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Ahmed, Mukarrum (2017) I thought we were exclusive? Some issues with the Hague Convention on Choice of Court, Brussels Ia and Brexit. .

Ahmed, Mukarrum (2017) The Legal Regulation and Enforcement of Asymmetric Jurisdiction Agreements in the European Union. European Business Law Review, 28 (3). pp. 403-425. ISSN 0959-6941

Ahmed, Mukarrum (2017) The nature and enforcement of Choice of Court Agreements:a comparative study. Studies in Private International Law . Hart Publishing, Oxford. ISBN 9781509914494

Ahmed, Mukarrum and Beaumont, Paul (2017) Exclusive choice of court agreements: some issues on the Hague Convention on Choice of Court Agreements and its relationship with the Brussels I Recast especially anti-suit injunctions, concurrent proceedings and the implications of BREXIT. Journal of Private International Law, 13 (2). pp. 386-410. ISSN 1744-1048

Akintola, Kayode (2017) The prescribed part for unsecured creditors:a pithy review. Insolvency Intelligence, 30 (4). pp. 55-58. ISSN 0950-2645

Al-Astewani, Amin (2017) Accommodating Muslims Under Common Law. Law and Justice (178).

Al-Astewani, Amin (2017) Reflections on the Rise and Fall of the Arbitration and Mediation Services (Equality) Bill. Public Law (4). ISSN 0033-3565 (In Press)

Austen-Baker, Richard Lindsay Peregrine (2017) Implied Terms in English Contract Law. Elgar Commercial Law and Practice Series . Edward Elgar Publishing. ISBN 9781785365270


Cahill-Ripley, Amanda Jane (2017) Challenging neoliberalism:making economic and social rights matter in the peacebuilding agenda. In: Economic and social rights in a neoliberal world. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge. (In Press)

Campbell, Ian David (2017) Adam Smith and the Social Foundation of Agreement:Walford v Miles as a Relational Contract. Edinburgh Law Review, 21 (3). pp. 376-404. ISSN 1364-9809

Campbell, Ian David (2017) Cleverer than command?:Review of David Halpern, Inside the Nudge Unit. Social and Legal Studies, 26 (1). pp. 111-126. ISSN 0964-6639

Campbell, Ian David (2017) Limited Liability A Legal and Economic Analysis, by Stephen M Bainbridge and M Todd Henderson. Journal of Law and Society, 44 (2). pp. 297-302. ISSN 0263-323X

Campbell, Ian David (2017) The 'Market' in the Theory of Regulation. Social and Legal Studies. ISSN 0964-6639

Campbell, Ian David (2017) Review of Ian Kumekawa, The First Serious Optimist: AC Pigou and the Birth of Welfare Economics. Journal of Law and Society, 44 (4). ISSN 0263-323X (In Press)

Campbell, Ian David (2017) The Sense in Coase's Critique of Pigou:The Ceteris Paribus Case for Intervention. Journal of Law, Economics and Policy, 13 (1). pp. 39-54. ISSN 1553-4367

Chatterjee, Bela Bonita (2017) Combats, the A-Team and a note on sexuality. .

Culpeper, Jonathan Vaughan and Iganski, Paul Stephen and Sweiry, Abraham Benjamin (2017) Linguistic impoliteness and religiously aggravated hate crime in England and Wales. Journal of Language Aggression and Conflict, 5 (1). pp. 1-29. ISSN 2213-1272


Easton, Catherine Rachel (2017) Analysing the role of privacy impact assessments in technological development for crisis management. Journal of Contingencies and Crisis Management, 25 (1). pp. 7-14. ISSN 0966-0879

Easton, Catherine Rachel (2017) European Union information law and the sharing economy. In: EU Internet Law. Springer. ISBN 9783319649542 (In Press)

Easton, Catherine Rachel (2017) Intellectual Property Law. In: Great Debates in Gender and Law. Palgrave Macmillan. (In Press)

Easton, Catherine Rachel (2017) An analysis of reporting and monitoring in relation to the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, the Right to Participation in Cultural Life and intellectual property. In: Invisible Difference. Intellect. (In Press)


