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Budhwar, P S and Schuler, R S and Sparrow, P R, eds. (2009) International Human Resource Management. Volume 1. International HRM: the MNE perspective. Sage. ISBN 978-1-84787-493-1

Budhwar, P S and Schuler, R S and Sparrow, P R, eds. (2009) International Human Resource Management. Volume 2. International HRM: The MNE Perspective. Sage. ISBN 978-1-84787-493-1

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Contribution in Book/Report/Proceedings

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Contribution to Conference

Brown, David and Vega, Arturo and Chiasson, Mike (2010) A systems perspective to improve the public suport to enterprise innovation: The case of Information systems diffusion in SMEs. In: Public Administration Committee (PAC) Conference, 2010-09-062010-09-08.

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Kotcharin, Suntichai and Eldridge, Stephen and Freeman, James (2012) The relationship between lean supply chain strategy and supplier integration and competitive capabilities in Thailand's automotive suppliers. Decision Sciences Institute 43rd Annual Meeting 17 - 20 November 2012, San Francisco, California, USA. (Winner of the Best Application Paper Award). In: Decision Sciences Institute 43rd Annual Meeting, 2012-11-172012-11-21.

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Journal Article

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