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Ambler, Sophie (2013) On Kingship and Tyranny:Grosseteste’s Memorandum and its Place in the Baronial Reform Movement. In: Thirteenth Century England. Boydell & Brewer, Woodbridge, pp. 115-128. ISBN 9781843838098

Ambler, Sophie (2013) Simon de Montfort and King Henry III:The First Revolution in English History, 1258–1265. History Compass, 11 (12). pp. 1076-1087. ISSN 1478-0542

Atkinson, Paul (2013) Review of: Victoria Kelley, Soap and Water: Cleanliness, Dirt and the Working Classes in Victorian and Edwardian Britain (London: I. B. Tauris, 2010). Labour History Review, 78 (2). pp. 237-238. ISSN 0961-5652


Baumann, Andrea and Wyss, Marco (2013) Contributor Profile:Switzerland. International Peace Institute.

Bowen, James (2013) From medieval deer park to an enclosed agricultural and developing industrial landscape:the post-medieval evolution of Lilleshall Park, Shropshire. Midland History, 38 (2). pp. 194-212. ISSN 0047-729X

Bowen, James (2013) Review: Ralph Collingwood, Shawbury: The people and how they lived 1538-1725 (Longaston Press, Little Logaston Woonton Almeley, 2011). Local Population Studies, 90. ISSN 0143-2974

Bowen, James (2013) The governance and management of common land in Shropshire between the sixteenth and nineteenth centuries. PhD thesis, UNSPECIFIED.


Constantine, Stephen (2013) 'Dear Grace...Love Maidie':interpreting a migrant's letters from Australia, 1926-67. In: Empire, migration and Identity in the British world. Studies in Imperialism . Manchester University Press, Manchester, pp. 192-213. ISBN 9780719089565

Cooper, David (2013) The post-industrial picturesque?:placing marginalized Millom. In: The making of a cultural landscape. Ashgate, Aldershot, pp. 241-262. ISBN 9781409423683

Cunningham, Niall and Gregory, Ian (2013) Religious change in twentieth-century Ireland:a spatial history. Irish Geography, 45 (3). pp. 209-233. ISSN 0075-0778


Donaldson, Christopher (2013) Down the Duddon:Wordsworth and his literary pilgrims. Literary Imagination, 15 (2). pp. 186-209. ISSN 1523-9012

Donaldson, Christopher (2013) Evoking the local:Wordsworth, Martineau and early Victorian fiction. Review of English Studies, 64 (267). pp. 819-837. ISSN 0034-6551

Donaldson, Christopher (2013) Richard Adelman, Idleness, Contemplation and the Aesthetic, 1750–1830. Notes and Queries, 60 (1). pp. 151-152. ISSN 0029-3970


Edmonds, Fiona (2013) The Furness Peninsula and the Irish Sea region:cultural interaction from the seventh century to the twelfth. In: Jocelin of Furness. Shaun Tyas, Donington, pp. 17-44.

Edmonds, Fiona (2013) St Cuthbert, St Columba and Ireland:movements of relics in the 870s. In: Rannsachadh na Gàidhlig 6. An Clò Gàidhealach, pp. 1-29. ISBN 9780952391180


Freeman, Mark and Pearson, Robin and Taylor, James (2013) Law, politics and the governance of English and Scottish joint-stock companies, 1600-1850. Business History, 55 (4). pp. 636-652. ISSN 0007-6791


