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Andreou, Panayiotis and Kagkadis, Anastasios and Philip, Dennis and Tuneshev, Ruslan (2018) Differences in options investors’ expectations and the cross-section of stock returns. Journal of Banking and Finance, 94. pp. 315-336. ISSN 0378-4266

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Choi, Sun Hwa and Kwon, Sewon and Kim, Sunyoung and Shin, Jae Yong (2018) The Use of External Performance Expectations in the Target Setting of Executive Annual Bonus Contracts. Working Paper. Lancaster University, Department of Accounting and Finance, Lancaster. (Unpublished)


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Ford, Chris J. and Mason, Katy (2018) The Open Innovation Team:An Independent Evaluation of a Cabinet Office Initiative. UNSPECIFIED.


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Guedes Cardoso Fontes, Joana Cardoso and Panaretou, Argyro and Peasnell, Kenneth Vincent (2018) The Impact of Fair Value Measurement for Bank Assets on Information Asymmetry and the Moderating Effect of Own Credit Risk Gains and Losses. Working Paper. The Department of Accounting and Finance, Lancaster.


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Liu, Jiancheng (2018) Two essays on earnings comparability. PhD thesis, UNSPECIFIED.


Martin Utrera, Alberto (2018) Maximum Mispricing on Announcement Days. Working Paper. UNSPECIFIED.


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Zhai, Qifan (2018) Implications of lump sum costs for empirical design in corporate finance research. PhD thesis, UNSPECIFIED.

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