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Alexander, Nicholas and Doherty, Anne Marie (2019) Overcoming Institutional Voids:Maisons Spéciales and the Internationalisation of Proto-Modern Brands. Business History. ISSN 0007-6791

Alexander, Nicholas and Doherty, Anne Marie and Cronin, James (2019) Market-Mediated Authenticity and the Emergence of Modern Branding Practices:Liberty of London, 1875-1900. In: Centre for the History of Retailing and Distribution Conference, 2019-09-102019-09-10, University of Wolverhampton.

Alexander, Nicholas Simon and Doherty, Anne Marie (2019) Marketing Innovation in Time and across Time:International Flagship Stores, Brand Identity and the Boundary of the Firm. In: American Marketing Association (AMA) Winter Academic Conference, Austin Texas, February 22-24, 2019-02-222019-02-24, Austin, Texas, United States.


Balonier, Anna-Katharina and Parsons, Elizabeth and Patterson, Anthony (2019) The unnaturalness of natural burials:dispossessing the dispossessed. Mortality, 24 (2). pp. 212-230. ISSN 1357-6275

Banister, Emma and Piacentini, Maria Grazia and Grimes, Anthony (2019) Identity refusal:Distancing from non-drinking in a drinking culture. Sociology, 53 (4). pp. 744-761. ISSN 0038-0385

Bruce, Helen and Banister, Emma Neva (2019) Army Wives’ Consumer Vulnerability and Communities of Coping. European Journal of Marketing. ISSN 0309-0566

Bruce, Helen and Wilson, Hugh N. and Macdonald, Emma K. and Clarke, Beverly (2019) Resource integration, value creation and value destruction in collective consumption contexts. Journal of Business Research, 103. pp. 173-185. ISSN 0148-2963


Cronin, James and Alexander, Nicholas and Doherty, Anne Marie (2019) The Ideological Origins of Marketplace Oases. In: 10th Workshop on Interpretive Consumer Research (ICR), European Institute for Advanced Studies in Management (EIASM), Lyon Business School, Lyon, May 9-10, 2019-05-092019-06-10, Lyon.

Cronin, James Martin and Cocker, Hayley Louise (2019) Managing Collective Effervescence:'Zomsumption’ and Postemotional Fandom. Marketing Theory, 19 (3). pp. 281-299. ISSN 1470-5931


Daryanto, Ahmad (2019) Avoiding spurious moderation effects:An information-theoretic approach to moderation analysis. Journal of Business Research, 103. pp. 110-118. ISSN 0148-2963

Daskalopoulou, Athanasia and Skandalis, Alexandros (2019) Consumption Field Driven Entrepreneurship (CFDE):How does membership in the indie music field shape individuals’ entrepreneurial journey. European Journal of Marketing, 53 (1). pp. 63-82. ISSN 0309-0566

Davis, Teresa and Hogg, Margaret and Marshall, David and Petersen, Alan and Schneider, Tanja (2019) The Knowing mother:Maternal knowledge and the reinforcement of the feminine consuming subject in magazine advertisements. Journal of Consumer Culture. ISSN 1469-5405

De Mattos, Claudio and Salciuviene, Laura (2019) The negative influence of the entrepreneur’s level of higher education on the attractiveness of European SMEs as alliance partners in Brazil:the role of practical experience and international entrepreneurial orientation. The International Journal of Human Resource Management, 30 (13). pp. 1997-2025. ISSN 0958-5192


Fernandes, Josi and Mason, Katherine Jane and Chakrabarti, Ronika (2019) Managing to make market agencements:the temporally bound elements of stigma in favelas. Journal of Business Research, 95. pp. 128-142. ISSN 0148-2963

Fernandes, Josi and Mason, Katy (2019) (Re)Producing the favela space as a market through socio-technical assemblages:The use of digital technologies in the Rocinha favela. In: 35th EGOS coloquium, 2019-07-042019-07-06, University of Edinburgh. (Unpublished)

Finke, Tobias (2019) How companies respond to climate change:a network approach. PhD thesis, UNSPECIFIED.

Freel, Mark Stephen and Liu, Rebecca Ru-Yuh and Rammer, Christian (2019) The export additionality of innovation policy. Industrial and Corporate Change, 28 (5). 1257–1277. ISSN 0960-6491


Gadalla, Eman (2019) Engaged or Disengaged:The Use of Augmented Reality Apps as a Marketing Tool. In: 5th International AR & VR Conference, 2019-06-122019-06-14.

Gadalla, Eman (2019) Virtual Reality Gaming:Seeking Identity Quests in Liquid Societies. In: 5th International AR & VR Conference, 2019-06-122019-06-14.

Gadalla, Eman (2019) "Who Still Uses Virtual Worlds? Implications For Virtual Brands". In: 4th International Colloquium on Corporate Branding, Identity, Image and Reputation (COBIIR), 2018-09-032018-09-04.

