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Contribution in Book/Report/Proceedings

Bradley, D. A. and Seward, D. W. (1992) Artificial intelligence and robot construction plant - the smart artisan. In: IEE colloquium on artificial intelligence in civil engineering. , London, 8/1-8/3.

Bradley, D. A. and Seward, D. W. (1992) Artificial intelligence in the operation of construction plant. In: 9th international symposium on automation and robotics in construction. , Tokyo.

Bradley, D. A. and Seward, D. W. (1992) The Lancaster University computerised excavator programme. In: Mechatronics - the integration of engineering design :. IMechE, Dundee, pp. 163-168.

Seward, D. W. (1992) Designing a robot excavator - the decision making process. In: Mechatronics case studies :. Mechatronics case studies.

Seward, D. W. (1992) Robot excavator. In: IEE computing and control colloquium on telerobotically controlled mobil vehicles :. , London, 5/1-5/3.

Seward, D. W. and Bradley, D. A. and Mann, J. E. and Goodwin, M. R. (1992) Controlling an intelligent excavator for autonomous digging in difficult ground. In: 9th international symposium on automation and robotics in construction :. , Tokyo.

Journal Article

Al-Sulaiti, A. and Lea, P. J. and Davies, W. J. (1992) Water-deficit enhancement of proline, amino acid and ABA accumulation in barley and maize and the association with susceptibility to drought. Journal of Experimental Botany, 43 (Supple). P5.31. ISSN 1460-2431

Bhopal, R. S. and Diggle, Peter J. and Rowlingson, Barry S. (1992) Pinpointing clusters of apparently sporadic cases of Legionnaires' disease. BMJ, 304. pp. 1022-1027. ISSN 0959-8138

Bjaalie, J. G. and Diggle, Peter J. and Nikundiwe, A. and Karagulle, T. and Brodal, P. (1992) Spatial segregation between populations of ponto-cerebellar neurons: statistical analysis of multivariate spatial interactions. The Anatomical Record: Advances in Integrative Anatomy and Evolutionary Biology, 231 (4). pp. 510-523. ISSN 1932-8494

Brown, Gavin and Huckerby, T. N. and Morris, H. G. and Nieduszynski, I. A. (1992) Degradation of articular cartilage keratan sulphates using hydrazinolysis and nitrous acid. Environment of fucose residues. Biochemical Journal, 286 (1). pp. 235-241. ISSN 1470-8728

Chetwynd, Amanda G. and Diggle, Peter J. (1992) Contribution to discussion meeting on the future of honours degree courses in mathematics and statistics. Journal of the Royal Statistical Society: Series A (Statistics in Society), 155. pp. 209-210. ISSN 0964-1998

Chetwynd, Amanda G. and Hilton, A. J. W. (1992) Alternating Hamiltonian cycles in two coloured complete bipartite graphs. Journal of Graph Theory, 16 (2). pp. 153-158. ISSN 0364-9024

Drayton, Lynne D. and Chetwynd, Amanda G. and Blair, Gordon S. (1992) An introduction to LOTOS through a worked example. Computer Communications, 15 (2). pp. 70-85.

Else, M. A. and Jackson, M. B. and Davies, W. J. (1992) Knowledge of xylem sap flow rate as a pre-requisite for accurate estimates of hormone transport from roots to shoots. Journal of Experimental Botany, 43 (Supple). P11.17. ISSN 1460-2431

Haggkvist, Roland A. and Chetwynd, Amanda G. (1992) Some upper bounds on the list and total chromatic numbers of multigraphs. Journal of Graph Theory, 16 (5). pp. 503-516. ISSN 0364-9024

Hinds, L. A. and Diggle, Peter J. and Tyndale-Biscoe, C. H. (1992) The effects of the ovary, sucking stimulus and season on the pattern of LH and FSH release in the female tammar, Macropus eugenii. Reproduction, Fertility and Development, 4 (1). pp. 25-34. ISSN 1448-5990

Johnes, Jill and Johnes, Geraint (1992) Apples and oranges:the aggregation problem in publications analysis. Scientometrics, 25 (2). pp. 353-365. ISSN 0138-9130

Macdonald, R. and Upton, B. G. J. and Collerson, K. D. and Hearn, B. C. Jr and James, D. (1992) Potassic Mafic Lavas of the Bearpaw Mountains, Montana: Mineralogy, Chemistry, and Origin. Journal of Petrology, 33 (2). pp. 305-346. ISSN 1460-2415

Peacock, J. H. and Eady, J. J. and Edwards, S. and McMillan, T. J. and Steel, G. G. (1992) The Intrinsic /β Ratio for Human Tumour Cells: Is It a Constant? International Journal of Radiation Biology, 61 (4). pp. 479-487. ISSN 0955-3002

Powell, S. N. and Whitaker, S. J. and Edwards, S. M. and McMillan, T. J. (1992) A DNA repair defect in a radiation-sensitive clone of a human baldder carcinoma cell line. British Journal of Cancer, 65. pp. 798-802. ISSN 1532-1827

Seward, D. (1992) LUCIE - the autonomous excavator. Industrial Robot: An International Journal, 19 (1). pp. 14-18.

Seward, D. W. (1992) Robots in construction. Industrial Robot: An International Journal, 19 (3). pp. 25-29.

Tai, G H and Morris, H G and Brown, G M and Huckerby, T N and Nieduszynski, I A (1992) A sub-population of keratan sulphates derived from bovine articular cartilage is capped with alpha(2-6)-linked N-acetylneuraminic acid residues. Affinity chromatography using immobilized Sambucus nigra lectin and characterization using 1H n.m.r. spectroscopy. Biochemical Journal, 286 (1). pp. 231-234. ISSN 1470-8728

Tardieu, F. and Davies, W. J. (1992) Stomatal Response to Abscisic Acid Is a Function of Current Plant Water Status. Plant Physiology, 98. pp. 540-545. ISSN 1532-2548

Tardieu, F. and Zhang, J. and Davies, W. J. (1992) What information is conveyed by an ABA signal from maize roots in drying field soil? Plant, Cell and Environment, 15 (2). pp. 185-192. ISSN 0140-7791

Tardieu, F. and Zhang, J. and Katerji, N. and Bethenod, O. and Palmer, S. and Davies, W. J. (1992) Xylem ABA controls the stomatal conductance of field-grown maize subjected to soil compaction and soil drying. Plant, Cell and Environment, 15 (2). pp. 193-198. ISSN 0140-7791

Whitaker, Stephen J. and McMillan, Trevor J. (1992) Oxygen effect for double-strand break induction determined by pulsed-field gel electrophoresis. International Journal of Radiation Biology, 61 (1). pp. 29-41. ISSN 0955-3002

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