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Journal Article

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Contribution in Book/Report/Proceedings

Nicholson, Nigel and West, Michael (1996) Men and women in transition. In: The effective manager:. Sage, London, pp. 29-33. ISBN 978-0761951117

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McCabe, M. and Thomas, Carol (1996) An Evaluation of Health Promotion and Support Provided for People with Heart Disease. (Report for Sheffield Health Authority/FHSA. Health Research Institute Research Report, 15.). Working Paper. UNSPECIFIED, Sheffield Hallam University.

Contribution to Conference

Thomas, Carol (1996) Disabled Women and Motherhood in Social Context. In: 6th European Society of Health and Medical Sociology Conference, 1996-08-291996-08-31.

Thomas, Carol (1996) Presentation at First European Women’s Health Project Conference. In: First European Women’s Health Project Conference, 1996-02-01. (Unpublished)

Thomas, Carol and Rigby, J. (1996) Women’s Health in Britain: some findings from the European Women’s Health Project. In: BSA Medical Sociology Annual Conference, 1996-09-201996-09-22.


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