Gardner, Toby A. and Ferreira, Joice and Barlow, Jos and Lees, Alexander C. and Parry, Luke and Guimaraes Vieira, Ima Celia and Berenguer, Erika and Abramovay, Ricardo and Aleixo, Alexandre and Andretti, Christian and Aragao, Luiz E. O. C. and Araujo, Ivanei and de Avila, Williams Souza and Bardgett, Richard D. and Batistella, Mateus and Begotti, Rodrigo Anzolin and Beldini, Troy and de Blas, Driss Ezzine and Braga, Rodrigo Fagundes and Braga, Danielle de Lima and de Brito, Janaina Gomes and de Camargo, Plinio Barbosa and dos Santos, Fabiane Campos and de Oliveira, Vivian Campos and Nunes Cordeiro, Amanda Cardoso and Cardoso, Thiago Moreira and de Carvalho, Deborah Reis and Castelani, Sergio Andre and Mario Chaul, Julio Cezar and Cerri, Carlos Eduardo and Costa, Francisco de Assis and Furtado da Costa, Carla Daniele and Coudel, Emilie and Coutinho, Alexandre Camargo and Cunha, Denis and D'Antona, Alvaro and Dezincourt, Joelma and Dias-Silva, Karina and Durigan, Mariana and Dalla Mora Esquerdo, Julio Cesar and Feres, Jose and de Barros Ferraz, Silvio Frosini and de Melo Ferreira, Amanda Estefania and Fiorini, Ana Carolina and Flores da Silva, Lenise Vargas and Frazao, Fabio Soares and Garrett, Rachel and Gomes, Alessandra dos Santos and Goncalves, Karoline da Silva and Guerrero, Jose Benito and Hamada, Neusa and Hughes, Robert M. and Igliori, Danilo Carmago and Jesus, Ederson da Conceicao and Juen, Leandro and Junior, Miercio and de Oliveira Junior, Jose Max Barbosa and de Oliveira Junior, Raimundo Cosme and Souza Junior, Carlos and Kaufmann, Phil and Korasaki, Vanesca and Leal, Cecilia Gontijo and Leitao, Rafael and Lima, Natalia and Lopes Almeida, Maria de Fatima and Lourival, Reinaldo and Louzada, Julio and Mac Nally, Ralph and Marchand, Sebastien and Maues, Marcia Motta and Moreira, Fatima M. S. and Morsello, Carla and Moura, Nargila and Nessimian, Jorge and Nunes, Samia and Fonseca Oliveira, Victor Hugo and Pardini, Renata and Pereira, Heloisa Correia and Pompeu, Paulo Santos and Ribas, Carla Rodrigues and Rossetti, Felipe and Schmidt, Fernando Augusto and da Silva, Rodrigo and Viana Martins da Silva, Regina Celia and Morello Ramalho da Silva, Thiago Fonseca and Silveira, Juliana and Siqueira, Joao Victor and de Carvalho, Teotonio Soares and Solar, Ricardo R. C. and Holanda Tancredi, Nicola Saverio and Thomson, James R. and Torres, Patricia Carignano and Vaz-de-Mello, Fernando Zagury and Stulpen Veiga, Ruan Carlo and Venturieri, Adriano and Viana, Cecilia and Weinhold, Diana and Zanetti, Ronald and Zuanon, Jansen (2013) A social and ecological assessment of tropical land uses at multiple scales:the Sustainable Amazon Network. Philosophical Transactions B: Biological Sciences, 368 (1619). ISSN 0962-8436

Grant, Alexander (2013) At the Northern Edge:Alba and its Normans. In: Norman Expansion. Ashgate Publishing, Farnham, pp. 49-85. ISBN 9781409448389

Grant, Alexander (2013) 'Murder will out': Kingship, Kinship and Killing in Medieval Scotland. Working Paper. Lancaster University, Lancaster.

Grant, Alexander (2013) Royal and Magnate Bastards in the Later Middle Ages: The View from Scotland. Working Paper. Lancaster University, Lancaster.

Grant, Alexander (2013) The St Bees Lord and Lady, and their Lineage. Working Paper. University of Lancaster, Lancaster.

Gregory, Ian and Baron, Alistair and Murrieta-Flores, Patricia and Hardie, Andrew and Rayson, Paul (2013) Geographical Text Analysis Mapping and spatially analysing corpora. In: Corpus Linguistics 2013 Abstracts. UCREL, pp. 105-108.

Gregory, Ian and Baron, Alistair and Murrieta-Flores, Patricia and Hardie, Andrew and Rayson, Paul and Rupp, Christopher John (2013) Geographical text analysis:GIS approaches to analysing large volumes of texts. In: Proceedings of GISRUK 2013. UNSPECIFIED.

Gregory, Ian and Cooper, David (2013) The interdisciplinary mapping of the past:geographical technologies, history and texts. Journal of Victorian Culture, 18 (2). pp. 265-272. ISSN 1750-0133


Hagopian, Patrick (2013) American Immunity:War Crimes and the Limits of International Law. University of Massachusetts Press, Amherst, Mass. ISBN 9781625340467

Hughes, Michael John (2013) Dilemmas of the Nonconformist Conscience:Attitudes towards War and Peace within Primitive Methodism. Wesley and Methodist Studies, 5. pp. 75-96.

Hurst, Mark (2013) To Build a Castle: The British Construction of Soviet Dissent. e-Sharp, 7. pp. 32-45.


Ilott, Sarah (2013) 'We are the martyrs, you're just squashed tomatoes!':laughing through the fears in postcolonial British comedy: Chris Morris's Four Lions and Joe Cornish's Attack the Block. Postcolonial Text, 8 (2). ISSN 1705-9100


Jim, Theodora (2013) The religious dispute in Thucydides 1.25.4. Classical Quarterly, 63 (2). pp. 537-542. ISSN 1471-6844

Jotischky, Andrew (2013) Carmelites and Crusading in the Later Middle Ages. In: The Church On Its Past. Boydell, Woodbridge, pp. 110-120. ISBN 978-0-95468-101-2

Jotischky, Andrew (2013) Pilgrimage, Procession and Ritual Encounters between Christians and Muslims in the Crusader States. In: Cultural Encounters During the Crusades. University of Southern Denmark, Odense. ISBN 978-87-7674-659-9

Jotischky, Andrew and Johnson, Ewan (2013) Les normands de l’Italie méridionale et les Etats croisés au douzième siècle. In: Penser les mondes normands 911-2011. Presses universitaires de Caen, Caen.


