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Whittaker, John (2010) The Gulf currency:lessons from the Euro. Gulf One Lancaster Centre for Economic Research.

Contribution in Book/Report/Proceedings

Rothschild, Robert (2010) The kinked demand curve. In: Famous figures and diagrams in economics. Edward Elgar, Cheltenham. ISBN 9781848441606

Simmons, Robert (2010) Prohibition of gambling. In: Prohibitions. Institute of Economic Affairs, London. ISBN 0255365853

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Bender, K A and Green, C and Heywood, J S (2010) Piece Rates and Workplace Injury: Does Survey Evidence Support Adam Smith? Working Paper. The Department of Economics, Lancaster University.

Berri, D J and Simmons, R and Van Gilder, J and O'Neill, L (2010) What does it mean to find the Face of the Franchise? Physical Attractiveness and the Evaluation of Athletic Performance. Working Paper. The Department of Economics, Lancaster University.

Bryson, A and Buraimo, B and Simmons, R (2010) Do Salaries Improve Worker Performance? Working Paper. The Department of Economics, Lancaster University.

Chevalier, A and Harmon, C and O'Sullivan, V and Walker, I (2010) The Impact of Parental Income and Education on the Schooling of their Children. Working Paper. The Department of Economics, Lancaster University.

Green, C and Heywood, J S (2010) Unions, Dissatisfied Workers and Sorting. Working Paper. The Department of Economics, Lancaster University.

Green, C and Navarro Paniagua, M (2010) Does Raising the School Leaving Age Reduce Teacher Effort? A Note from a Policy Experiment. Working Paper. The Department of Economics, Lancaster University.

Ingham, H and Ingham, M (2010) Temporary Work in Poland: Who Gets the Jobs? Working Paper. The Department of Economics, Lancaster University.

Johnes, J (2010) Efficiency and Input - and Output - Substitutability in English Higher Education 1996/97 to 2007/08: A Parametric Distance Function Approach. Working Paper. The Department of Economics, Lancaster University.

Simmons, R and Berri, D J (2010) Mixing the princes and the paupers: Pay and performance in the National Basketball Association. Working Paper. The Department of Economics, Lancaster University.

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