, 24 (8). pp. 2716-2726. ISSN 1530-6860


Gatherer, Derek (2010) The Little Ice Age and the emergence of influenza A. Medical Hypotheses, 75 (4). pp. 359-362. ISSN 0306-9877

Gatherer, Derek (2010) Passage in egg culture is a major cause of apparent positive selection in influenza B hemagglutinin. Journal of Medical Virology, 82 (1). pp. 123-127. ISSN 0146-6615

Gatherer, Derek (2010) So what do we really mean when we say that systems biology is holistic? BMC Systems Biology, 4. ISSN 1752-0509

Gatherer, Derek (2010) Tempo and mode in the molecular evolution of influenza C. PLoS Currents, 2.

Gault, V. A. and Porter, W. D. and Flatt, P. R. and Holscher, Christian (2010) Actions of exendin-4 therapy on cognitive function and hippocampal synaptic plasticity in mice fed a high-fat diet. International Journal of Obesity, 34. pp. 1341-1344. ISSN 0307-0565

Gengler, Simon and Hamilton, A. and Holscher, Christian (2010) Synaptic plasticity in the hippocampus of an APP/PS1 mouse model of Alzheimer's disease is impaired in old but not young mice. PLoS ONE, 5 (3). ISSN 1932-6203

Ginger, Michael L. and Fritz-Laylin, Lillian K. and Fulton, Chandler F. and Cande, W. Zacheus and Dawson, Scott C. (2010) Intermediary metabolism in protists : a sequence-based view of facultative anaerobic metabolism in evolutionarily diverse eukaryotes. Protist, 161 (5). pp. 642-671. ISSN 1434-4610

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Ginger, Michael L. and McFadden, Geoffrey I. and Michels, Paul A. M. (2010) Rewiring and regulation of cross-compartmentalised metabolism in protists. Philosophical transactions of the Royal Society of London. Series B, Biological sciences, 365 (1541). pp. 831-845. ISSN 0080-4622

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Harvey, Jeffrey A. and Hamilton, James G.C. and Ward, Richard D. (2010) Presence of the fire ant Solenopsis invicta (Westwood) (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) stimulates burrowing behavior by larvae of the sandfly lutzomyia longipalpis (Lutz & Neiva) (Diptera: Psychodidae). Neotropical Entomology, 39 (1). pp. 137-139. ISSN 1519-566X

Hawkes, Cheryl A. and Deng, Le Hua and Shaw, James E. and Nitz, Mark and McLaurin, Joanne (2010) Small molecule β-amyloid inhibitors that stabilize protofibrillar structures in vitro improve cognition and pathology in a mouse model of Alzheimer's disease. European Journal of Neuroscience, 31 (2). pp. 203-213. ISSN 0953-816X

Hölscher, Christian (2010) Incretin analogues that have been developed to treat type 2 diabetes hold promise as a novel treatment strategy for Alzheimer's disease. Recent Patents on CNS Drug Discovery, 5 (2). pp. 109-117. ISSN 2212-3954

Hölscher, Christian (2010) The role of GLP-1 in neuronal activity and neurodegeneration. Vitamins and Hormones, 84. pp. 331-354. ISSN 0083-6729


Isaac, R. Elwyn and Li, Chenxi and Leedale, Amy E. and Shirras, Alan D. (2010) Drosophila male sex peptide inhibits siesta sleep and promotes locomotor activity in the post-mated female. Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences, 277 (1678). pp. 65-70. ISSN 0962-8452


Johnson, C. and Perlin, L. and Wyman, P. and Zhao, B. and Fullwood, N. J. and MacNeil, S. and Rimmer, S. (2010) Cell Adhesion to Polymethacrylate Networks Prepared by Photopolymerization and Functionalized with GRGDS Peptide or Fibrinogen. Macromolecular Symposia, 291-29 (1). pp. 314-325. ISSN 1022-1360


