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Akmal, Haider and Coulton, Paul (2018) Using Heterotopias to Characterise Interactions in Physical/Digital Spaces. In: Proceedings of Design Research Society Conference 2018 :. . (In Press)


Bennett, Bruce Thomas (2018) Becoming refugees : Exodus and contemporary mediations of the refugee crisis. Transnational Cinemas. ISSN 2040-3526 (In Press)

Bettinson, Gary John (2018) A Man for All Seasons : An Interview with Dean Cain. Bright Lights Film Journal.

Bettinson, Gary John (2018) Sympathy for the Slasher : Strategies of Character Engagement in Pang Ho-cheung's Dream Home. In: Hong Kong Horror Cinema :. Edinburgh University Press, Edinburgh, pp. 185-202. ISBN 9781474424592

Bettinson, Gary John and Martin, Daniel (2018) Introduction. In: Hong Kong Horror Cinema :. Edinburgh University Press, Edinburgh, pp. 1-15. ISBN 9781474424592


Coulton, Paul and Gradinar, Adrian Ioan (2018) Living Room of the Future. [Exhibition]


Dunn, Nicholas Simon (2018) The Edge of Night : Hinterlands of the body, the city and the imagination. In: Association of American Geographers Annual Meeting 2018, 2018-04-10 - 2018-04-14, Downtown Marriott, Canal Street,. (Unpublished)

Dunn, Nicholas Simon (2018) Underline : Exploring the underbelly of the city. [Performance] (Unpublished)


Gorrill, Helen Laura (2018) Women can't paint : gender, the glass ceiling and values in contemporary art. I.B. Tauris. ISBN 9781788310802 (In Press)


Jacobs, Naomi Jane and Cooper, Rachel (2018) Living in Digital Worlds : Designing the Digital Public Space. Routledge. ISBN 9781472452832

Jones, Nathan (2018) The Happy Jug : a novel. Entr'acte.


Kljun, Matjaz and Čopič Pucihar, Klen and Coulton, Paul (2018) User Engagement Continuum : Art Engagement and Exploration with Augmented Reality. In: Augmented Reality Art : From an Emerging Technology to a Novel Creative Medium. Springer Series on Cultural Computing . Springer, Cham, pp. 329-342. ISBN 9783319699318


Lindley, Joseph Galen and Coulton, Paul and Akmal, Haider (2018) Turning Philosophy with a Speculative Lathe:Object Oriented Ontology, Carpentry, and Design Fiction. In: Proceedings of Design Research Society Conference 2018. . (In Press)


Marciniak, Katarzyna and Bennett, Bruce Thomas (2018) Introduction : Aporias of Foreignness: Transnational Encounters in Cinema. Transnational Cinemas. ISSN 2040-3526 (In Press)

Mawer, Deborah (2018) Jolivet’s early music theory and its practice in Cinq danses rituelles (1939). In: André Jolivet : music, art and literature. Lund Humphries. ISBN 9781472442956 (In Press)

Mort, Margaret Mary Elizabeth and Walker, Marion Patricia and Lloyd Williams, Alison Sian and Bingley, Amanda Faith (2018) Displaced : critical insights from flood-affected children. Health and Place, 52. pp. 148-154. ISSN 1353-8292

Mottram, Judith (2018) Identifying colour use and knowledge in textile design practice. In: Progress in Colour Studies : Cognition, language and beyond. John Benjamins, Amsterdam. ISBN 9789027201041 (In Press)

Mottram, Judith (2018) The modern period : art. In: The Cultural History of Colour in the Modern Age :. Bloomsbury. (In Press)


Pollastri, Serena and Dunn, Nicholas Simon and Rogers, Chris and Boyko, Christopher Thomas and Cooper, Rachel and Tyler, Nick (2018) Envisioning Urban Futures as Conversations to Inform Design and Research. Proceedings of the ICE - Urban Design and Planning (Themed). ISSN 1755-0793

Porter, Joel and Boyko, Christopher and Quick, Andrew (2018) The perception and fears of sharing personal digital data in digital public space. PhD thesis, Lancaster University.

