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Agasisti, Tommaso and Johnes, Geraint (2010) Heterogeneity and the evaluation of efficiency: the case of Italian universities. Applied Economics, 42 (11). pp. 1365-1375. ISSN 0003-6846

Ainscough, Eric W. and Bowmaker, Graham A. and Brodie, Andrew M. and Freeman, Graham H. and Hanna, John V. and Healy, Peter C. and Robinson, Ward T. and Skelton, Brian W. and Smith, Mark E. and Sobolev, Alexandre N. and White, Allan H. (2010) Structural and spectroscopic characterisation of linearly coordinated gold(I) tribenzylphosphane complexes. European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry, 2010 (13). pp. 2044-2053. ISSN 1099-0682

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Asif, Hafiz and Chadwick, Sam and Honary, Bahram and Ahmed, Hassan (2010) Frequency Effect on UWB Channel Modelling in a Ray-Tracing Based InteraComm Simulator. In: 11th Annual PostGraduate Symposium on the Convergence of Telecommunications, Networking and Broadcasting (PGNET 2010). Liverpool John Moores University, GBR. ISBN 978-1-902560-24-3

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Asif, Hafiz and Zeng, Yujie and Honary, Bahram and Ahmed, Hassan (2010) MIMO-UWB channel modelling using a 3D ray tracing simulator. In: Wireless, Mobile and Multimedia Networks (ICWMNN 2010), IET 3rd International Conference on. IEEE, CHN, pp. 90-94.

Atherton, Andrew and Kim, Jun Yeup and Kim, Hyeyoen (2010) Who’s driving take-up?:an examination of patterns of small business engagement with Business Link. Environment and Planning C: Government and Policy, 28 (2). 257–275. ISSN 0263-774X

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Poologasundarampillai, Gowsihan and Ionescu, Claudia and Tsigkou, Olga and Murugesan, Muthu and Hill, Robert G. and Stevens, Molly M. and Hanna, John V. and Smith, Mark E. and Jones, Julian R. (2010) Synthesis of bioactive class II poly(gamma-glutamic acid)/silica hybrids for bone regeneration. Journal of Materials Chemistry, 20 (40). pp. 8952-8961. ISSN 1364-5501


Qiu, Dong and Martin, Richard A. and Knowles, Jonathan C. and Smith, Mark E. and Newport, Robert J. (2010) A comparative study of the structure of sodium borophosphates made by sol–gel and melt-quench methods. Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids, 356 (9-10). pp. 490-494. ISSN 0022-3093


Shan, Rafi and Lund, David and Ahmed, Hassan and Honary, Bahram and Kakhki, M. M. (2010) Performance of VoIP over TETRA Enhanced Data Services with Header Compression. In: 4th International Symposium on Broadband Communications (ISBC 2010). UNSPECIFIED, Melaka, Malaysia.


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Umer, Tariq and Ding, Zhiguo and Honary, Bahram and Ahmed, Hassan (2010) Implementation of microscopic parameters for density estimation of heterogeneous traffic flow for VANET. In: Communication Systems Networks and Digital Signal Processing (CSNDSP), 2010 7th International Symposium on. IEEE, GBR, pp. 66-70. ISBN 978-1-4244-8858-2

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Wilkinson, Sally and Davies, William J. (2010) Drought, ozone, ABA and ethylene: new insights from cell to plant to community. Plant, Cell and Environment, 33 (4). pp. 510-525. ISSN 0140-7791

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