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Ahmed, Faraz and Morbey, Hazel and Reeves, David and Davies, Linda and Hann, Mark and Holland, Fiona and Keady, John and Leroi, Ira and Burrow, Simon and Swarbrick, Caroline and Reilly, Siobhan Theresa (2016) Developing the evidence base for evaluating dementia training in NHS hospitals (DEMTRAIN):A mixed method study. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Ahmed, Faraz and Morbey, Hazel and Reeves, David and Davies, Linda and Hann, Mark and Holland, Fiona and Keady, John and Leroi, Ira and Burrow, Simon and Swarbrick, Caroline and Reilly, Siobhan Theresa (2016) Developing the evidence base for evaluating dementia training in NHS hospitals (DEMTRAIN):A mixed method study. In: 11th UK Dementia Congress 2016, 2016-11-022016-11-04.

Apostolo, J and Holland, Carol Ann and O'Connell, Matthew and Feeney, Joanne and Tabares-Seisdedos, Rafael and Tadros, George and Campos, Elzbieta and Santos, Nadine and Robertson, Deirdre and Marcucci, Maura and Varela, Isabel and Crespo-Facorro, Benedicto and Vieta, Eduard and Navarro, Esperanza and Selva-Vera, Gabriel and Balanza-Martinez, Vicent and Cano, Antonio (2016) Mild cognitive decline. A position statement of the Cognitive Decline Group of the European Innovation Partnership for Active and Healthy Ageing (EIPAHA). Maturitas, 83. pp. 83-93.

Apóstolo, João and Cooke, Richard and Bobrowicz-Campos, Elzbieta and Santana, Silvina and Marcucci, Maura and Cano, Antonio and Vollenbroek, Miriam and Holland, Carol (2016) Effectiveness of the interventions in preventing the progression of pre-frailty and frailty in older adults:a systematic review protocol. JBI database of systematic reviews and implementation reports, 14 (1). pp. 4-19. ISSN 2202-4433

Aryee, S. and Walumbwa, F. O. and Seidu, E. Y. M. and Otaye, L. E. (2016) Developing and leveraging human capital resource to promote service quality:testing a theory of performance. Journal of Management, 42 (2). pp. 480-499. ISSN 0149-2063


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J. and Garcia-Lizana, F. and Guérin, O. and Hellings, P. W. and Haahtela, T. and Illario, M. and Inzerilli, M. C. and Lodrup Carlsen, K. C. and Kardas, P. and Keil, T. and Maggio, M. and Mendez-Zorrilla, A. and Menditto, E. and Mercier, J. and Michel, J. P. and Murray, R. and Nogues, M. and O’Byrne-Maguire, I. and Pappa, D. and Parent, A. S. and Pastorino, M. and Robalo-Cordeiro, C. and Samolinski, B. and Siciliano, P. and Teixeira, A. M. and Tsartara, S. I. and Valiulis, A. and Vandenplas, O. and Vasankari, T. and Vellas, B. and Vollenbroek-Hutten, M. and Wickman, M. and Yorgancioglu, A. and Zuberbier, T. and Barbagallo, M. and Canonica, G. W. and Klimek, L. and Maggi, S. and Aberer, W. and Akdis, C. and Adcock, I. M. and Agache, I. and Albera, C. and Alonso-Trujillo, F. and Angel Guarcia, M. and Annesi-Maesano, I. and Apostolo, J. and Arshad, S. H. and Attalin, V. and Avignon, A. and Bachert, C. and Baroni, I. and Bel, E. and Benson, M. and Bescos, C. and Blasi, F. and Barbara, C. and Bergmann, K. C. and Bernard, P. L. and Bonini, S. and Bousquet, P. J. and Branchini, B. and Brightling, C. E. and Bruguière, V. and Bunu, C. and Bush, A. and Caimmi, D. P. and Calderon, M. A. and Canovas, G. and Cardona, V. and Carlsen, K. H. and Cesario, A. and Chkhartishvili, E. and Chiron, R. and Chivato, T. and Chung, K. F. and D’Angelantonio, M. and de Carlo, G. and Cholley, D. and Chorin, F. and Combe, B. and Compas, B. and Costa, D. J. and Costa, E. and Coste, O. and Coupet, A. L. and Crepaldi, G. and Custovic, A. and Dahl, R. and Dahlen, S. E. and Demoly, P. and Devillier, P. and Didier, A. and Dinh-Xuan, A. T. and Djukanovic, R. and Dokic, D. and du Toit, G. and Dubakiene, R. and Dupeyron, A. and Emuzyte, R. and Fiocchi, A. and Wagner, A. and Fletcher, M. and Fonseca, J. and Fougère, B. and Gamkrelidze, A. and Garces, G. and Garcia-Aymeric, J. and Garcia-Zapirain, B. and Gemicioğlu, B. and Gouder, C. and Hellquist-Dahl, B. and Hermosilla-Gimeno, I. and Héve, D. and Holland, C. and Humbert, M. and Hyland, M. and Johnston, S. L. and Just, J. and Jutel, M. and Kaidashev, I. P. and Khaitov, M. and Kalayci, O. and Kalyoncu, A. F. and Keijser, W. and Kerstjens, H. and Knezović, J. and Kowalski, M. and Koppelman, G. H. and Kotska, T. and Kovac, M. and Kull, I. and Kuna, P. and Kvedariene, V. and Lepore, V. and Macnee, W. and Maggio, M. and Magnan, A. and Majer, I. and Manning, P. and Marcucci, M. and Marti, T. and Masoli, M. and Melen, E. and Miculinic, N. and Mihaltan, F. and Milenkovic, B. and Millot-Keurinck, J. and Mlinarić, H. and Momas, I. and Montefort, S. and Morais-Almeida, M. and Moreno-Casbas, T. and Mösges, R. and Mullol, J. and Nadif, R. and Nalin, M. and Navarro-Pardo, E. and Nekam, K. and Ninot, G. and Paccard, D. and Pais, S. and Palummeri, E. and Panzner, P. and Papadopoulos, N. K. and Papanikolaou, C. and Passalacqua, G. and Pastor, E. and Perrot, M. and Plavec, D. and Popov, T. A. and Postma, D. S. and Price, D. and Raffort, N. and Reuzeau, J. C. and Robine, J. M. and Rodenas, F. and Robusto, F. and Roche, N. and Romano, A. and Romano, V. and Rosado-Pinto, J. and Roubille, F. and Ruiz, F. and Ryan, D. and Salcedo, T. and Schmid-Grendelmeier, P. and Schulz, H. and Schunemann, H. J. and Serrano, E. and Sheikh, A. and Shields, M. and Siafakas, N. and Scichilone, N. and Siciliano, P. and Skrindo, I. and Smit, H. A. and Sourdet, S. and Sousa-Costa, E. and Spranger, O. and Sooronbaev, T. and Sruk, V. and Sterk, P. J. and Todo-Bom, A. and Touchon, J. and Tramontano, D. and Triggiani, M. and Tsartara, S. I. and Valero, A. L. and Valovirta, E. and van Ganse, E. and van Hage, M. and van Den Berge, M. and Vandenplas, O. and Ventura, M. T. and Vergara, I. and Vezzani, G. and Vidal, D. and Viegi, G. and Wagemann, M. and Whalley, B. and Wickman, M. and Wilson, N. and Yiallouros, P. K. and Žagar, M. and Zaidi, A. and Zidarn, M. and Hoogerwerf, E. J. and Usero, J. and Zuffada, R. and Senn, A. and de Oliveira-Alves, B. (2016) Erratum to: Building bridges for innovation in ageing:Synergies between action groups of the EIP on AHA. The Journal of Nutrition, Health & Aging. ISSN 1279-7707