Kambris, Zakaria and Blagborough, Andrew M. and Pinto, Sofia B. and Blagrove, Marcus S. C. and Godfray, H. Charles J. and Sinden, Robert E. and Sinkins, Steven P. (2010) Wolbachia stimulates immune gene expression and inhibits Plasmodium development in Anopheles gambia. PLoS Pathogens, 6 (10). ISSN 1553-7374

Kerns, Jemma and Nakamura, Takahiro and Kinoshita, Shigeru and Fullwood, Nigel J. and Martin, Frank (2010) Evidence for a stem-cell lineage in corneal squamous cell carcinoma using synchrotron-based Fourier-transform infrared microspectroscopy and multivariate analysis. Analyst, 135 (12). pp. 3120-3125. ISSN 0003-2654


Linde, Anna-Malin and Munir, Muhammad and Zohari, Siamak and Ståhl, Karl and Baule, Claudia and Renström, Lena and Berg, Mikael (2010) Complete genome characterisation of a Newcastle disease virus isolated during an outbreak in Sweden in 1997. Virus Genes, 41 (2). pp. 165-173. ISSN 0920-8569


Martin, Frank and Kerns, Jemma and Llabjani, Valon and Martin-Hirsch, Pierre L. and Patel, Imran I. and Trevisan, Julio and Fullwood, Nigel J. and Walsh, Michael J. (2010) Distinguishing cell types or populations based on the computational analysis of their infrared spectra. Nature Protocols, 5 (11). pp. 1748-1760. ISSN 1754-2189

McClean, Paula L. and Gault, Victor A. and Harriott, Patrick and Hölscher, Christian (2010) Glucagon-like peptide-1 analogues enhance synaptic plasticity in the brain:a link between diabetes and Alzheimer's disease. European Journal of Pharmacology, 630 (1-3). pp. 158-162. ISSN 0014-2999

McKean, Paul and Gull, Keith (2010) The flagellar pocket of trypanosomatids:a critical feature for cell morphogenesis and pathogenicity. In: Structures and organelles in pathogenic protists. Microbiology Monographs . Springer Verlag, Berlin, pp. 87-113. ISBN 9783642128622

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Nakamura, Takahiro and Kerns, Jemma and Trevisan, Julio and Cooper, Leanne J. and Bentley, Adam and Carmichael, Paul L. and Scott, Andrew D. and Cotte, Marine and Susini, Jean and Martin-Hirsch, Pierre L. and Kinoshita, Shigeru and Fullwood, Nigel J. and Martin, Frank (2010) Microspectroscopy of spectral biomarkers associated with human corneal stem cells. Molecular Vision, 16 (42). pp. 359-368. ISSN 1090-0535

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Parr-Sturgess, Catherine A and Rushton, David J and Parkin, Edward T (2010) Ectodomain shedding of the Notch ligand Jagged1 is mediated by ADAM17, but is not a lipid-raft-associated event. Biochemical Journal, 432 (2). pp. 283-294. ISSN 0264-6021

Phythian-Adams, Alexander T and Cook, Peter C and Lundie, Rachel J and Jones, Lucy H and Smith, Katherine A and Barr, Tom A and Hochweller, Kristin and Anderton, Stephen M and Hämmerling, Günter J and Maizels, Rick M and MacDonald, Andrew S (2010) CD11c depletion severely disrupts Th2 induction and development in vivo. The Journal of experimental medicine, 207 (10). pp. 2089-2096. ISSN 0022-1007

Porter, D. W. and Kerr, B. D. and Flatt, P. R. and Hölscher, Christian and Gault, V. A. (2010) Four weeks administration of Liraglutide improves memory and learning as well as glycaemic control in mice with high fat dietary-induced obesity and insulin resistance. Diabetes, Obesity and Metabolism, 12 (10). pp. 891-899. ISSN 1463-1326