Gadalla, Eman and Liu, Rebecca and Martin, Felix and Supatchaya, Nin Tiewcharoen (2019) Persuasive or not?:The Effect of Social Media Influencer’s Credibility on Consumer Processing and Purchase Intention. In: British Academy of Management 2019 Conference, 2019-09-032019-09-05, Aston University.

Godefroit-Winkel, Delphine and Schill, Marie and Hogg, Margaret Kathleen (2019) The interplay of emotions and consumption in the relational identity trajectories of grandmothers with their grandchildren. European Journal of Marketing, 53 (2). pp. 164-194. ISSN 0309-0566

Gupta, Suraksha and Czinkota, Michael and Ozdemir, Sena (2019) Innovation in Sustainability Initiatives through Reverse Channels. Journal of Business-to-Business Marketing, 26 (3-4). pp. 233-243. ISSN 1051-712X


Hennell, Kath and Piacentini, Maria and Limmer, Mark (2019) Ethical dilemmas using social media in qualitative social research:A case study of online participant observation. Sociological Research Online. ISSN 1360-7804

Hennell, Kath and Piacentini, Maria and Limmer, Mark (2019) Go hard or go home:a social practice theory approach to young people’s ‘risky’ alcohol consumption practices. Critical Public Health. ISSN 0958-1596

Hesketh, Ian George and Cooper, Cary Lynn and Ivy, Jonathan Peter (2019) Leading the asset:Resilience training efficacy in UK policing. Police Journal, 92 (1). pp. 56-71. ISSN 0032-258X

Higgins, Leighanne (2019) The Marketplace and I:A Disability Arts Methodology. In: Academy of Marketing Conference Proceedings. Academy of Marketing, p. 42. ISBN 9781527242623

Higgins, Leighanne (2019) Tangible Communitas through Pilgrimage Consumption. In: Consumer Culture Theory Conference, 2019-07-172019-07-19.

Higgins, Leighanne and Hamilton, Kathy (2019) Therapeutic Servicescapes and Market-Mediated Performances of Emotional Suffering. Journal of Consumer Research, 45 (6). 1230–1253. ISSN 0093-5301

Hopkinson, Gillian and Jalili Tanha, Thomas (2019) The Circular Economy:The Cases of Clothes, Car Batteries and Food. UNSPECIFIED.

Hopkinson, Gillian Clare and Aman, Asad (2019) Micro-political processes in a multinational corporation subsidiary:a postcolonial reading of restructuring in a sales department. Human Relations, 72 (12). pp. 1869-1890. ISSN 0018-7267


Jalili Tanha, Thomas (2019) Bringing Competition Down-to-Earth:Valuation Practices and Strategizing in the Making of 'Circular' EV Batteries. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Jalili Tanha, Thomas and Mason, Katy and Palo, Teea (2019) Bringing Competition Down-to-Earth:Strategic Valuation Practices in the Making of a Circular Economy for Power. In: 35th EGOS coloquium, 2019-07-042019-07-06, University of Edinburgh.

Jalili Tanha, Thomas and Mason, Katy and Palo, Teea (2019) Imagining to (Re-)Organize Markets:Conceptualizing Market Fiction in the Performance of a Circular Economy. In: Annual Meeting of the Society for the Advancement of Socio-Economics 2019, 2019-06-272019-06-29, The New School.

Jalili Tanha, Thomas and Mason, Katy and Palo, Teea (2019) Making Accountability and New Means of Competing for 'Green' Energy Storage Markets. In: UK Energy Storage conference 2019, 2019-09-032019-09-05, Newcastle University. (Unpublished)


Khan, Hina and Daryanto, Ahmad and Liu, Chih-Ling (2019) How anticipated regret influences the effect of economic animosity on consumers' reactions towards a foreign product. International Business Review, 28 (2). pp. 405-414. ISSN 0969-5931


Liu, Chih-Ling (2019) Men and their groomed body:Understanding personal grooming as both a discursive and embodied practice. European Journal of Marketing, 53 (5). pp. 1015-1034. ISSN 0309-0566

Liu, Rebecca and Mannhardt, Luca (2019) Design Thinking and Business Model Innovation. In: 26TH IPDMC: INNOVATION AND PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT MANAGEMENT CONFERENCE, 2019-06-092019-09-11.


Mardon, Rebecca and Cocker, Hayley and Daunt, Kate (2019) Community-embedded human brands and dysfunctional community role dynamics:A study of the YouTube beauty community. In: Consumer Culture Theory Conference, 2019-07-172019-07-19. (Unpublished)

Meek, Helen (2019) ‘Thanks For All The Support’ - An Evaluation Of Gender Bias In PhD Supervision. Working Paper. UNSPECIFIED.