Fijalkowski, Agata Alexandra and Grosescu, Raluca (2017) Retrospective justice and legal culture : Romania in comparative perspective. In: Justice, memory and redress in Romania : new insights. Cambridge Scholars Publishing, Newcastle Upon Tyne. ISBN 9781443831529 (In Press)

Fijalkowski, Agata Alexandra and Larsen, Sigrun Valderhaug (2017) Legal decisions, affective justice, and 'moving on'? Oñati Socio-Legal Series, 7 (2). pp. 337-364. ISSN 2079-5971

Fitzpatrick, Claire and Williams, Patrick (2017) The neglected needs of care leavers in the criminal justice system:practitioners’ perspectives and the persistence of problem (corporate) parenting. Criminology and Criminal Justice, 17 (2). pp. 175-191. ISSN 1748-8958

Fitzpatrick, Claire Joan Jackline (2017) What do we know about girls in the care and criminal justice systems? Safer Communities, 16 (3). pp. 134-143. ISSN 1757-8043

Fleetwood, Jennifer and Potter, Gary Richard (2017) Ethnographic research on crime and control:Editors' introduction. Methodological Innovations, 10 (1). pp. 1-11. ISSN 2059-7991

Follis, Luca (2017) Discipline unbound:patuxent, treatment and the colonization of law. Law, Culture and the Humanities, 13 (1). pp. 56-80. ISSN 1743-8721

Follis, Luca (2017) Karen M. Morin and Dominique Moran (Eds), Historical Geographies of Prisons: Unlocking the Usable Carceral Past. Abingdon, Routledge, 2015, xii + 232 pages, £90 hardcover. Journal of Historical Geography, 55. pp. 128-129. ISSN 0305-7488

Follis, Luca (2017) The province and heritage of humankind : space law’s imaginary of outer space, 1967-1979. In: Limiting outer space : astroculture after Apollo. Palgrave Macmillan, London. ISBN 9781137369154 (In Press)

Follis, Luca and Fish, Adam Richard (2017) Half-Lives of Hackers and the Shelf Life of Hacks. Limn (8).

Fovargue, Sara Jane and Hogg, Lindsey (2017) Mine, Yours, Ours?:Autonomy and the Removal and Use of Organs and Tissues before the European Court in Petrova v. Latvia and Elberte v. Latvia. Journal of Trafficking and Human Exploitation. ISSN 2452-2775 (In Press)


Gillespie, Alisdair Allan (2017) Child Pornography. Information & Communications Technology Law. ISSN 1360-0834 (In Press)

Gillespie, Alisdair Allan (2017) Reforming Misconduct in Public Office. Criminal Law Review, 2017 (4). pp. 266-287. ISSN 0011-135X

Gillespie, Alisdair Allan (2017) The electronic Spanish prisoner:romance frauds on the internet. Journal of Criminal Law, 81 (3). pp. 217-231. ISSN 0022-0183

Gillespie, Alisdair Allan and Weare, Siobhan Francesca (2017) The English legal system. Oxford University Press. ISBN 9780198785439

Guy, Mary and Sauter, Wolf (2017) The History and Scope of EU Health Law and Policy. In: Research Handbook on EU Health Law and Policy. Research Handbook . Edward Elgar.


Hall, Matthew and Maher, Jennifer and Nurse, Angus and Potter, Gary Richard and South, Nigel and Wyatt, Tanya (2017) Introduction : greening criminology in the 21st century. In: Greening criminology in the 21st century : contemporary debates and future directions in the study of environmental harm. Green Criminology Series . Routledge, London, pp. 1-8. ISBN 9781472467560

Hart, Emily Luise (2017) Prisoners Post Release:The need for a 'critical desistance'. In: New Perspectives on Desistance. Palgrave Macmillan, London, pp. 267-288. ISBN 9781349951840

Hart, Emily Luise (2017) Women prisoners and the drive for desistance:capital and responsibilization as a barrier to change. Women and Criminal Justice, 27 (3). pp. 151-169. ISSN 0897-4454

Harwin, Judith Elizabeth and Alrouh, Bachar (2017) New entrants and repeat children:continuity and change in care demand over time. Family Law, 47 (4). pp. 407-411. ISSN 0014-7281


