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Adedigba, Bilqees M. and Ogbonnaya, Uchenna O. and Vázquez-Cuevas, Gabriela M. and Semple, Kirk T. (2018) Optimisation of XAD extraction methodology for the assessment of biodegradation potential of 14C-phenanthene in soil. Environmental Technology and Innovation, 9. pp. 140-150. ISSN 2352-1864

Anyanwu, Ihuoma N. and Clifford, Ojerime I. and Semple, Kirk T. (2018) Impact of nitrogen-polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons on phenanthrene and benzo[a]pyrene mineralisation in soil. Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety, 147. pp. 594-601. ISSN 0147-6513


Batterbury, Simon and Ndi, Frankline (2018) Land-grabbing in Africa. In: The Routledge Handbook of African Development. Routledge International Handbooks . Routledge, London, pp. 573-582. ISBN 9781138890299 (In Press)

Bellarby, Jessica and Surridge, Benjamin William James and Haygarth, Philip Matthew and Liu, Kun and Siciliano, Giusippina and Smith, Laurence and Rahn, Clive and Fanqiao, Meng (2018) The stocks and flows of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium across a 30-year time series for agriculture in Huantai county, China. Science of the Total Environment, 619-62. pp. 606-620. ISSN 0048-9697

Beven, Keith John (2018) On hypothesis testing in hydrology:why falsification of models is still a really good idea. WIREs WATER. ISSN 2049-1948 (In Press)

Broadbent, Arthur A. D. and Stevens, Carly Joanne and Ostle, Nicholas John and Orwin, Kate Helen (2018) Biogeographic differences in soil biota promote invasive grass response to nutrient addition relative to co-occurring species despite lack of belowground enemy release. Oecologia. ISSN 1432-1939


Carter, Sarah and Herold, Martin and Avitabile, Valerio and de Bruin, Sytze and De Sy, Veronique and Kooistra, Lammert and Rufino, Mariana C. (2018) Agriculture-driven deforestation in the tropics from 1990-2015:emissions, trends and uncertainties. Environmental Research Letters, 13 (1). ISSN 1748-9326

Chandler, K.R. and Stevens, C.J. and Binley, A. and Keith, A.M. (2018) Influence of tree species and forest land use on soil hydraulic conductivity and implications for surface runoff generation. Geoderma, 310. pp. 120-127. ISSN 0016-7061

Chen, Ying and Wolke, R. and Ran, L. and Birmili, W. and Spindler, G. and Schröder, W. and Su, H. and Cheng, Y. and Tegen, I. and Wiedensohler, A. (2018) A parameterization of the heterogeneous hydrolysis of N2O5 break for mass-based aerosol models:improvement of break particulate nitrate prediction. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 18 (2). pp. 673-689. ISSN 1680-7316

Clark, Nigel Halcomb (2018) Pyropolitics for a planet of fire. In: Territory Beyond Terra. Geopolitical Bodies, Material Worlds . Rowman and Littlefield, London. ISBN 9781786600110 (In Press)

Clark, Robyn and Reed, James and Sunderland, Terry (2018) Bridging funding gaps for climate and sustainable development:Pitfalls, progress and potential of private finance. Land Use Policy, 71. pp. 335-346. ISSN 0264-8377


Ekeu-Wei, Iguniwari (2018) Application of open-access and 3rd party geospatial technology for integrated flood risk management in data sparse regions of developing countries. PhD thesis, .


Fiener, P. and Wilken, F. and Aldana-Jague, E. and Deumlich, D. and Gómez, J.A. and Guzmán, G. and Hardy, Robert and Quinton, J.N. and Sommer, M. and Van Oost, K. and Wexler, R. (2018) Uncertainties in assessing tillage erosion – How appropriate are our measuring techniques? Geomorphology, 304. pp. 214-225. ISSN 0169-555X

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Gu, Xiaowei and Angelov, Plamen Parvanov and Zhang, Ce and Atkinson, Peter Michael (2018) A Massively Parallel Deep Rule-Based Ensemble Classifier for Remote Sensing Scenes. IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Letters. ISSN 1545-598X


Haygarth, Philip Matthew and Harrison, A. F. and Turner, B. L. (2018) On the history and future of soil organic phosphorus research:a critique across three generations. European Journal of Soil Science, 69 (1). pp. 86-94. ISSN 1351-0754

He, Jingjing and Zhang, Rio-Xi and Peng, Kai and Tagliavia, Cecilia and Li, Siwen and Xue, Shaowu and Liu, Amy and Hu, Honghong and Zhang, Jingbo and Hubbard, Katherine and Held, Katrin and McAinsh, Martin Robert and Gray, Julie E. and Kudla, Jorg and Schroeder, Julian I. and Liang, Yun-Kuan and Hetherington, Alistair (2018) The BIG protein distinguishes the process of CO2-induced stomatal closure from the inhibition of stomatal opening by CO2. New Phytologist. ISSN 0028-646X

