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Al Kalbani, Mariam (2015) Leadership and followership practices in learning organisations:a case study of Abu Dhabi education council. PhD thesis, .

Alexandra, Makos and Lee, Kyungmee and Zingaro, Daniel (2015) Examining the characteristics of student postings that are liked and linked in a CSCL environment. British Journal of Educational Technology, 46 (6). pp. 1281-1294. ISSN 0007-1013

Anderson, Jill and Spandler, Helen (2015) Beyond the horizon:the landscape of madness, distress and disability. In: Madness, distress and the politics of disablement. The Policy Press, Bristol, pp. 287-291. ISBN 9781447314578

Ashwin, Paul (2015) Five ways universities have already changed in the 21st century. The Conversation.

Ashwin, Paul (2015) Measuring quality. Critical Muslim, 15. pp. 89-97. ISSN 2048-8475

Ashwin, Paul (2015) Missionary zeal:some problems with the rhetoric, vision and approach of the AHELO project. European Journal of Higher Education. ISSN 2156-8235

Ashwin, Paul and Abbas, Andrea and McLean, Monica (2015) Representations of a high-quality system of undergraduate education in English higher education policy documents. Studies in Higher Education, 40 (4). pp. 610-623. ISSN 0307-5079

Ashwin, Paul and Boud, David and Coate, Kelly and Hallett, Fiona and Keane, Elaine and Krause, Kerri-Lee and Leibowitz, Brenda and MacLaren, Iain and McArthur, Jan and McCune, Velda and Tooher, Michelle (2015) Reflective teaching in higher education. Reflective teaching . Bloomsbury Academic. ISBN 9781441197559

Ashwin, Paul and Deem, Rosemary and McAlpine, Lynn (2015) Newer researchers in higher education:policy actors or policy subjects? Studies in Higher Education. ISSN 0307-5079

Ashwin, Paul and Mcvitty, Debbie (2015) The meanings of student engagement:implications for policies and practices. In: The European higher education area. Springer, Cham, pp. 343-359. ISBN 9783319187679

Ashwin, Paul and Smith, Karen (2015) Researcher creations?:the positioning of policy texts in higher education research. Higher Education, 69 (6). pp. 1007-1018. ISSN 0018-1560

Ashwin, Paul William Hamilton (2015) Seven myths of university teaching. Times Higher Education. ISSN 0049-3929

Ashwin, Paul William Hamilton (2015) Three muddles that will undermine the TEF. Wonkhe.


Bhatt, Ibrar (2015) What’s the point of education if Google can tell us anything? The Conversation.

Bhatt, Ibrar and de Roock, Roberto and Adams, Jonathon (2015) Diving deep into digital literacy:emerging methods for research. Language and Education, 29 (6). pp. 477-492. ISSN 0950-0782

Bhatt, Ibrar Ul-Haq (2015) 'Curation’ as a new direction in digital literacy theory. In: Reviewed proceedings for the Society for Research into Higher Education (SRHE) Annual Research Conference 2015 ‘Converging Concepts in Global Higher Education Research’ (Dec 2015, Celtic Manor, Newport, Wales). Society for Research into Higher Education.

Bhatt, Ibrar Ul-Haq (2015) A quoi sert l’école si Google nous dit tout ? The Conversation.

Bhatt, Ibrar Ul-Haq and McCulloch, Sharon (2015) Being an academic:the changing writing practices of academics and how they influence professional identity. In: Reviewed proceedings for the Society for Research into Higher Education (SRHE) Annual Research Conference 2015 ‘Converging Concepts in Global Higher Education Research’ (Dec 2015, Celtic Manor, Newport, Wales). Society for Research into Higher Education.

Bligh, Brett and Flood, Michelle (2015) The Change Laboratory in Higher Education:research-intervention using activity theory. In: Theory and Method in Higher Education Research. Theory and Method in Higher Education Research . Emerald Group Publishing Ltd, Bingley, pp. 141-168. ISBN 9781785602870

Burke, Ciaran and Abrahams, Jessie (2015) Bourdieu:the next generation : the development of Bourdieu's intellectual heritage in contemporary UK sociology. Routledge. ISBN 9781138910461

Burke, Ciaran and Thatcher, Jenny and Ingram, Nicola Anne and Abrahams, Jessie (2015) The development of Bourdieu’s intellectual heritage in UK sociology. In: Bourdieu. Routledge, London. ISBN 9781138910461


Clark, Gordon and Marsden, Rebecca and Whyatt, Duncan and Thompson, Leanne and Walker, Marion (2015) ‘It’s everything else you do…’:alumni views on extracurricular activities and employability. Active Learning in Higher Education, 16 (2). pp. 133-147. ISSN 1469-7874

Cram, Robert (2015) A paradigm shift in organisational safety culture evaluation and training. PhD thesis, .

Cranmer, Sue and Ulicsak, Mary (2015) Development of the Future Classroom Toolkit. In: Re-engineering the uptake of ICT in schools. Springer, pp. 17-39. ISBN 9783319193656


Davies, Paul (2015) Difficult life transitions:learning and digital technologies in the military to civilian transition. Discussion Paper. .

