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Barber, Sarah (2004) Antithesis:how to create a nation. In: History, nationhood and the question of Britain. Palgrave Macmillan, Basingstoke. ISBN 1403912963


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Jotischky, A. T. (2004) The Mendicants as missionaries and travellers in the Near East in the 13th and 14th centuries. In: Eastward Bound: Travel and Travellers 1050-1550. Manchester University Press, Manchester. ISBN 0-7190-6691-3

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Palladino, Paolo (2004) Give me a Laboratory and I will Raise the … Laboratory. Medical History, 48 (1). pp. 118-124. ISSN 0025-7273

Palladino, Paolo (2004) Life:On Biology, Biography and Bio-power in the Age of Genetic Engineering. Configurations, 11 (1). pp. 81-109. ISSN 1080-6520

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Richards, J. M. (2004) Football and the crisis of British identity. In: Relocating Britishness. Manchester University Press, Manchester. ISBN 0-7190-7026-0

Rohkramer, Thomas (2004) Nihilismus und Wille zur Macht: Zum Verhältnis von Sinnkrise und Schaffensfreude beim frühen Ernst Jünger [Nihilism and Will to Power: The Relationship between Crisis and Creativity in the Early Work of Ernst Jünger]. In: Anarch im Widerspruch. Edition Antaios, Albersroda, pp. 213-233. ISBN 9783935063531

Rohkramer, Thomas (2004) Richard Wagner oder die Mobilisierung der Kunst für eine konservative Revolution [Richard Wagner or the Mobilisation of Art for a Conservative Revolution]. In: Aufbrüche, Seitenpfade, Abwege. Suchbewegungen und Subkulturen im 20. Jahrhundert. Königshausen und Neumann, Würzburg, pp. 13-20. ISBN 9783826028830


Sayer, Derek (2004) Going Down for Air: A Memoir in Search of a Subject. Paradigm, Boulder. ISBN 1-59451-940-7

Sayer, Derek (2004) Incognito Ergo Sum:Language, Memory and the Subject. Theory, Culture and Society, 21 (5). pp. 67-89. ISSN 1460-3616

Sayer, Derek G. (2004) The unbearable lightness of building: a cautionary tale. Grey Room, 16. pp. 6-35. ISSN 1536-0105

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Shotter, David C. A. (2004) Romans and Britons in north-west England. University of Lancaster, Lancaster. ISBN 1862201528

Shotter, David C. A. (2004) Vespasian, Auctoritas and Britain. Britannia, 35. pp. 1-8. ISSN 1753-5352

Strachan, John (2004) Romance, Religion and the Republic: Bruno's Le Tour de la France par deux enfants. French History, 18 (1). pp. 96-118. ISSN 1477-4542

Straughton, Eleanor A. (2004) Beyond enclosure: upland common land in England and Wales since 1800. In: Society, Landscape and Environment in Upland Britain. Supplementary Series (2). Society for Landscape Studies, Birmingham, pp. 89-98. ISBN 0 9539711-1-2


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Taylor, James (2004) The joint stock company in politics. In: Reform and reformers in nineteenth-century Britain. University of Sunderland Press, Sunderland, pp. 99-116. ISBN 1873757948


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Welshman, John (2004) Sports. In: Tobacco in history and culture. Gale Cengage, Detroit, pp. 597-599. ISBN 9780684314051

Welshman, John (2004) Youth tobacco use. In: Tobacco in history and culture. Gale Cengage, Detroit, pp. 694-699. ISBN 9780684314051

Welshman, John (2004) The unknown Titmuss. Journal of Social Policy, 33 (2). pp. 225-247. ISSN 0047-2794

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Winstanley, M. J. (2004) Agriculture and rural society, c.1800-1914. In: Blackwell Companion to Nineteenth-Century Britain. Blackwell/Historical Association. ISBN 0-631-22579-X

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