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, I.Family Consortium and Gwozdz, Wencke and Nie, Peng and Sousa-Poza, Alfonso and DeHenauw, Stefaan and Felső, Regina and Hebestreit, Antje and Iguacel, Isabel and Lissner, Lauren and Lauria, Fabio and Page, Angie and Reisch, Lucia A. and Tornaritis, Michael and Veidebaum, Toomas and Williams, Garrath David and Foraita, Ronja (2019) Peer Effects on Weight Status, Dietary Behaviour and Physical Activity among Adolescents in Europe:Findings from the I.Family Study. Kyklos, 72 (2). pp. 270-296. ISSN 0023-5962


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Degerman, Dan (2019) Brexit anxiety shouldn’t be over-medicalised – it is fuelling real political engagement. The Conversation.

Degerman, Dan (2019) The politics of misery:a philosophical investigation into the political impact of the medicalization of negative emotions. PhD thesis, UNSPECIFIED.


Ebbesen, Martha (2019) From Empire to Commonwealth and League of Nations:intellectual roots of imperialist internationalism, 1915-1926. PhD thesis, UNSPECIFIED.


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Johnson, Matthew (2019) Introduction: Militancy and the left: the case of Northern Ireland. Global Discourse, 9 (3). ISSN 2326-9995 (In Press)

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Johnson, Matthew (2019) Overlooking British Experiences:a reply to Evershed. Global Discourse. ISSN 2326-9995 (In Press)

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Johnson, Matthew Thomas and Johnson, Elliott (2019) The Health Case for Universal Basic Income:Supporting Document for The Labour Party’s Report on Universal Basic Income. UNSPECIFIED.

Johnson, Matthew Thomas and Johnson, Elliott (2019) Stress, domination and basic income:considering a citizens’ entitlement response to a public health crisis. Social Theory and Health, 17 (2). 253–271. ISSN 1477-8211

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Kapur, Saloni (2019) India 2019:The Shifting Sands of Social Control. South Asia @ LSE.

Kapur, Saloni (2019) Review of ‘Recursion or Rejection? Securitization Theory Faces Islamist Violence and Foreign Religions’, by Mona Kanwal Sheikh. In: Securitisation in the Non-West. Routledge, Abingdon. ISBN 9781138314955

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Lee, Benjamin (2019) Countering Violent Extremism Online:The Experiences of Informal Counter Messaging Actors. Policy & Internet. ISSN 1944-2866

Lee, Benjamin (2019) Overview of the Far-Right. UNSPECIFIED.

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Zeng, Jinghan (2019) Narrating China’s Belt and Road Initiative. Global Policy, 10 (2). pp. 207-216. ISSN 1758-5880

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