Kallis, Aristotle (2013) Breaking the taboos and “mainstreaming” the extreme:the debates on restricting Islamic symbols in Europe. In: Right-wing populism in Europe. Bloomsbury Academic, London, pp. 55-70. ISBN 9781780932323

Kallis, Aristotle (2013) Far-right “contagion” or a failing “mainstream”?:how dangerous ideas cross borders and blur boundaries. Democracy and Security, 9 (3). pp. 221-246. ISSN 1555-5860

Kemp, Sandra (2013) The art and science of anticipation. In: World University Network, International Symposium, 2013-11-012013-11-01, University of Bristol.


Lilley, Keith and Porter, Catherine (2013) Mapping worlds?:excavating cartographic encounters in plantation Ireland through GIS. Historical Geography, 41. pp. 35-58. ISSN 1091-6458


Mojica, Laia and Gregory, Ian and Marti-Henneberg, Jordi (2013) A new approach to the analysis of urbanisation:the agglomerations of England and Wales (1871- 2001). Historical Methods: A Journal of Quantitative and Interdisciplinary History, 46 (2). pp. 90-101. ISSN 0161-5440

Murrieta-Flores, Patricia and Gregory, Ian and Cooper, David and Donaldson, Christopher and Baron, Alistair and Hardie, Andrew and Rayson, Paul (2013) Integrating corpus linguistics and spatial technologies for the analysis of literature. In: Corpus Linguistics 2013 Abstracts. UCREL, pp. 222-225.


Palladino, Paolo (2013) Blessed life ...:Agamben between Foucault and Deleuze. In: Giorgio Agamben. Routledge, London, pp. 207-222. ISBN 9780415637589

Palladino, Paolo (2013) Overcoming the Onto-Theology of the Body?:Essay Review of Giorgio Agamben's Nudities and Jean-Luc Nancy's Noli Me Tangere. Body and Society, 19 (1). pp. 123-130. ISSN 1357-034X

Peniston-Bird, Corinna (2013) The people's war in personal testimony and bronze:sorority and the memorial to The Women of World War II. In: British cultural memory and the Second World War. Bloomsbury Academic, London, pp. 67-87. ISBN 9781441160577

Perry, James (2013) Dear Lancaster. UNSPECIFIED.

Pettigrew, William A (2013) Freedom's Debt:The Royal African Company and the Politics of the Atlantic Slave Trade, 1672-1752. Omohundro Institute of Early American History and Culture and the University of North Carolina Press, Chapel Hill, NC. ISBN 9781469629858

Porter, Catherine (2013) Cartography and digital archives. In: UNSPECIFIED. (Unpublished)

Porter, Catherine (2013) Quantifying Irish cartographic histories. Imago Mundi, 65 (1). pp. 135-136. ISSN 0308-5694


Rohkramer, Thomas (2013) Die fatale Attraktion des Nationalsozialismus: Über die Popularität eines Unrechtregimes. Schöningh, Paderborn. ISBN 978-3-506-77676-1

Rohkramer, Thomas (2013) Gab es eine "Lebensreformbewegung" in England? In: "Lebensreform". Francke a. Verlag. ISBN 9783772084737

Rupp, C. J. and Rayson, Paul and Baron, Alistair and Donaldson, Christopher and Gregory, Ian and Hardie, Andrew and Murrieta-Flores, Patricia (2013) Customising geoparsing and georeferencing for historical texts. In: Proceedings of the 2013 IEEE International Conference on Big Data. IEEE, pp. 59-62.


Sayer, Derek (2013) How we remember and what we forget:art history and the Czech avant-garde. In: The inhabited ruins of Central Europe. Palgrave Macmillan, London, pp. 148-177. ISBN 9781137305855

Sayer, Derek (2013) Pod Stalinem:field notes from another modernity. Journal of Classical Sociology, 13 (1). pp. 87-103. ISSN 1468-795X

Sayer, Derek (2013) Prague, capital of the twentieth century:a surrealist history. Princeton University Press, Princeton, NJ. ISBN 978-0-691-04380-7

Sayer, Derek (2013) The day the wall came down (American surreal). In: The inhabited ruins of Central Europe. Palgrave Macmillan, Basingstoke. ISBN 9781137305855

Smith, Nigel (2013) Settlement and field patterns in the South Pennines:a critique of morphological approaches to landscape history in upland environments. PhD thesis, UNSPECIFIED.

