Cultivation of Corneal Epithelial Cells on Intact and Denuded Human Amniotic Membrane.

Koizumi, Noriko and Fullwood, Nigel J. and Bairaktaris, George and Inatomi, Tsutomu and Kinoshita, Shigeru and Quantock, Andrew (2000) Cultivation of Corneal Epithelial Cells on Intact and Denuded Human Amniotic Membrane. Investigative Ophthalmology and Visual Science, 41 (9). pp. 2506-2513. ISSN 1552-5783

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PURPOSE. Surgery to reconstruct the ocular surface is greatly facilitated by the use of amniotic membrane, either as a biologic drape or, more recently, as a substrate for the transplantation of cultivated corneal epithelial cells. This study was designed to compare the usefulness of intact and denuded human amniotic membranes as a substrate for corneal epithelial cell culture. METHODS. Small (3-mm-diameter) biopsy specimens of superficial cornea including epithelium were excised from the central and limbal regions in rabbits. They were cultured on human amniotic membrane with or without amniotic epithelial cells and examined by light, scanning electron, and transmission electron microscopy. RESULTS. Cellular outgrowth from the central explants (n = 10) after 14 days in culture measured 1.82 ± 2.62 mm2 on intact amniotic membrane and 131.83 ± 28.31 mm2 on denuded amniotic membrane. In contrast, outgrowths from the limbal explants (n = 10) at the same time measured 4.58 ± 4.56 and 505.39 ± 134.20 mm2 on intact and denuded amniotic membranes, respectively. The leading edges of the outgrowths on intact amniotic membrane were much less uniform than those on denuded amniotic membrane, and, in the former, corneal epithelial cells appeared to migrate over the top of amniotic epithelial cells. Limbal cells cultivated on denuded amniotic membrane formed a nicely stratified layer that adhered well to the underlying amniotic membrane. CONCLUSIONS. Denuded amniotic membrane appears to be an excellent substrate for the cultivation of corneal epithelial cells, with a view to transplantation.

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