Hempson, Tessa N. and Graham, Nicholas Anthony James and MacNeil, M. Aaron and Hoey, Andrew S. and Almany, Glenn R. (2018) Mesopredator trophodynamics on thermally stressed coral reefs. Coral Reefs, 37 (1). pp. 135-144. ISSN 0722-4028

Hempson, Tessa N. and Graham, Nicholas Anthony James and MacNeil, M. Aaron and Hoey, Andrew S. and Wilson, Shaun (2018) Ecosystem regime shifts disrupt trophic structure. Ecological Applications, 28 (1). pp. 191-200. ISSN 1051-0761

Hobbs, Laura Kate and Ollerenshaw, Kerry (2018) Engaging Young Carers With Science Through Textile-Based Crafts. Science Communication. ISSN 1075-5470

Hollaway, Michael John and Beven, Keith John and Benskin, Clare McWilliam Haldane and Collins, Adrian and Evans, Robert and Falloon, Peter and Forber, Kirsty Jessica and Hiscock, Kevin M and Kahana, Ron and Macleod, Christopher J.A. and Ockenden, Mary and Villamizar, Martha and Wearing, Catherine Louise and Withers, P. J. A. and Zhou, Jian and Barber, Nick and Haygarth, Philip Matthew (2018) The challenges of modelling phosphorus in a headwater catchment:Applying a 'limits of acceptability' uncertainty framework to a water quality model. Journal of Hydrology. ISSN 0022-1694

Hong, Shiao-Yu and Sharp, Stuart Peter and Chiu, Ming-Chih and Kuo, Mei-Hwa and Sun, Yuan-Hsun (2018) Flood avoidance behaviour in Brown Dippers Cinclus pallasii. Ibis, 160 (1). pp. 179-184. ISSN 0019-1019

Horgan, Finbarr G. and Peñalver Cruz, Ainara and Bernal, Carmencita C. and Ramal, Angelee Fame and Almazan, Maria Liberty P. and Wilby, Andrew (2018) Resistance and tolerance to the brown planthopper, Nilaparvata lugens (Stål), in rice infested at different growth stages across a gradient of nitrogen applications. Field Crops Research, 217. pp. 53-65. ISSN 0378-4290

Hounslow, Mark William (2018) Magnetic particulates as markers of fossil fuel burning. In: Enclyclopedia of the Anthropocene. Reference Module in Earth Systems and Environmental Sciences, 1 . Elsevier Science, Amsterdam, pp. 179-188.

Huang, Huanfang and Zhang, Yuan and Chen, Wei and Chen, Wenwen and Yuen, Dave A. and Ding, Yang and Chen, Yingjie and Mao, Yao and Qi, Shihua (2018) Sources and transformation pathways for dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane (DDT) and metabolites in soils from Northwest Fujian, China. Environmental Pollution, 235. pp. 560-570. ISSN 0269-7491

Hughes, Terry and Anderson, Kristen D. and Connolly, Sean R. and Heron, Scott F. and Kerry, James T. and Lough, Janice M. and Baird, Andrew H. and Baum, Julia K. and Berumen, Michael L. and Bridge, Tom C. and Claar, Danielle C. and Eakin, C. Mark and Gilmour, James P. and Graham, Nicholas Anthony James and Harrison, Hugo and Hobbs, Jean-Paul A. and Hoey, Andrew S. and Hoogenboom, Mia and Lowe, Ryan J. and McCulloch, Malcolm and Pandolfi, John M. and Pratchett, Morgan and Schoepf, Verena and Torda, Gergely and Wilson, Shaun K. (2018) Spatial and temporal patterns of mass bleaching of corals in the Anthropocene. Science, 359 (6371). pp. 80-83. ISSN 0036-8075


Janes, Victoria and Holman, Ian P. and Birkinshaw, Stephen and O'Donnell, Greg and Kilsby, C. G. (2018) Improving bank erosion modelling at catchment scale by incorporating temporal and spatial variability. Earth Surface Processes and Landforms, 43 (1). pp. 124-133. ISSN 0197-9337

Jozwiak, Lauren M. and Head, James W. and Wilson, Lionel (2018) Explosive volcanism on Mercury:analysis of vent and deposit morphology and modes of eruption. Icarus, 302. pp. 191-212. ISSN 0019-1035


Kragh-Furbo, Mette and Walker, Gordon Peter (2018) Electricity as (big) data:metering, spatiotemporal granularity and value. Big Data and Society. ISSN 2053-9517 (In Press)

