Large Synoptic Survey Telescope Galaxies Science Roadmap

Robertson, Brant E. and Banerji, Manda and Cooper, Michael C. and Davies, Roger and Driver, Simon P. and Ferguson, Annette M. N. and Ferguson, Henry C. and Gawiser, Eric and Kaviraj, Sugata and Knapen, Johan H. and Lintott, Chris and Lotz, Jennifer and Newman, Jeffrey A. and Norman, Dara J. and Padilla, Nelson and Schmidt, Samuel J. and Smith, Graham P. and Tyson, J. Anthony and Verma, Aprajita and Zehavi, Idit and Armus, Lee and Avestruz, Camille and Barrientos, L. Felipe and Bowler, Rebecca A. A. and Bremer, Malcom N. and Conselice, Christopher J. and Davies, Jonathan and Demarco, Ricardo and Dickinson, Mark E. and Galaz, Gaspar and Grazian, Andrea and Holwerda, Benne W. and Jarvis, Matt J. and Kasliwal, Vishal and Lacerna, Ivan and Loveday, Jon and Marshall, Phil and Merlin, Emiliano and Napolitano, Nicola R. and Puzia, Thomas H. and Robotham, Aaron and Salim, Samir and Sereno, Mauro and Snyder, Gregory F. and Stott, John P. and Tissera, Patricia B. and Werner, Norbert and Yoachim, Peter and Borne, Kirk D. and Collaboration, Members of the LSST Galaxies Science (2017) Large Synoptic Survey Telescope Galaxies Science Roadmap.

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The Large Synoptic Survey Telescope (LSST) will enable revolutionary studies of galaxies, dark matter, and black holes over cosmic time. The LSST Galaxies Science Collaboration has identified a host of preparatory research tasks required to leverage fully the LSST dataset for extragalactic science beyond the study of dark energy. This Galaxies Science Roadmap provides a brief introduction to critical extragalactic science to be conducted ahead of LSST operations, and a detailed list of preparatory science tasks including the motivation, activities, and deliverables associated with each. The Galaxies Science Roadmap will serve as a guiding document for researchers interested in conducting extragalactic science in anticipation of the forthcoming LSST era.

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