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Brown, P. E. and Christensen, O. F. and Clough, H. E. and Diggle, P. J. and Hart, C. A. and Hazel, S. and Kemp, R. and Leatherbarrow, A. J. H. and Moore, A. and Sutherst, J. and Turner, J. and Williams, N. J. and Wright, E. J. and French, N. P. (2004) The frequency and spatial distribution of environmental Campylobacter spp. isolated from systematic sampling of a large area of recreation and dairy farmland. Applied and Environmental Microbiology, 70 (11). pp. 6501-6511. ISSN 0099-2240

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Grant, Karen M. and Dunion, Morag H. and Yardley, Vanessa and Skaltsounis, Alexios-Leandros and Marko, Doris and Eisenbrand, Gerhard and Croft, Simon L. and Meijer, Laurent and Mottram, Jeremy C. (2004) Inhibitors of Leishmania mexicana CRK3 Cyclin-Dependent Kinase: Chemical Library Screen and Antileishmanial Activity. Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy, 48 (8). pp. 3033-3042. ISSN 0066-4804

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Kashefi, Elham and Mort, Margaret (2004) Grounded citizens’ juries:a tool for health activism? Health Expectations, 7 (4). pp. 290-302. ISSN 1369-6513

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Liotta, Lisa and Medina, Irene and Robinson, Jennifer and Carroll, Chris and Pan, Po-Shen and Corral, Ricardo and Johnston, Jennifer and Cook, Kristina and Curtis, Fiona and Sharples, Gary and McAlpine, Shelli (2004) Novel antibiotics: second generation macrocyclic peptides designed to trap Holliday junctions. Tetrahedron Letters, 45 (46). pp. 8447-8450. ISSN 0040-4039

Ockleford, C D and Smith, R K and Byrne, S and Sanders, R and Bosio, P (2004) Confocal laser scanning microscope study of cytokeratin immunofluorescence differences between villous and extravillous trophoblast: Cytokeratin downregulation in pre-eclampsia. Microscopy Research and Technique, 64 (1). pp. 43-53. ISSN 1059-910X

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Taylor, Benjamin (2004) Representation theory and characters of groups. Masters thesis, .

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