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Abram, Bev and Francis, Brian (2007) Introducing the Lancaster Postgraduate Statistics Centre – a Centre of Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETL). MSOR Connections, 7 (2). pp. 11-15. ISSN 1473-4869


Barber, Jonathan L. and Berger, Urs and Chaemfa, Chakra and Huber, Sandra and Jahnke, Annika and Temme, Christian and Jones, Kevin C. (2007) Analysis of per- and polyfluorinated alkyl substances in air samples from northwest Europe. Journal of Environmental Monitoring, 9 (6). pp. 530-541. ISSN 1464-0333

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Christoffersen, Mogens Nygaard and Soothill, Keith and Francis, Brian (2007) Violent Life Events and Social Disadvantage:A Systematic Study of the Social Background of Various Kinds of Lethal Violence, Other Violent Crime, Suicide, and Suicide Attempts. Journal of Scandinavian Studies in Criminology and Crime Prevention, 8 (2). pp. 157-184. ISSN 1404-3858


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Francis, Brian and Abram, Bev and Peelo, Moira (2007) The Lancaster Postgraduate Statistics Centre CETL:building trust and statistical skills across disciplines. In: CETL-MSOR Conference 2006 Loughborough University 11th – 12th September Conference Proceedings. The Maths, Stats & OR Network, Birmingham, UK. ISBN 978-0-9555914-0-2

Francis, Brian and Soothill, Keith and Humphreys, Leslie (2007) Development of a reoffending measure using the Police National Computer database. Working Paper. UNSPECIFIED.

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Kypraios, Theodoros (2007) Efficient Bayesian inference for partially observed stochastic epidemics and a new class of semi-parametric time series models. PhD thesis, UNSPECIFIED.


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Lancaster, Gillian A. and Rollinson, L. and Hill, J. (2007) The measurement of a major childhood risk for depression : comparision of the Parental Bonding Instrument (PBI) 'parental care' and the Childhood Experience of Care and Abuse (CECA) 'parental neglect'. Journal of Affective Disorders, 101 (1-3). pp. 263-267. ISSN 0165-0327

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