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Adami, Marcos and Bernardes, Sérgio and Arai, Egidio and Freitas, Ramon M. and Shimabukuro, Yosio E. and Espírito-Santo, Fernando D.B. and Rudorff, Bernardo F.T. and Anderson, Liana O. (2018) Seasonality of vegetation types of South America depicted by moderate resolution imaging spectroradiometer (MODIS) time series. International Journal of Applied Earth Observation and Geoinformation, 69. pp. 148-163. ISSN 0303-2434

Adams, Jessica L. and Tipping, Edward and Thacker, Sarah A. and Quinton, John N. (2018) An investigation of the distribution of phosphorus between free and mineral associated soil organic matter, using density fractionation. Plant and Soil, 427 (1-2). pp. 139-148. ISSN 1573-5036

Adedigba, Bilqees M. and Ogbonnaya, Uchenna O. and Vázquez-Cuevas, Gabriela M. and Semple, Kirk T. (2018) Optimisation of XAD extraction methodology for the assessment of biodegradation potential of 14C-phenanthene in soil. Environmental Technology and Innovation, 9. pp. 140-150. ISSN 2352-1864

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Anyanwu, Ihuoma N. and Alo, Moses N. and Onyekwere, Amos M. and Crosse, John D. and Nworie, Okoro and Uwa, Clementina U. and Hossain, Md. Faruque (2018) Determination of heavy metals content and biochar toxicity in a pristine tropical agricultural soil. Data in Brief. ISSN 2352-3409

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Anyanwu, Ihuoma N. and Semple, Kirk T. (2018) Impact of single and binary mixtures of phenanthrene and N-PAHs on microbial utilization of 14C-glucose in soil. Soil Biology and Biochemistry, 120. pp. 222-229. ISSN 0038-0717

Aragao, Luiz E. O. C. and Anderson, Liana O. and Fonseca, Marisa G. and Rosan, Thais M. and Vedovato, Laura B. and Wagner, Fabien H. and Silva, Camila V. J. and Silva Junior, Celso H. L. and Arai, Egidio and Aguiar, Ana P. and Barlow, Jos and Berenguer, Erika and Deeter, Merritt N. and Domingues, Lucas G. and Gatti, Luciana and Gloor, Manuel and Malhi, Yadvinder and Marengo, Jose A. and Miller, John B. and Phillips, Oliver L. and Saatchi, Sassan (2018) 21st Century drought-related fires counteract the decline of Amazon deforestation carbon emissions. Nature Communications, 9. ISSN 2041-1723

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Babalola, Bolanle and Zhang, Hao (2018) Investigating adsorption characteristics of Delonix regia for heavy metals removal in wastewater and its potential for remediating contaminated soils. PhD thesis, Lancaster University.

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Batterbury, Simon and Toscano, Maurizio (2018) Seeking Justice through Interdisciplinary Environmental Education at Postgraduate Level : Lessons from Melbourne, Australia. Revista Internacional de Educación para la Justicia Social, 7 (1). pp. 141-156. ISSN 2254-3139

Bednarz, Ewa Monika and Maycock, Amanda C. and Braesicke, Peter and Telford, Paul J. and Abraham, N. Luke and Pyle, John A. (2018) Separating the role of direct radiative heating and photolysis in modulating the atmospheric response to the 11-year solar cycle forcing. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics Discussions. ISSN 1680-7367

Bednarz, Ewa Monika and Maycock, Amanda C. and Braesicke, Peter and Telford, Paul J. and Abraham, N. Luke and Pyle, John A. (2018) Simulating the atmospheric response to the 11-year solar cycle forcing with the UM-UKCA model: the role of detection method and natural variability. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics Discussions. ISSN 1680-7367

Bellarby, Jessica and Surridge, Benjamin William James and Haygarth, Philip Matthew and Liu, Kun and Siciliano, Giusippina and Smith, Laurence and Rahn, Clive and Fanqiao, Meng (2018) The stocks and flows of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium across a 30-year time series for agriculture in Huantai county, China. Science of the Total Environment, 619-62. pp. 606-620. ISSN 0048-9697

Beven, Keith John (2018) On hypothesis testing in hydrology : why falsification of models is still a really good idea. WIREs WATER, 5 (3). ISSN 2049-1948

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Bigger, Patrick (2018) Hybridity, Possibility : Degrees of Marketization in Tradeable Permit Systems. Environment and Planning A, 50 (3). pp. 512-530. ISSN 0308-518X

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Bigger, Patrick and Millington, Nate (2018) Getting Soaked? : Green muni bonds and post-crisis adaptation. In: American Association of Geographers, 2018-04-09 - 2018-04-14.

