Building Next-Generation Materials with Atomic Lego

Fong, James (2017) Building Next-Generation Materials with Atomic Lego. In: Faculty of Science and Technology Christmas Conference, 2017-12-19, Lancaster University.

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We investigate fabrication methods of materials by layer-by-layer manufacture. Fabricating materials at the atomic level allows us to manufacture highly specialised and unique devices for novel applications. There are an infinite number of combinations in which we can produce different devices, using 2D materials such as graphene, 0D materials like quantum dots, and organic molecules. We can build these together in any way we want essentially like building layers of Lego on the atomic scale. This allows the fine-tuning of any material to exhibit the properties we would like. The light emission from 2D materials is of particular interest, and is sensitive to imperfections in its structure. This unique emission can be used as a fingerprint, secure at the atomic level.

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Faculty of Science and Technology Christmas Conference
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