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Bloomfield, Brian Peter and Burrell, Gibson and Vurdubakis, Theodore (2017) Licence to kill?:on the organization of destruction in the 21st century. Organization, 24 (4). pp. 441-455. ISSN 1350-5084

Bloomfield, Brian Peter and Doolin, Bill (2017) Landfarming:A contested space for the management of waste from oil and gas extraction. Environment and Planning A, 49 (11). pp. 2457-2476. ISSN 0308-518X

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Brigham, Martin and Kavanagh, Donncha and Burton, Nicholas (2017) The Decline of the Quakers in the World of Business. In: American Academy of Religion Annual Meeting 2017, 2017-11-182017-11-21.

Bull, Christopher Neil and Simm, William Alexander and Knowles, Bran and Bates, Oliver Emile Glaves and Davies, Nigel Andrew Justin and Banerjee, Anindita and Introna, Lucas Daniel and Hayes, Niall (2017) Mobile Age:Open Data Mobile Apps to Support Independent Living. In: CHI EA '17 Proceedings of the 2017 CHI Conference Extended Abstracts on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI EA '17). ACM, New York, pp. 2410-2415. ISBN 9781450346566


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Cass, Noel Flay and Shove, Elizabeth Anne and Jones, Ian and Marsden, Greg (2017) The Last Mile and the Next Day:The changing times and spaces of shopping – implications for energy demand. Working Paper. UNSPECIFIED.

Cervi, Lucia (2017) The Fertility Show as a Field-Configuring Event:A Critical Discourse Analysis. PhD thesis, UNSPECIFIED.

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Faulconbridge, James Robert and Hui, Allison Tanya (2017) Traces of a mobile field:Ten years of mobilities research. Routledge, London. ISBN 9781138708587

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Iszatt-White, Marian and Gilchrist, Alan and Whittle, Andrea and Mueller, Frank and Lenney, Peter (2017) The interweaving of identity work and emotional labour in the enactment of consultancy work. In: UNSPECIFIED.


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Latham, Yvonne (2017) Doing ethnography:a researcher's 'embodied' experience of the field. In: European Group for Organisational Studies Conference 2017, 2017-07-052017-07-08, Copenhagen Business School.

Latham, Yvonne (2017) Food at work?:Exploring its materiality in organisations. In: 12th Organization Studies Workshop: Food Organizing Matters: Paradoxes, Problems and Potentialities, 2017-05-182017-05-20, Minoa Palace Hotel. (Unpublished)

Leino, Katre and Whiteman, Gail and Fahy, Kathryn Mary (2017) “Bigger, bolder and more ambitious”: using a boundary object to collaborate on sustainability. In: Academy of Management conference, 2017-08-042017-08-08, Atlanta. (Unpublished)


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Mortimer, Christine and Gold, Jeff (2017) Learning and human resource development. In: Human Resource Management. Red Globe Press, pp. 219-258. ISBN 9781137572592

Mortimer, Christine and Gold, Jeff (2017) Performance management and appraisal. In: Human Resource Management. Red Globe Press, pp. 184-218. ISBN 9781137572592

Mortimer, Christine and Gold, Jeff (2017) Workforce planning and diversity’. In: Human Resource Management. Red Globe Press, pp. 102-139. ISBN 9781137572592


Paca, Esra (2017) Unconscious Organisations:Exploring the Archetypal Masculine and Feminine in a Large Corporation in Turkey. In: Annual Australasian Business Ethics Network (ABEN) Conference, 2017-12-102017-12-11, RMIT University. (Unpublished)


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Stowell, Alison Frances (2017) Sustainability in business - beyond the right thing to do. Ambition, Building Responsible Management.

Suttill, Bethany (2017) Self-identities of young people on a course for those who are not in education, employment or training. PhD thesis, UNSPECIFIED.


Thomas, Matthew Aidan and Angwin, Duncan Neil and Dale, Karen (2017) The Effects of Spatial Configuration on opportunities for Emergent Strategy Making. In: 2017 Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management, 2017-08-042017-08-08.

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Zhu, Yi (2017) Creation of Corporate Identity:The Role of Rites and Symbol in Management. International Journal of Business Anthropology. pp. 39-65.

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