Quantum properties of black hole

Kolishetty, Kiran (2014) Quantum properties of black hole. PhD thesis, UNSPECIFIED.

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In this research report I would like to present some of the results obtained based on the published research, it is on the analogue model of Bose Einstein condensate of gravitons. In my investigation with different approach I could reach similar conclusion for Schwarzschild radius which is derived for Bose Einstein condensate of N-gravitons . I could calculate the pressure inside the condensed black hole. It is found that the Bogoliubov dispersion relation for the elementary excitations of the weakly-interacting N-gravitons is shown to hold for the case of the weakly-interacting Graviton gas or N weakly interacting gravitons. where both the cases of attraction and repulsion is taken into consideration between the weakly coupled N-gravitons. It is interesting to notice that weakly interactions among gravitons have differences in attractive and repulsive case, additionally I will be looking into the possible way to understand the entropy of the N-graviton in a condensed Black hole. Finally I could derive the critical point for Black hole for N gravitons in case of weakly attractive interacting N gravitons , In attractive nature of N-gravitons I found that it has critical point at which black holes do not form the condensate , above this critical value k Black hole seems to form a condensate of N-gravitons. In this approach Black hole entropy is understood from condensed matter physics perspective as excited states of condensed matter of N-gravitons. Furthermore, this includes the literature review in order to support the results obtained in my calculations.

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