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Aurino, Elisabetta and Fledderjohann, Jasmine and Vellakkal, Sukumar (2019) Inequalities in adolescent learning:Does the timing and persistence of food insecurity at home matter? Economics of Education Review, 70. pp. 94-108. ISSN 0272-7757


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Coin, Francesca (2019) L'impotenza della patria. Studi Culturali. ISSN 1824-369X (In Press)

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Fernandez Arrigoitia, Melissa (2019) Introducing the Radical Housing Journal. Radical Housing Journal, 1 (1). i. ISSN 2632-2870

Fernandez Arrigoitia, Melissa (2019) Revolt, chronic disaster and hope. City, 23 (4-5). pp. 405-410. ISSN 1360-4813

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Fish, Adam (2019) Drones at the Edge of Naturecultures. Media Fields, 14.

Fish, Adam Richard (2019) 7th Annual Screening Scholarship Media Festival--Points of Presence. [Exhibition]

Fish, Adam Richard (2019) Arca Project. [Exhibition]

Fish, Adam Richard (2019) Balloons. Environment and Planning D: Society and Space. ISSN 0263-7758

Fish, Adam Richard (2019) Invited talk and performance at Green Film Festival, St Andrews University, Scotland. [Exhibition]

Fish, Adam Richard (2019) Points of Presence. [Exhibition]

Fish, Adam Richard (2019) Unfix Festival, Glasgow, Scotland screening of Points of Presence. [Exhibition]

Fish, Adam Richard and Garrett, Bradley L. (2019) Resurrection from Bunkers and Data Centers. Culture Machine, 18. ISSN 1465-4121

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Fuzesi, Peter (2019) Enabling access:designing with and for dis/abled people in-between markets. PhD thesis, UNSPECIFIED.


Gilloch, Graeme (2019) 'The Man of the Hour':Hawthorn(e), 'Nebraska' and Haunting. Arts, 8 (2).

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