Kurt-Karakus, Perihan Binnur and Ugranli-Cicek, Tugba and Sofuoglu, Sait C. and Celik, Halil and Gungormus, Elif and Gedik, Kadir and Sofuoglu, Aysun and Okten, Hatice Eser and Birgul, Askın and Alegria, Henry and Jones, Kevin C. (2018) The first countrywide monitoring of selected POPs: Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs) and selected organochlorine pesticides (OCPs) in the atmosphere of Turkey. Atmospheric Environment, 177. pp. 154-165. ISSN 1352-2310


Li, Huayu and Yao, Hong and Zhang, Dayi and Zuo, Lushen and Ren, Jia and Ma, Jinyuan and Pei, Jin and Xu, Yaru and Yang, Chengyong (2018) Short- and long-term effects of manganese, zinc and copper ions on nitrogen removal in nitritation-anammox process. Chemosphere, 193. pp. 479-488. ISSN 0045-6535

Lin, Zhong and Zhen, Zhen and Ren, Lei and Yang, Jiewen and Luo, Chunling and Zhong, Laiyuan and Hu, Hanqiao and Zhang, Yueqin and Li, Yongtao and Zhang, Dayi (2018) Effects of two ecological earthworm species on atrazine degradation performance and bacterial community structure in red soil. Chemosphere, 196. pp. 467-475. ISSN 0045-6535

Liu, Xianbin and Chen, Jing and Maher, Barbara A. and Zhao, Baocheng and Yue, Wei and Sun, Qianli and Chen, Zhongyuan (2018) Connection of the proto-Yangtze River to the East China Sea traced by sediment magnetic properties. Geomorphology, 303. pp. 162-171. ISSN 0169-555X


Mondain-Monval, Thomas and Sharp, Stuart Peter (2018) Burrow depth, carbon dioxide and reproductive success in Sand Martins Riparia riparia:Breeding costs in sand martins. Bird Study. ISSN 0006-3657 (In Press)

Morello, Thiago Fonseca and Piketty, Marie-Gabrielle and Gardner, Toby and Parry, Luke and Barlow, Jos and Ferreira, Joice and Tancredi, Nicola S. (2018) Fertilizer Adoption by Smallholders in the Brazilian Amazon:Farm-level Evidence. Ecological Economics, 144. pp. 278-291. ISSN 0921-8009


Neimark, Benjamin David and Healy, Tim (2018) Small-scale commodity frontiers:The bioeconomy value chain of castor oil in Madagascar. Journal of Agrarian Change. ISSN 1471-0358


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Oliver, David M. and Bartie, Phil J. and Heathwaite, Louise and Reaney, Sim M. and Parnell, Jared A.Q. and Quilliam, Richard S. (2018) A catchment-scale model to predict spatial and temporal burden of E. coli on pasture from grazing livestock. Science of the Total Environment, 616-61. pp. 678-687. ISSN 0048-9697

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Page, Trevor and Smith, Paul J. and Beven, Keith J. and Jones, Ian D. and Elliott, J. Alex and Maberly, Stephen C. and Mackay, Eleanor B. and De Ville, Mitzi and Feuchtmayr, Heidrun (2018) Adaptive forecasting of phytoplankton communities. Water Research, 134. pp. 74-85. ISSN 0043-1354

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Pommier, Thomas and Amelie, Cantarel and Grigulis, K and Lavorel, Sandra and Legay, N and Baxendale, Catherine Louise and Bardgett, Richard David and Bahn, Michael and Poly, Franck and Clément, J-C (2018) The added value of including key microbial traits to determine nitrogen-related ecosystem services in managed grasslands. Journal of Applied Ecology, 55 (1). pp. 49-58. ISSN 0021-8901

Pooley, Colin Gilbert and Jones, Tim and Jones, Heather and Spencer, Ben and Chatterjee, Kiron (2018) Family formation and everyday travel in Britain since c1850. The History of the Family. ISSN 1081-602X


Qin, Shengfei and Li, Feng and Li, Wei and Zhou, Zheng and Zhou, Guoxiao (2018) Formation mechanism of tight coal-derived-gas reservoirs with medium-low abundance in Xujiahe Formation, central Sichuan Basin, China. Marine and Petroleum Geology, 89 (1). pp. 144-154. ISSN 0264-8172

Qin, Shengfei and Li, Feng and Zhou, Zheng and Zhou, Guoxiao (2018) Geochemical characteristics of water-dissolved gases and implications on gas origin of Sinian to Cambrian reservoirs of Anyue gas field in Sichuan Basin, China. Marine and Petroleum Geology, 89 (1). pp. 83-90. ISSN 0264-8172


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