Proto-Collaboration, Hyper-Kamiokande and Abe, K. and Abe, Ke and Aihara, H. and Aimi, A. and Akutsu, R. and Andreopoulos, C. and Anghel, I. and Antonova, M. and Ashida, Y. and Aushev, V. and Barbi, M. and Barker, G. J. and Barr, G. and Beltrame, P. and Berardi, V. and Bergevin, M. and Berkman, S. and Berns, L. and Berry, T. and Bhadra, S. and Bravo-Berguño, D. and Blaszczyk, F. d. M. and Blondel, A. and Bolognesi, S. and Bravar, A. and Bronner, C. and Avanzini, M. Buizza and Cafagna, F. S. and Calland, R. and Cao, S. and Catanesi, M. G. and Checchia, C. and Chen-Wishart, Z. and Choi, K. and Coleman, J. and Collazuol, G. and Cowan, G. and Cremonesi, L. and Dealtry, T. and Rosa, G. De and Densham, C. and Dewhurst, D. and Drakopoulou, E. L. and Lodovico, F. Di and Drapier, O. and Dumarchez, J. and Dunne, P. and Dziewiecki, M. and Emery, S. and Esmaili, A. and Evangelisti, A. and Fernandez-Martinez, E. and Feusels, T. and Finch, A. and Fiorentini, A. and Fiorillo, G. and Fitton, M. and Frankiewicz, K. and Friend, M. and Fujii, Y. and Fukuda, Y. and Fukuda, D. and Ganezer, K. and Giganti, C. and Gonin, M. and Gumplinger, P. and Hadley, D. R. and Hartfiel, B. and Hartz, M. and Hayato, Y. and Hayrapetyan, K. and Hirota, S. and Horiuchi, S. and Ichikawa, A. K. and Iijima, T. and Ikeda, M. and Imber, J. and Inoue, K. and Insler, J. and Intonti, R. A. and Ioannisian, A. and Ishida, T. and Ishino, H. and Ishitsuka, M. and Itow, Y. and Iwamoto, K. and Izmaylov, A. and Jamieson, B. and Jang, H. I. and Jang, J. S. and Jeon, S. H. and Jiang, M. and Jonsson, P. and Joo, K. K. and Kaboth, A. and Kachulis, C. and Kajita, T. and Kameda, J. and Kataoka, Y. and Katori, T. and Kayrapetyan, K. and Kearns, E. and Khabibullin, M. and Khotjantsev, A. and Kishimoto, Y. and Kobayashi, T. and Koga, M. and Konaka, A. and Kormos, L. L. and Koshio, Y. and Korzenev, A. and Kowalik, K. L. and Kropp, W. R. and Kudenko, Y. and Kurjata, R. and Kutter, T. and Kuze, M. and Labarga, L. and Lagoda, J. and Lasorak, P. J. J. and Laveder, M. and Lawe, M. and Learned, J. G. and Lim, I. T. and Lindner, T. and Litchfield, R. P. and Longhin, A. and Loverre, P. and Lou, T. and Ludovici, L. and Magaletti, L. and Mahn, K. and Malek, M. and Maret, L. and Mariani, C. and Martens, K. and Marti, Ll and Marzec, J. and Matsuno, S. and Mazzucato, E. and McCarthy, M. and McCauley, N. and McFarland, K. S. and McGrew, C. and Mefodiev, A. and Mermod, P. and Metelko, C. and Mezzetto, M. and Migenda, J. and Mijakowski, P. and Minakata, H. and Minamino, A. and Mine, S. and Mineev, O. and Mitra, A. and Miura, M. and Mochizuki, T. and Monroe, J. and Moon, D. H. and Moriyama, S. and Mueller, T. and Muheim, F. and Murase, K. and Muto, F. and Nakahata, M. and Nakamura, K. and Nakaya, T. and Nakayama, S. and Nantais, C. and Nicholls, T. and Nishimura, Y. and Noah, E. and Nova, F. and Nowak, J. and Nunokawa, H. and Obayashi, Y. and O'Keeffe, H. M. and Okajima, Y. and Onishchuk, Yu and O'Sullivan, E. and O'Sullivan, L. and Ovsiannikova, T. and Oyama, Y. and Pac, M. Y. and Palladino, V. and Palomino, J. L. and Paolone, V. and Parker, W. and Parsa, S. and Payne, D. and Perkin, J. D. and Pidcott, C. and Guerra, E. Pinzon and Playfer, S. and Popov, B. and Posiadala-Zezula, M. and Poutissou, J. M. and Prouse, N. W. and Pronost, G. and Przewlocki, P. and Quilain, B. and Radicioni, E. and Ratoff, P. N. and Retiere, F. and Riccio, C. and Richards, B. and Rondio, E. and Rott, C. and Rountree, S. D. and Ruggeri, A. C. and Rychter, A. and Sacco, R. and Sakuda, M. and Sanchez, M. C. and Scantamburlo, E. and Sedgwick, S. M. and Seiya, Y. and Sekiguchi, T. and Sekiya, H. and Seo, S. H. and Sgalaberna, D. and Shaikhiev, A. and Shimizu, I. and Shiozawa, M. and Shitov, Y. and Simpson, C. and Sinnis, G. and Smy, M. B. and Snow, S. and Sobczyk, J. and Sobel, H. W. and Sonoda, Y. and Spina, R. and Stewart, T. and Suda, Y. and Suwa, Y. and Suzuki, Y. and Suzuki, A. T. and Svoboda, R. and Taani, M. and Tacik, R. and Takeda, A. and Takenaka, A. and Taketa, A. and Takhistov, V. and Tanaka, H. and Tanaka, H. K. M. and Tanaka, H. and Terri, R. and Thiesse, M. and Thorpe, M. and Tobayama, S. and Touramanis, C. and Towstego, T. and Tsukamoto, T. and Tsui, K. M. and Tzanov, M. and Uchida, Y. and Vagins, M. R. and Vasseur, G. and Vilela, C. and Vogelaar, R. B. and Walding, J. and Wark, D. and Wascko, M. O. and Weber, A. and Wendell, R. and Wilkes, R. J. and Wilking, M. J. and Xin, T. and Yamamoto, K. and Yanagisawa, C. and Yano, T. and Yen, S. and Yershov, N. and Yeum, D. N. and Yokoyama, M. and Yoshida, T. and Yu, I. and Yu, M. and Zalipska, J. and Zaremba, K. and Ziembicki, M. and Zito, M. and Zsoldos, S. (2018) Hyper-Kamiokande Design Report.


