Broadening the Concept of Security:Identity and Societal Security

Saleh, Alam (2011) Broadening the Concept of Security:Identity and Societal Security. Geopolitics Quarterly, 6 (4). pp. 228-241.

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This article concentrates on the evolution of the concept of security from its traditional ‘Realist’ base through to more ‘broadened’ approaches. This study, therefore, moves beyond the conventional realist paradigm, and conversely looks at the concept of security using a ‘broadened’ perspective on security studies. In doing so, this paper asks: are the traditional concepts of security studies, particularly realism, in the post Cold War era still relevant? It is this question that forms the focus of this study. Most of the academic literature has far dealt with national security issues from an international and realist point of view. This has often neglected the internal dynamics of state’s security dilemma. This article studies the impact of societal security on state’s national security, this argument, however, has previously received little academic interest. This article thus contributes to a better understanding of the literature by clarifying conceptual approaches to societal security, and by applying these approaches in order to argue that the most pressing threat to state’s national security is within; and not from realist international pressures. The primary goal of this research is to contribute to academic debate regarding the concept of security by employing critical discourse analysis. Therefore, this study builds upon an array of secondary qualitative sources, both in order to construct the theoretical argument and to back this theory up with historical and social scientific data.

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