Dempster, Steven and Sunderland, Jane and Thistlethwaite, Jo and Oliver, Alice (2015) What has Harry Potter done for me?:children's reflections on their 'Potter experience'. Children's Literature in Education. ISSN 1573-1693 (In Press)

Dempster, Steven and Sunderland, Jane and Thistlethwaite, Joanne (2015) Harry Potter and the transfiguration of boys’ and girls’ literacies. New Review of Children's Literature and Librarianship, 21 (2). ISSN 1740-7885

Derrick, G. E. (2015) Integration versus separation:structure and strategies of the technology transfer office (TTO) in medical research organizations. The Journal of Technology Transfer, 40 (1). pp. 105-122. ISSN 0892-9912

de Roock, Roberto and Bhatt, Ibrar and Adams, Jonathon (2015) Video analysis in digital literacy studies:exploring innovative methods. In: Digital methods for social science. Palgrave Macmilan, London, pp. 105-121. ISBN 9781137453655


Finn, Kirsty (2015) Personal life, young women and higher education:a relational approach to student and graduate experiences. Palgrave Macmillan. ISBN 978137319722


Hamilton, Mary Elizabeth (2015) Survey literacies. In: Landscapes of specific literacies in contemporary society. Routledge Research in Education . Routledge. ISBN 9780415741248

Head, Michael G. and Fitchett, Joseph R. and Derrick, Gemma and Wurie, Fatima B. and Meldrum, Jonathan and Kumari, Nina and Beattie, Benjamin and Counts, Christopher J. and Atun, Rifat (2015) Comparing research investment to United Kingdom institutions and published outputs for tuberculosis, HIV and malaria:a systematic analysis across 1997-2013. Health Research Policy and Systems, 13 (1). ISSN 1478-4505

Huxham, Mark and Hunter, Megan and McIntyre, Angela and Shilland, Robin and McArthur, Jan (2015) Student and teacher co-navigation of a course:following the natural lines of academic enquiry. Teaching in Higher Education, 20 (5). pp. 530-541. ISSN 1356-2517


Ingram, Nicola and Abrahams, Jessie (2015) Stepping outside of oneself:how a cleft-habitus can lead to greater reflexivity through occupying “the third space”. In: Bourdieu. Routledge. ISBN 9781138910461

Ingram, Nicola and Waller, Richard (2015) Higher education and the reproduction of social elites. Discover Society, 20.


Jackson, Carolyn (2015) Affective dimensions of learning. In: Sage handbook of learning. Sage, London. ISBN 9781446287569

Jackson, Carolyn and Dempster, Steven and Pollard, Lucie (2015) ‘They just don’t seem to really care, they just think it’s cool to sit there and talk’:laddism in university teaching-learning contexts. Educational Review, 67 (3). pp. 300-314. ISSN 0013-1911

Jackson, Carolyn and Nyström, Anne-Sofie (2015) 'Smart students get perfect scores in tests without studying much':why is an effortless achiever identity attractive, and for whom is it possible? Research Papers in Education, 30 (4). pp. 393-410. ISSN 0267-1522


Klemencic, Manja and Ashwin, Paul (2015) Teaching and learning:an overview of the thematic section. In: The European higher education area. Springer, pp. 315-324. ISBN 9783319187679


Lackovic, Natasa (2015) How 3D objects and pictures of heritage can connect children worldwide. .

Lackovic, Natasa and Crook, Charles and Cobb, Sue and Shalloe, Sally and D'Cruz, Mirabelle (2015) Imagining technology-enhanced learning with heritage artefacts:teacher-perceived potential of 2D and 3D heritage site visualisations. Educational Research, 57 (3). pp. 331-351. ISSN 0013-1881

Lee, Kyungmee (2015) Discourses and realities of online higher education:a history of [discourses of] online education in Canada’s Open University. PhD thesis, .

Lee, Kyungmee and Brett, Clare (2015) Dialogic understanding of teachers' online transformative learning:a qualitative case study of teacher discussions in a graduate-level online course. Teaching and Teacher Education, 46. pp. 72-83. ISSN 0742-051X

Lee, Kyungmee and Brett, Clare (2015) An online course design for inservice teacher professional development in a digital age:the effectiveness of the double-layered CoP model. In: Handbook of research on teacher education in the digital age. IGI Global, pp. 55-80. ISBN 9781466684034

Louw, Jonathan (2015) Institutional perspectives on the implementation of the United Nations principles for responsible management education in UK business schools. PhD thesis, .