Cano, Antonio and Kurpas, Donata and Bujnowska-Fedak, Maria Magdalena and Santana, Silvina and Holland, Carol and Marcucci, Maura and Gonzalez-Segura, Ana and Vollenbroek-Hutten, Miriam and D’Avanzo, Barbara and Nobili, Alessandro and Apostolo, João Luís Alves and Bobrowicz-Campos, Elzbieta and Martínez-Arroyo, Ana M. (2016) FOCUS: Frailty management optimisation through EIPAHA commitments and utilisation of stakeholders’ input – an innovative European project in elderly care*. Family Medicine and Primary Care Review, 18 (3). pp. 373-376. ISSN 1734-3402

Closs, S Jose and Dowding, Dawn and Allcock, Nick and Hulme, Claire and Keady, John and Sampson, Elizabeth and Briggs, Michelle and Corbett, Ann and Esterhuizen, Philip and Holmes, John and James, Kirsten and Lasrado, Reena and Long, Andrew and McGinnis, Elizabeth and O' Dwyer, John and Swarbrick, Caroline and Lichtner, Valentina (2016) Towards improved decision support in the assessment and management of pain for people with dementia in hospital:a systematic meta-review and observational study. Health Services and Delivery Research, 4 (30). ISSN 2050-4357


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Haddock, Gillian and Davies, Linda and Evans, Emma and Emsley, Richard and Gooding, Patricia A. and Heaney, Lisa and Jones, Sarah and Kelly, James Andrew and Munro, Ailsa and Sarah, Peters and Pratt, Daniel and Tarrier, Nicholas and Windfuhr, Kirsten and Awenat, Yvonne (2016) Investigating the feasibility and acceptability of a cognitive behavioural suicide prevention therapy for people in acute psychiatric wards (the “INSITE” trial):study protocol for a randomised controlled trial. Trials, 17. ISSN 1745-6215

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Husain, Nusrat and Gire, Nadeem and Kelly, James Andrew and Duxbury, Joy and McKeown, Mick and Riley, Miv and Taylor, Christopher, D. J. and Taylor, Peter J and Emsley, Richard and Farooq, Saeed and Caton, Neil and Naeem, Farooq and Kingdon, David and Chaudry, Imran (2016) TechCare:mobile assessment and therapy for psychosis – an intervention for clients in the Early Intervention Service: A feasibility study protocol. SAGE Open Medicine, 4. pp. 1-9. ISSN 2050-3121


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