Rodgers, Paul Anthony (2018) Design Research for Change. Diseña. (In Press)

Rodgers, Paul Anthony (2018) Disrupting Dementia through Design. [Exhibition]

Rodgers, Paul Anthony and Bremner, Craig (2018) A is for Anthropocene : An A–Z of Design Ecology. LA+ Interdisciplinary Journal of Landscape Architecture. (In Press)

Rodgers, Paul Anthony and Bremner, Craig and Charman, Helen (2018) Design School : The Future of the Project. Lancaster University. ISBN 9781862203532

Rodgers, Paul Anthony and Bremner, Craig and Innella, Giovanni (2018) The Lancaster Care Charter. Design Issues. ISSN 0747-9360 (In Press)

Rodgers, Paul Anthony and Winton, Euan (2018) Breaking Well-Formed Opinions and Mindsets by Designing with People Living with Dementia. In: CWUAAT 2018 Breaking Down Barriers : Usability, Accessibility and Inclusive Design. Springer, Cham, pp. 251-262. ISBN 9783319750279


Shah, Rajni and Harris, Geraldine and Aston, Elaine (2018) We are capable of so much more : experiments in listening. PhD thesis, Lancaster University.

Stead, Michael Robert and Coulton, Paul and Lindley, Joseph Galen (2018) Do-It-Yourself Medical Devices : Exploring Their Potential Futures Through Design Fiction. In: DRS 2018: Proceedings of Design Research Society Conference 2018 :. Design Research Society, Limerick. (In Press)

Sturdee, Miriam Amber and Alexander, Jason Mark and Coulton, Paul and Carpendale, Sheelagh (2018) Sketch & The Lizard King : Supporting Image Inclusion in HCI Publishing. In: CHI EA '18 Extended Abstracts of the 2018 CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems :. ACM, New York. ISBN 9781450356213


Thomas, Vanessa and Hohnekamp-Bruggemann, Manu and Wang, Ding and Darby, Andrew Garfield and Wohl, Benjamin and MacDonald Vermeulen, Lindsay and Bates, Oliver Emile Glaves and Fieldman, David (2018) In the eye of a hurricane there is quiet, for just a moment, —. In: CHI’18 Extended Abstracts :. ACM, New York. ISBN 9781450356213


Walker, Stuart and Evans, Martyn and Cassidy, Tom and Jung, Je Yon and Twigger Holroyd, Amy (2018) Design Roots : culturally significant designs, products and practices. Bloomsbury Academic. ISBN 9781474241809

Warland, Alyson and Paraskevopoulos, Ioannis and Tsekleves, Emmanuel and Ryan, Jennifer and Nowicky, Alexander and Griscti, Josephine and Levings, Hannah and Kilbride, Cherry (2018) The feasibility, acceptability and preliminary efficacy of a low-cost, virtual-reality based, upper-limb stroke rehabilitation device : a mixed methods study. Disability and Rehabilitation. ISSN 0963-8288


Zhan, Xiaofang and Walker, Stuart (2018) Value Direction : Moving Crafts toward Sustainability in the Yangstze River Delta, China. Sustainability, 10 (4). ISSN 2071-1050

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