Kingston, Sarah and Thomas, Terry (2017) The Anti-social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014:implications for sex workers and their clients. Policing and Society: An International Journal of Research and Policy, 27 (5). pp. 465-479. ISSN 1043-9463

Kopela, Sophia (2017) Historic titles and historic rights in the law of the sea in the light of the South China Sea arbitration. Ocean Development and International Law, 48 (2). pp. 181-207. ISSN 0090-8320


Langford, P and Bryan, Ian Hugh-John and McGarry, J (2017) Kelsenian legal science and positive law. In: Kelsenian legal science and the nature of law. Law and Philosophy Library . Springer International Publishing, pp. 1-19. ISBN 9783319518176

Langford, P and Bryan, Ian Hugh-John and McGarry, J (2017) Positive law and the Kelsenian project. In: Kelsenian legal science and the nature of law. Law and Philosophy Library . Springer International Publishing, pp. 303-320. ISBN 9783319518176


Macculloch, Angus David (2017) Minimum Unit Pricing in Scotch Whisky Association v Lord Advocate. Edinburgh Law Review, 21 (2). pp. 217-222. ISSN 1364-9809

Macculloch, Angus David (2017) State intervention in pricing:an intersection of EU free movement and competition law. European Law Review, 42 (2). pp. 190-209.

May-Chahal, Corinne Anne and Humphreys, Leslie Neal and Clifton, Alison Kay and Francis, Brian Joseph and Reith, Gerda (2017) Gambling harm and crime careers. Journal of Gambling Studies, 33 (1). pp. 65-84. ISSN 1050-5350

Mayfield, Benjamin John William (2017) Access to the countryside:the tragedy of the House of Commons. Legal Studies, 37 (2). pp. 343-362. ISSN 0261-3875

Milman, David (2017) Bankruptcy in the courts:continuity in an era of change? Insolvency Intelligence, 30 (6). pp. 91-93. ISSN 0950-2645

Milman, David (2017) Chapter 6: Minority protection and exit procedures. In: Palmer's limited liability partnership law. Sweet & Maxwell, London, pp. 245-263. ISBN 9780414056947

Milman, David (2017) Chapter 7: LLPs and outsiders. In: Palmer's limited liability partnership law. , London, pp. 264-275. ISBN 9780414056947

Milman, David (2017) Chapter 8: Raising loan capital and creating security. In: Palmer's limited liability partnership law. Sweet & Maxwell, London, pp. 276-285. ISBN 9780414056947

Milman, David (2017) Regulating close companies in Corporate Law - towards a more formal recognition? Common Law World Review. ISSN 1473-7795 (In Press)

Milman, David (2017) Stakeholders in modern UK company law. Sweet and Maxwell's Company Law Newsletter (397). pp. 1-4. ISSN 1352-1063

Milman, David (2017) A review of developments in partnership law 2017. Sweet and Maxwell's Company Law Newsletter (399). pp. 1-5. ISSN 1352-1063

Milman, David and Finch, Vanessa (2017) Corporate insolvency law:Perspectives and principles 3rd edition. Cambridge University Press. ISBN 9781107629554

Milman, David and Sealy, Len and Bailey, Peter (2017) Sealey and Milman: Annotated Guide to the Insolvency Legislation 2017. Sweet & Maxwell. ISBN 9780414061835

Milman, David and Sealy, Len and Bailey, Peter (2017) Sealy and Milman: Annotated Guide to the Insolvency Legislation 2017. Sweet & Maxwell. ISBN 9780414061842

Mustaffa, Aminuddin (2017) Rights of children in criminal proceedings:a comparative analysis on the compatibility of the Malaysian juvenile justice system with the standards of the Convention on Rights of Children (CRC). PhD thesis, .