Murray, Jeff B and Brokalaki, Zafeirenia and Bhogal-Nair, Anoop and Cermin, Ashley and Chelekis, Jessica and Cocker, Hayley Louise and Eagar, Toni and McAlexander, Brandon and Mitchell, Natalie and Patrick, Rachel and Robinson, Thomas and Scholz, Joachim and Thyroff, Anastasia and Zavala, Marielle and Zuniga, Miguel (2019) Toward a processual theory of transformation. Journal of Business Research, 100. pp. 319-326. ISSN 0148-2963

Mwangi, V.N. and Cocker, H.L. and Piacentini, M.G. (2019) Cognitive polyphasia, cultural legitimacy, and behavior change:the case of the illicit alcohol market in Kenya. In: Consumer Culture Theory. Research in Consumer Behavior . Emerald Group Publishing Ltd., pp. 103-117. ISBN 9781787542860


O'Leary, Killian and Murphy, Stephen (2019) Moving beyond Goffman:the performativity of anonymity on SNS. European Journal of Marketing, 53 (1). pp. 83-107. ISSN 0309-0566

O'Leary, Killian and Patterson, Maurice and O'Malley, Lisa (2019) Road bowling in Ireland:social space and the context of context. Consumption, Markets and Culture, 22 (5-6). pp. 598-616. ISSN 1025-3866

Ozdemir, Sena and Kandemir, Destan and Eng, Teck Yong and Gupta, Suraksha (2019) Vertical stakeholder collaborations for firm innovativeness in new product development:The moderating roles of legal bonds and operational linkages. Journal of Business Research. ISSN 0148-2963


Palo, Teea Erja Marjaana and Åkesson, Maria and Löfberg, Nina (2019) Servitization as business model contestation:A practice approach. Journal of Business Research, 104. pp. 486-496. ISSN 0148-2963

Patterson, Anthony and Kozinets, Robert and Ashman, Rachel (2019) Hungry Eyes:How Food Porn Affects Wellbeing. In: Food and experiential marketing. Routledge Interpretive Marketing Research . Routledge, London. ISBN 9780815396352

Piacentini, Maria Grazia and Susan, Dunnett and Hamilton, Kathy and Banister, Emma and Gorge, Hélène and Kaufman-Scarborough, Carol and Nairn, Agnes (2019) Exploring the Relations in Relational Engagement:Addressing Barriers to Transformative Consumer Research. Journal of Business Research, 100. pp. 327-338. ISSN 0148-2963

Pradhan, Anuja and Cocker, Hayley and Hogg, Margaret (2019) Social Anchoring - An alternative understanding of migrant consumers' experiences. In: Consumer Culture Theory Conference, 2019-07-172019-07-19. (Unpublished)

Pradhan, Anuja and Cocker, Hayley Louise and Hogg, Margaret Kathleen (2019) Ethnic Identification:Capital and Distinction among Second-Generation British Indians. In: Performing identity – How British Asians acquire subcultural capital, build social capital, and gain distinction through Bollywood, music and dance. Consumer Culture Theory . Emerald Group Publishing Ltd., DNK, pp. 85-101. ISBN 9781787542860


Skandalis, Alexandros and Banister, Emma and Byrom, John and Daskalopoulou, Athanasia (2019) Marketplace continuum of taste:How do music festivals act as institutions? In: Bringing Institutional Theory to Marketing Conference, 2019-06-062019-06-07, ISC Business School.

Skandalis, Alexandros and Banister, Emma and Byrom, John and Daskalopoulou, Athanasia (2019) The music festival as institution:Reflections from Primavera Sound. In: 18th Annual Colloquium on Arts, Heritage, Nonprofit & Social Marketing, 2019-09-13, University of Stirling, Stirling Management School.

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Song, Zening and Daryanto, Ahmad and Soopramanien, Didier (2019) Place Attachment, Trust and Mobility:Three-way Interaction Effect on Urban Residents' Environmental Citizenship Behaviour. Journal of Business Research, 105. pp. 168-177. ISSN 0148-2963

Song, Zening and Soopramanien, Didier (2019) Types of place attachment and pro-environmental behaviors of urban residents in Beijing. Cities, 84. pp. 112-120. ISSN 0264-2751


Wang, Yichuan and Kung, Lee Ann and Gupta, Suraksha and Ozdemir, Sena (2019) Leveraging Big Data Analytics to Improve Quality of Care in Healthcare Organizations:A Configurational Perspective. British Journal of Management, 30 (2). pp. 362-388. ISSN 1045-3172

Wolfeil, Markus and Patterson, Anthony and Gould, Stephen (2019) The allure of celebrities:unpacking their polysemic consumer appeal. European Journal of Marketing, 53 (10). pp. 2025-2053. ISSN 0309-0566


Xue, Melanie and Singh, Jaywant (2019) Cross-cultural consumer responses to cause-related marketing:theoretical insights and future research. In: Socially-responsible international business. Edward Elgar, Cheltenham, 232–260. ISBN 9781788114110

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