Future Cities:A Visual Guide

Dunn, Nick and Cureton, Paul (2020) Future Cities:A Visual Guide. Bloomsbury Publishing, London. ISBN 9781350011649 (In Press)

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Imagining the city of the future has long been an inspiration for many architects, artists and designers. This book examines how cities of the future have been visualised, what these projects sought to communicate and what the implications may be for us now. It provides a visual history of the future and explores the relationships between different visualisation techniques and ideologies for cities. Thinking about what futures are, who they are for, why they are desirable, and how and when they are to be brought into being is central to this book. Through visualisation we are able to experiment in ways that would be impractical and potentially hazardous in the real world, and this book, therefore, aims to contribute toward a better understanding of the power and agency of visualisations for future cities. It proposes methods for analysis of visions for future cities and applies several critical lenses to consider the subject in different ways: technological futures, social futures, and global futures. Through providing a comprehensive survey and analysis of visions for future cities, this book contributes to the processes for thinking creatively about tomorrow’s world and future studies more widely.

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