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Biggs, Hazel M. (2005) The assisted dying for the terminally ill bill 2004: will English law soon allow patients the choice to die? European Journal of Health Law, 12 (1). pp. 43-56. ISSN 0929-0273

Butler, Israel de Jesús (2005) The rights of the child in the case law of the inter-American court of human rights : recent cases. Human Rights Law Review, 5 (1). pp. 151-167. ISSN 1744-1021


Cahill-Ripley, Amanda (2005) The human right to water - a right of unique status:the legal status and normative content of the right to water. International Journal of Human Rights, 9 (3). pp. 389-410. ISSN 1364-2987

Chatterjee, Bela (2005) Review of Cownie, F. Legal Academics: Culture and Identities. Legal Studies, 25 (1). pp. 172-174. ISSN 0261-3875

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Chatterjee, Bela Bonita (2005) Pixels, Pimps and Prostitutes : Human Rights and the Cyber-Sex Trade. In: Human Rights in the Digital Age. Glasshouse, London, pp. 11-26. ISBN 1904385311

Chatterjee, Bela Bonita (2005) Presenting a conference paper. UNSPECIFIED.


Doupe, Michael (2005) The Philosophical Foundations of Environmental Law – Property, Rights and Nature. By SEAN COYLE AND KAREN MORROW [Oxford, UK and Portland, OR, Hart Publishing, 2004, xv + 228 pp, ISBN 1 84113 360 4, Paperback, £18.00]. Journal of Environmental Law, 17 (3). pp. 461-462. ISSN 1464-374X


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Fovargue, Sara (2005) Book review of R. Scott, 'Rights, duties and the body: law and ethics of the maternal-foetal conflict'. Medical Law Review, 13 (1). pp. 131-135. ISSN 1464-3790

Fovargue, Sara (2005) Consenting to bio-risk : xenotransplantation and the law. Legal Studies, 25 (3). pp. 404-429. ISSN 1748-121X

Fovargue, Sara J. (2005) A Leap of Faith? Sanctioning Xenotransplant Clinical Trials. Liverpool Law Review, 26 (2). pp. 125-147. ISSN 1572-8625


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Gillespie, Alisdair (2005) Indecent images of children:the ever-changing law. Child Abuse Review, 14 (6). pp. 430-443. ISSN 0952-9136

Gillespie, Alisdair (2005) Prostitution or abuse? The sexual Offences Act 2003. Criminal Law Review. pp. 285-289. ISSN 0011-135X

Gillespie, Alisdair (2005) Reprimanding juveniles and the right to due process. Modern Law Review, 68 (6). pp. 1006-1015. ISSN 1468-2230

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Harwin, Judith Elizabeth (2005) Parental substance misuse and child welfare. Nuffield Foundation.

Harwin, Judith Elizabeth (2005) Policy Review Report: Early Childhood Care and Education in Kazakhstan: reviewer and contributor to the report. Early Childhood and Family Policy Series No 12. . UNESCO Institute for Education.

Harwin, Judith Elizabeth (2005) A Policy Study on Good Practice in Child Care in Eastern Europe and the Russian Federation; Final Report to Development Co-operation Ireland. Department of Foreign Affairs Ireland.

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Howells, Geraint and Twigg-Flesner, Christian (2005) What sort of Europe do consumers want? Consumer Policy Review, 15. pp. 169-174.


Kibble, Neil (2005) Judicial Discretion and the Admissibility of Prior Sexual History Evidence under section 41 of the Youth Justice and Criminal Evidence Act 1999: Sometimes sticking to your guns means shooting yourself in the foot. Criminal Law Review, 2005. pp. 263-274.

Kibble, Neil (2005) Judicial Perspectives on Sexual History Evidence and on the Operation of Section 41 Youth Justice and Criminal Evidence Act 1999: Four Scenarios. Criminal Law Review, 2005. pp. 190-205.