Stewart, David and Donaldson, Christopher (2013) 'Literature 1780-1830: The Romantic Period, Poetry'. The Year's Work in English Studies, 92 (1). pp. 538-646. ISSN 0084-4144

Strachan, John (2013) The Dogon as lieu de mémoire. Working Paper. Lancaster University, Lancaster.

Strachan, John (2013) From Poverty to Wretchedness:Albert Camus and the Psychology of the Pieds-noirs. Journal of Colonialism and Colonial History, 14 (2).

Stringer, Keith (2013) Aspects of the Norman Diaspora in Northern England and Southern Scotland. In: Norman Expansion. Ashgate Publishing Ltd., Farnham, pp. 9-47. ISBN 9781409448389

Stringer, Keith (2013) The Scottish 'Political Community' in the Reign of Alexander II (1214-1249). In: New Perspectives on Medieval Scotland, 1093-1286. Boydell Press, Woodbridge, pp. 53-84. ISBN 978-1-84383-853-1

Sutton, Deborah (2013) Devotion, Antiquity and Colonial Custody of the Hindu Temple in British India. Modern Asian Studies, 47 (1). pp. 135-166. ISSN 1469-8099


Tadmor, Naomi (2013) Where was Mrs Turner?:Governance and Gender in an Eighteenth-Century Village. In: Remaking English Society. Studies in Early Modern Cultural, Political and Social History . Boydell & Brewer, Woodbridge, pp. 89-112. ISBN 9781843837961

Tardy, Thierry and Wyss, Marco (2013) Alternative Perspectives on African Peacekeeping. Journal of International Peacekeeping, 17 (3-4). pp. 171-177. ISSN 1875-4112

Tardy, Thierry and Wyss, Marco (2013) Alternative Perspectives on African Peacekeeping. Journal of International Peacekeeping, 17 (3-4). ISSN 1875-4112

Taylor, James (2013) Boardroom scandal:the criminalization of company fraud in nineteenth-century Britain. Oxford University Press, Oxford. ISBN 978-0-19-969579-9

Taylor, James (2013) Privacy, publicity, and reputation:how the press regulated the market in nineteenth-century England. Business History Review, 87 (4). pp. 679-701. ISSN 0007-6805

Taylor, James (2013) Why have no bankers gone to jail? History & Policy.


Welshman, John (2013) From the cycle of deprivation to troubled families:ethnicity and the underclass concept. In: Migration, health and ethnicity in the modern world. Palgrave Macmillan, Basingstoke, pp. 174-194. ISBN 9781137303226

Welshman, John (2013) Underclass:a history of the excluded since 1880. Bloomsbury, London. ISBN 9781472513717

Wilner, Alexandre and Wyss, Marco (2013) France's Africa links may have spared allies. Embassy.

Winchester, Angus (2013) Property rights, ‘good neighbourhood’ and sustainability: the management of common land in England and Wales, 1235-1965. In: Rural societies and environments at risk. Rural History in Europe . Brepols, Turnhout, pp. 301-329. ISBN 9782503544168

Winchester, Angus (2013) The landscape encountered by the first tourists. In: The making of a cultural landscape. Ashgate, Aldershot. ISBN 9781409423683

Wong, Yoke-Sum (2013) Edith doesn’t live here anymore:a story of Farnsworth House. In: The inhabited ruins of Central Europe. Palgrave Macmillan, Basingstoke. ISBN 9781137305855

Wyss, Marco (2013) The Advocate and Its Wealthy Client:Britain and Switzerland in the Early Cold War. The International History Review, 35 (1). pp. 184-204. ISSN 1949-6540

Wyss, Marco (2013) Arms Transfers, Neutrality and Britain's Role in the Cold War:Anglo-Swiss Relations 1945-1958. Brill, Leiden. ISBN 9789004234413

Wyss, Marco (2013) Entwicklung der Verteidigungsausgaben ausgewählter europäischer Staaten seit 1990:Deutschland, Frankreich, Vereinigtes Königreich, Finnland, Österreich und Schweden. Center for Security Studies (CSS) ETH Zurich.

Wyss, Marco (2013) The Gendarme Stays in Africa:France's Military Role in Côte d'Ivoire. African Conflict and Peacebuilding Review, 3 (1). pp. 81-111. ISSN 2156-7263

Wyss, Marco (2013) Importations d'armes et intérêts économiques suisses au début de la Guerre froide. In: Schweizer Rüstung. hier + jetzt, Baden-Dättwil, pp. 46-57. ISBN 9783039192793

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