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Journal Article

Allamandri, Fabio and Campion, Sebastien and Centonza, Angelo and Chernilov, Alex and Cosmas, John P. and Duffy, Annette and Garrec, David and Guiraudou, Michel and Krishnapillai, Kannan and Levesque, Thierry and Mazieres, Bertrand and Mies, Ronald and Owens, Thomas and Re, Michele and Tsekleves, Emmanuel and Zheng, Lizhi (2007) Service platform for converged interactive broadband broadcast and cellular wireless. IEEE Transactions on Broadcasting, 53 (1). pp. 200-211. ISSN 0018-9316

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Contribution in Book/Report/Proceedings

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Contribution to Conference

Bianchini, Massimo and Sangiorgi, Daniela (2007) Designing global designers:new trends for Italian design. In: IASDR07 conference, 2007-11-122007-11-15.

Chehimi, Fadi and Coulton, Paul and Edwards, Reuben (2007) Mobilazer: A Mixed-Reality First-Person Shoot-Em-Up Using Camera Phones. In: The Third International Conference on Games Research and Development 2007 (CyberGames 2007), 2007-09-102007-09-11.

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Venn, Edward (2007) The Blues in Michael Tippett’s "The Knot Garden". In: Research Seminar, 2007-02-06. (Unpublished)

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Simic Anderson, Magdalena (2007) (Dis)identifying female archetypes in live art. PhD thesis, UNSPECIFIED.


Devereaux, Emile (2007) Cultura Subyugada:MAC, Museo de Arte Contemporaneo, Salta, Argentina. [Exhibition]

Devereaux, Emile (2007) International Artists' Screening:DeFabriek, Eindhoven, the Netherlands. [Exhibition]


Rai, Takayuki (2007) Lucent Aquarelle for harp and computer [12 minutes]. [Composition]

Rai, Takayuki (2007) Time flows… for bass-fl./fl., perc., guitar, and computer, 13'. [Composition]


Devereaux, Emile (2007) Art Interventions, OZON Gallery, Belgrade, Serbia. UNSPECIFIED.

Devereaux, Emile (2007) Screening of Zlato! (Gold!) and Artist Lecture (solo):Karver Center, Podgorica, Montenegro. UNSPECIFIED.

Gere, Charlie (2007) Feedback: co-curated exhibition. UNSPECIFIED.

Hemment, Drew (2007) FutureEverything. FutureEverything, Manchester.

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