Kibble, Neil (2005) Research Report conducted for the Defence in the case of R v Soroya (Court of Appeal). Working Paper. UNSPECIFIED.


Lawton, Philip and Wei-Qi, C. (2005) SOEs Reform from a governance perspective and its relationship with privately owned publicly listed corporations in China. In: Challenges for China's Development: An enterprise perspective. Routledge-Curzon. ISBN 0-415-34133-7


MacCulloch, Angus D. (2005) Game Over: The 'Region Lock' in Video Games. European Intellectual Property Review, 27 (5). pp. 176-183. ISSN 0142-0461

Mauthe, Barbara (2005) A critique on legal analysis of local government and the central-local relationship. Northern Ireland Legal Quarterly, 56 (3). pp. 373-393. ISSN 0029-3105

Mauthe, Barbara (2005) The notion of sovereignty and its presentation within public law:a critique on the use of theory and concepts. Northern Ireland Legal Quarterly, 56 (1). pp. 63-82. ISSN 0029-3105

Milman, David (2005) Companies : issues of status, standing and jurisdiction. Sweet and Maxwell's Company Law Newsletter, 12 (1). pp. 1-4. ISSN 1352-1063

Milman, David (2005) Personal Involvency Law, Regulation and Policy. Markets and the law . Ashgate, London. ISBN 0754643026

Milman, David (2005) Regulating managerial standards - current developments. Sweet and Maxwell's Company Law Newsletter, 2005 (17/200). pp. 1-4. ISSN 1352-1063

Milman, David (2005) Shareholder remedies and the scope of the reflective loss (or no reflective loss) principle. Sweet and Maxwell's Company Law Newsletter, 2005 (4). pp. 1-5. ISSN 1352-1063

Milman, David (2005) The new administration procedure - further enlightenment? Sweet and Maxwell's Company Law Newsletter, 2005 (9/2005). pp. 1-4. ISSN 1352-1063


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Ost, Suzanne (2005) Euthanasia and the Defence of Necessity : advocating a more appropriate legal response. Criminal Law Review. pp. 355-370. ISSN 0011-135X


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Potter, Gary (2005) Review of 'The Political Economy of the Drug Industry: Latin America and the International System'. British Journal of Criminology, 45 (5). pp. 780-782. ISSN 0007-0955

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Seymour, David M. (2005) The Absence of Contradiction and the Contradiction of Absence: Law, Ethics and the Holocaust. In: Law and Popular Culture. Current Legal Issues, 7 . Oxford University Press, Oxford, pp. 71-87. ISBN 0-19-927223-9

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Sugarman, David (2005) John O'Leary : working towards justice for Pinochet's victims. The Guardian. p. 29.

Summers, James (2005) Review of Marta Johanson, Self-determination and borders. Netherlands International Law Review, 52 (1). pp. 137-143.

Summers, James (2005) Review of Zelim A. Skurbaty, Beyond a one-dimensional state: an emerging right to autonomy? International Journal on Minority and Group Rights, 12 (1). pp. 117-119. ISSN 1571-8115

Summers, James (2005) The Right to Self Determination and Nationalism in International Law. International Journal on Minority and Group Rights, 12 (4). pp. 325-354. ISSN 1571-8115

Summers, James (2005) The right of self-defence:against whom? Yearbook of New Zealand Jurisprudence, 8 (1). pp. 33-50. ISSN 1174-4243

Sweeney, James (2005) Divergence and diversity in post-communist European human rights cases. Connecticut Journal of International Law, 21. pp. 1-40.

Sweeney, James (2005) Margins of appreciation:cultural relativity and the European Court of Human Rights. International and Comparative Law Quarterly, 54 (2). pp. 459-474. ISSN 0020-5893


Wheatley, Steven (2005) Democracy, Minorities and International Law. Cambridge studies in international and comparative law . Cambridge University Press, Cambridge. ISBN 9780521848985

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