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Adli, E. and Ahuja, A. and Apsimon, O. and Apsimon, R. and Bachmann, A.-M. and Barrientos, D. and Barros, M.M. and Batkiewicz, J. and Batsch, F. and Bauche, J. and Berglyd Olsen, V.K. and Bernardini, M. and Biskup, B. and Boccardi, A. and Bogey, T. and Bohl, T. and Bracco, C. and Braunmüller, F. and Burger, S. and Burt, G. and Bustamante, S. and Buttenschön, B. and Caldwell, A. and Cascella, M. and Chappell, J. and Chevallay, E. and Chung, M. and Cooke, D. and Damerau, H. and Deacon, L. and Deubner, L.H. and Dexter, A. and Doebert, S. and Farmer, J. and Fedosseev, V.N. and Fior, G. and Fiorito, R. and Fonseca, R.A. and Friebel, F. and Garolfi, L. and Gessner, S. and Gorgisyan, I. and Gorn, A.A. and Granados, E. and Grulke, O. and Gschwendtner, E. and Guerrero, A. and Hansen, J. and Helm, A. and Henderson, J.R. and Hessler, C. and Hofle, W. and Hüther, M. and Ibison, M. and Jensen, L. and Jolly, S. and Keeble, F. and Kim, S.-Y. and Kraus, F. and Lefevre, T. and Legodec, G. and Li, Y. and Liu, S. and Lopes, N. and Lotov, K.V. and Maricalva Brun, L. and Martyanov, M. and Mazzoni, S. and Medina Godoy, D. and Minakov, V.A. and Mitchell, J. and Molendijk, J.C. and Mompo, R. and Moody, J.T. and Moreira, M. and Muggli, P. and Mutin, C. and Öz, E. and Ozturk, E. and Pasquino, C. and Pardons, A. and Peña Asmus, F. and Pepitone, K. and Perera, A. and Petrenko, A. and Pitman, S. and Plyushchev, G. and Pukhov, A. and Rey, S. and Rieger, K. and Ruhl, H. and Schmidt, J.S. and Shalimova, I.A. and Shaposhnikova, E. and Sherwood, P. and Silva, L.O. and Soby, L. and Sosedkin, A.P. and Speroni, R. and Spitsyn, R.I. and Tuev, P.V. and Turner, M. and Velotti, F. and Verra, L. and Verzilov, V.A. and Vieira, J. and Vincke, H. and Welsch, C.P. and Williamson, B. and Wing, M. and Woolley, B. and Xia, G. (2019) Experimental Observation of Proton Bunch Modulation in a Plasma at Varying Plasma Densities. Physical review letters, 122 (5). ISSN 0031-9007

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