Rogers, Matthew Edward and Corware, Karina and Müller, Ingrid and Bates, Paul Andrew (2010) Leishmania infantum proteophosphoglycans regurgitated by the bite of its natural sand fly vector, Lutzomyia longipalpis, promote parasite establishment in mouse skin and skin-distant tissues. Microbes and Infection, 12 (11). pp. 875-879. ISSN 1769-714X


Salomón, Oscar D. and Araki, Alejandra S. and Hamilton, James G.C. and Acardi, Soraya A. and Peixoto, Alexandre A. (2010) Sex pheromone and period gene characterization of Lutzomyia longipalpis sensu lato (Lutz & Neiva) (Diptera: Psychodidae) from Posadas, Argentina. Memorias do Instituto Oswaldo Cruz, 105 (7). pp. 928-930. ISSN 0074-0276

Sant'anna, Mauricio Rv and Nascimento, Alexandre and Alexander, Bruce and Dilger, Erin and Cavalcante, Reginaldo R and Diaz-Albiter, Hector M and Bates, Paul A and Dillon, Rod J (2010) Chicken blood provides a suitable meal for the sand fly Lutzomyia longipalpis and does not inhibit Leishmania development in the gut. Parasites and Vectors, 3 (3).

Shaw, Elisabeth and Haylock, Brian and Husband, David and du Plessis, Daniel and Sibson, D. Ross and Warnke, Peter C. and Walker, Carol (2010) Gene expression in oligodendroglial tumors. Analytical Cellular Pathology, 33 (2). pp. 81-94. ISSN 2210-7177


Tabner, Brian J and Mayes, Jennifer and Allsop, David (2010) Hypothesis:soluble Aβ oligomers in association with redox-active metal ions are the optimal generators of reactive oxygen species in Alzheimer's disease. International Journal of Alzheimer's Disease, 2011. ISSN 2090-0252

Taylor, Elaine M. and Cecillon, Sophie M. and Bonis, Antonio and Chapman, J. Ross and Povirk, Lawrence F. and Lindsay, Howard D. (2010) The Mre11/Rad50/Nbs1 complex functions in resection-based DNA end joining in Xenopus laevis. Nucleic Acids Research, 38 (2). pp. 441-454. ISSN 0305-1048

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Thurman, Jill and Drinkall, Janice and Parry, Jacqueline (2010) Digestion of bacteria by the freshwater ciliate Tetrahymena pyriformis. Aquatic Microbial Ecology, 60 (2). pp. 163-174. ISSN 0948-3055

Thurman, Jill and Parry, Jacqueline and Hill, Phil and Laybourn-Parry, Johanna E. M. (2010) The filter feeding ciliates Colpidium striatum and Tetrahymena pyriformis display selective feeding in the presence of mixed, equally-sized, bacterial prey. Protist, 161 (4). pp. 577-588. ISSN 1434-4610


Unterholzner, Leonie and Keating, Sinead E. and Baran, Marcin and Horan, Kristy A. and Jensen, Søren B. and Sharma, Shruti and Sirois, Cherilyn M. and Jin, Tengchuan and Latz, Eicke and Xiao, T. Sam and Fitzgerald, Katherine A. and Paludan, Søren R. and Bowie, Andrew G. (2010) IFI16 is an innate immune sensor for intracellular DNA. Nature Immunology, 11 (11). pp. 997-1004. ISSN 1529-2908


van Donkelaar, Eva and Kelly, Paul and Dawson, Neil and Blokland, Arjan and Prickaerts, Jos and Steinbusch, Harry and Ferrington, Linda (2010) Acute tryptophan depletion potentiates 3,4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine-induced cerebrovascular hyperperfusion in rats. Journal of Neuroscience Research, 88 (7). pp. 1557-1568. ISSN 0360-4012


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Zohari, Siamak and Munir, Muhammad and Metreveli, Giorgi and Belák, Sándor and Berg, Mikael (2010) Differences in the ability to suppress interferon β production between allele A and allele B NS1 proteins from H10 influenza A viruses. Virology Journal, 7. ISSN 1743-422X

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