Blackburn, Daniel Menezes and Giles, Courtney D. and Darch, Tegan and George, Timothy S. and Blackwell, Martin S. A. and Stutter, Marc and Shand, Charles and Lumsdon, David and Cooper, Patricia and Wendler, Renate and Brown, Lawrie and Almeida, Danilo S. and Wearing, Catherine Louise and Zhang, Hao and Haygarth, Philip Matthew (2018) Opportunities for mobilizing recalcitrant phosphorus from agricultural soils : a review. Plant and Soil, 427 (1-2). pp. 5-16. ISSN 0032-079X

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Booker, Douglas and Molden, Nick (2018) Vehicle Interior Air Quality Dynamics. In: .

Booker, Douglas and Molden, Nick and Farr, Charlotte (2018) Vehicle Interior Air Quality : Volatile Organic Compounds. In: .

Bourtsoukidis, Efstratios and Behrendt, Thomas and Yañez-Serrano, Ana Maria and Hellén, Heidi and Diamantopoulos, Efstathios and Catão, Elisa and Ashworth, Kirsti and Pozzer, Andrea and Quesada, C.A. and Martins, Demétrios and Sá, Marta and Araujo, Alessandro and Brito, Joel and Artaxo, Paulo and Kesselmeier, Jürgen and Lelieveld, Jos and Williams, Jonathan (2018) Strong sesquiterpene emissions from Amazonian soils. Nature Communications, 9. ISSN 2041-1723

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Broadbent, Arthur A. D. and Stevens, Carly Joanne and Ostle, Nicholas John and Orwin, Kate Helen (2018) Biogeographic differences in soil biota promote invasive grass response to nutrient addition relative to co-occurring species despite lack of belowground enemy release. Oecologia, 186 (3). pp. 611-620. ISSN 1432-1939

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Brunot, M. and Janot, A. and Young, P.C. and Carrillo, F. (2018) An improved instrumental variable method for industrial robot model identification. Control Engineering Practice, 74. pp. 107-117. ISSN 0967-0661


Carter, Sarah and Arts, Bas and E. Giller, Ken and Soto Golcher, Cinthia and Kok, Kasper and de Koning, Jessica and van Noordwijk, Meine and Reisdma, Pytrik and Rufino, Mariana C. and Salvini, Giulia and Verchot, Louis and Wollenberg, Eva and Herold, Martin (2018) Climate-smart land use requires local solutions, transdisciplinary research, policy coherence and transparency. Carbon Management. pp. 1-11. ISSN 1758-3004

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Chambers, L.A. and Gooddy, D.C. and Binley, A.M. (2018) Use and application of CFC-11, CFC-12, CFC-113 and SF6 as environmental tracers of groundwater residence time : a review. Geoscience Frontiers. ISSN 1674-9871

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Chen, Wei and Pan, Suhong and Cheng, Hao and Sweetman, Andrew J. and Zhang, Hao and Jones, Kevin C. (2018) Diffusive gradients in thin-films (DGT) for in situ sampling of selected endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs) in waters. Water Research, 137. pp. 211-219. ISSN 0043-1354

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Chevrel, Magdalena Oryaëlle and Harris, Andrew J. L. and James, Michael Richard and Calabrò, Laura and Gurioli, Lucia and Pinkerton, Henry (2018) The viscosity of pāhoehoe lava: In situ syn-eruptive measurements from Kilauea, Hawaii. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 493. pp. 161-171. ISSN 0012-821X

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Ejenavi, Odafe Erhovwo and Zhang, Dayi and Semple, Kirk (2018) Application of whole-cell biosensor for the impact of crude oil exploration on the environment of the Niger Delta. PhD thesis, Lancaster University.

Ekeu-Wei, Iguniwari and Blackburn, Alan (2018) Application of open-access and 3rd party geospatial technology for integrated flood risk management in data sparse regions of developing countries. PhD thesis, Lancaster University.


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