Petersen, Katrina Gooding and Buscher, Monika and Easton, Catherine Rachel (2017) On anonymity in disasters:Socio-technical practices in emergency management. Ephemera : Theory and Politics in Organization, 17 (2). pp. 307-326. ISSN 1473-2866

Picciotto, Salomone (2017) Regulation:Managing the Antinomies of Economic Vice and Virtue. Social and Legal Studies, 26 (4). ISSN 0964-6639 (In Press)

Potter, Gary Richard (2017) Green Criminology. In: A companion to state power, liberties and rights. Policy Press, pp. 112-114. ISBN 978144732582

Potter, Gary Richard (2017) Real gates to virtual fields:Integrating online and offline ethnography in studying cannabis cultivation and reflections on the applicability of this approach in criminological ethnography more generally. Methodological Innovations, 10 (1). ISSN 2059-7991

Potts, Amanda and Weare, Siobhan Francesca (2017) Mother, Monster, Mrs, I:A critical evaluation of gendered naming strategies in English sentencing remarks of women who kill. International Journal for the Semiotics of Law. ISSN 0952-8059


Rieder, Clemens (2017) Courts and EU health law and policy. In: Research Handbook on EU Health Law and Policy. Research Handbook in European Law . Edward Elgar, Cheltenham. ISBN 9781785364716

Rieder, Clemens (2017) Cross-border movement of patients in the EU:a Re-Appraisal. European Journal of Health Law, 24 (4). pp. 390-413. ISSN 0929-0273

Rieder, Clemens (2017) Solidarity and patient migration in the context of fundamental rights. In: Solidarity in EU law : legal principle in the making. Edward Elgar, Cheltenham. (In Press)

Rowley, Jeanette Karen (2017) Towards a vegan jurisprudence:the need for a reorientation of human rights. PhD thesis, .


Skogly, Sigrun Ingvild (2017) Regulatory obligations in a complex world:states' extraterritorial obligations related to business and human rights. In: Building a treaty on business and human rights. Cambridge University Press. ISBN 9781107199118 (In Press)

Sugarman, David (2017) Editorial. International Journal of the Legal Profession, 24 (1). pp. 1-2. ISSN 0969-5958

Sugarman, David (2017) Promoting Dialogue Between History and Socio-legal Studies:The Contribution of Christopher W. Brooks and the ‘Legal Turn’ in Early Modern English History. Journal of Law and Society, 44 (5). 37- 60. ISSN 0263-323X (In Press)

Sweeney, James Anthony (2017) The Elusive Right to Truth in Transitional Human Rights Jurisprudence. International and Comparative Law Quarterly. ISSN 0020-5893 (In Press)


Vadi, Valentina (2017) Local communities, cultural heritage and international economic law. In: Local Engagement with International Economic Law and Human Rights. Edward Elgar Publishing, Cheltenham, pp. 150-168. ISBN 9781785367182


Weare, Siobhan Francesca (2017) Bad, mad or sad?:legal language, narratives, and identity constructions of women who kill their children in England and Wales. International Journal for the Semiotics of Law, 30 (2). pp. 201-222. ISSN 0952-8059

Weare, Siobhan Francesca (2017) Forced-to-penetrate cases:Lived experiences of men - Baseline Research Findings. Lancaster University.

Weare, Siobhan Francesca (2017) ‘Oh you’re a guy, how could you be raped by a woman, that makes no sense’:towards a case for legally recognising and labelling ‘forced to penetrate’ cases as rape. International Journal of Law in Context. ISSN 1744-5523

Weare, Siobhan Francesca (2017) R v Ahluwalia. In: Women’s legal landmarks : celebrating 100 years of women and law in the UK and Ireland. Hart Publishing. (Submitted)

Webb, Thomas Edward (2017) April 2017 Update:Judgment given in R (On the application of Miller and another) v Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union [2017] UKSC 5. Oxford University Press.

Webb, Thomas Edward (2017) Essential Cases: Public Law. Oxford University Press. ISBN 9780191842832

Webb, Thomas Edward (2017) January 2017 Update:Judgment given in R (on the application of Miller & Dos Santos) v Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union [2016] EWHC 2768 (Admin). Oxford University Press.

Webb, Thomas Edward (2017) July 2017 Update:General Election 2017/ Lady Hale UKSC. Oxford University Press. (In Press)

Wyatt, Tanya (2017) Greening criminology in the 21st century : contemporary debates and future directions in the study of environmental harm. Routledge. ISBN 9781472467560

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