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Abell, Jacqueline (2012) Motivations behind conservation volunteering. Biodiversity Science: Developments in Biodiversity and Conservation Management (7).

Abubakar, Amina (2012) Growing up positive:opportunities and challenges faced by Kenyan adolescents living with HIV. International Journal of Psychology, 47 (Supple). p. 476. ISSN 0020-7594

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O'Brien, Kerry S. and Kolt, Gregory S. and Martens, Matthew P. and Ruffman, Ted and Miller, Peter G. and Lynott, Dermot (2012) Alcohol-related aggression and antisocial behaviour in sportspeople/athletes. Journal of science and medicine in sport, 15 (4). pp. 292-297. ISSN 1440-2440

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Prince, Daniel and King, Nick (2012) Small Business Cyber Security Survey 2012. Lancaster University, Lancaster.

Conference or Workshop Item

Armitage, Emma and Allen, Melissa (2012) Children's picture interpretation:appearance or intention? In: BCCCD, 2012-01-07, Budapest.

Armitage, Emma and Allen, Melissa (2012) Children's picture interpretation:the role of artist intention. In: BPS Developmental Section Conference, 2012-09-052012-09-07, Glasgow.

Dunn, Kirsty and Bremner, Gavin (2012) Can infants count?:does the use of multiple measures sum up to an answer? In: International Conference on Infant Studies, 2012-06-062012-06-09, Minneapolis.

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Hartley, Calum and Allen, Melissa (2012) Do low-functioning children with autism rely on perceptual resemblance when decoding abstract pictures? In: CEU Conference on Cognitive Development, 2012-01-122012-01-14, Budapest.

Hartley, Calum and Allen, Melissa (2012) Does iconicity influence referential understanding of pictures in low-functioning children with autism? In: CEU Conference on Cognitive Development, 2012-01-122012-01-14, Budapest.

Hartley, Calum and Allen, Melissa (2012) The relationship between iconicity and referential understanding of pictures in low-functioning children with autism. In: International Meeting for Autism Research, 2012-05-172012-05-19, Toronto.

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Contribution in Book/Report/Proceedings

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Twomey, Katherine (2012) An investigation of fast and slow mapping. PhD thesis, .

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