McArthur, Jan (2015) Assessment for social justice:the role of assessment in achieving social justice. Assessment and Evaluation in Higher Education. ISSN 0260-2938

McLean, Monica and Abbas, Andrea and Ashwin, Paul (2015) Not everybody walks around and thinks “That’s an example of othering or stigmatisation":identity, pedagogic rights and the acquisition of undergraduate sociology-based social science knowledge. Theory and Research in Education, 13 (2). pp. 180-197. ISSN 1477-8785


Oztok, Murat and Zingaro, Daniel and Makos, Alexandra and Brett, Clare and Hewitt, Jim (2015) Capitalizing on social presence:the relationship between social capital and social presence. Internet and Higher Education, 26. pp. 19-24. ISSN 1096-7516


Passey, Don (2015) Computer science (CS) or information and communication technologies (ICT):the curriculum needs both. In: IFIP TC3 Working Conference “A New Culture of Learning : Computing and next Generations”. IFIP, Vilnius University, Vilnius, Lithuania, pp. 26-44. ISBN 9786099576008

Passey, Don (2015) Digital technologies, collaborative endeavour and school improvement:a case study of Pheasey Park Farm Primary School. Steljes Limited.

Passey, Don (2015) Tietojenkäsittelytiede (CS) vaitieto- ja viestintätekniikka (ICT)?:Opetussuunnitelmapäätöksiä vai opetussuunnitelman huolenaiheita? Dimensio, 3. pp. 45-50.

Passey, Don and Zozimo, Joana (2015) Mobile learning and teacher training:researching MLEARN pilot development. In: 11th International Conference Mobile Learning 2015, Madeira, Portugal, 14-16 March: Proceedings. IADIS, pp. 62-69. ISBN 9789898533364

Passey, Donald (2015) Inclusive technologies and learning:research, practice and policy. Social Inclusion, 3 (6). pp. 1-6. ISSN 2183-2803


Roberts, Celia and Tyler, Imogen and Satchwell, Candice and Armstrong, Jo (2015) Health social movements and the hybridisation of ‘cause regimes’:an ethnography of a British childbirth organisation. Social Movement Studies. ISSN 1474-2837 (In Press)

Rowell, Carli Ria and Dytham, Siobhan and Ingram, Nicola and Nind, Melanie (2015) Inequality in education:innovation in methods, with reflections by Dr Nicola Ingram and Professor Melanie Nind. Exchanges : the Warwick Research Journal, 2 (2). pp. 224-233. ISSN 2053-9665


Samuel, Gabrielle and Cribb, Alan and Owens, John and Williams, Clare (2015) Relative values perspectives on neuroimaging technology from above and within the ethical landscape. Journal of Bioethical Inquiry. ISSN 1176-7529 (In Press)

Samuel, Gabrielle N. and Derrick, Gemma E. (2015) Societal impact evaluation:exploring evaluator perceptions of the characterization of impact under the REF2014. Research evaluation, 24 (3). pp. 229-241. ISSN 0958-2029

Saunders, Murray and Sin, Cristina and Dempster, Steven (2015) Evaluative research in Higher Education policy analysis. In: Theory and Method in Higher Education Research. Theory and Method in Higher Education Research, 3 . Emerald Group Publishing Ltd, pp. 49-69.

Spandler, Helen and Anderson, Jill (2015) Unreasonable adjustments?:applying disability policy to madness and distress. In: Madness, distress and the politics of disablement. The Policy Press, Bristol, pp. 13-25. ISBN 9781447314578

Springbett, Octavia (2015) Enacting professional identity:an exploration of teacher educators’ entanglement with educational technologies in FE. PhD thesis, .

Stevenson, Elizabeth and McArthur, Jan (2015) Triple nexus:improving STEM teaching through a research-public engagement-teaching nexus. International Journal for Academic Development. ISSN 1360-144X


Trowler, Paul (2015) Change theory and changing practices::enhancing student engagement in universities. In: Student engagement in Europe. Council of Europe Publishing, Strasbourg, pp. 160-171. ISBN 9789287179715

Trowler, Paul (2015) Student engagement, ideological contest and elective affinity:the Zepke thesis reviewed. Teaching in Higher Education, 20 (3). pp. 328-339. ISSN 1356-2517

Trowler, Paul (2015) Ten key components of Doctoral Research:maximizing alignment and significance. CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform. ISBN 1507630107


Warin, Jo (2015) Identity capital:an application from a longitudinal ethnographic study of self-construction during the years of school. British Journal of Sociology of Education, 36 (5). pp. 689-706. ISSN 0142-5692

Warin, Joanna (2015) Conclusions:men, masculinities and teaching in early childhood education. In: Men, masculinities and teaching in early childhood education. Routledge, London, pp. 130-138. ISBN 978113879772

Warin, Joanna (2015) Pioneers, professionals, playmates, protectors, 'poofs' and 'paedos':Swedish male pre-school teachers construction of their identities. In: Men, masculinities and teaching in early childhood education. Routledge, London, pp. 95-106. ISBN 9781138797727

Warin, Joanna (2015) The production of identity capital through school. In: Theory as method in research. Routledge, London, pp. 39-48. ISBN 9781138900332

Warin, Joanna and Adriany, Vina (2015) Gender flexible pedagogy in early childhood education. Journal of Gender Studies. ISSN 0958-9236

Warin, Joanna and Wernersson, Inga (2015) Introduction:men, masculinities and teaching in early childhood education. In: Men, masculinities and teaching in early childhood education. Routledge, London, pp. 1-11. ISBN 978113879772

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