Brink Discovery:Light Fossils

Casey, Sarah Marie (2017) Brink Discovery:Light Fossils. [Exhibition]

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Light Fossils exhibited in Discovery at the inaugural exhibition of Brink - an initiative promoting relationships between sculpture and science. Cosmologists speak of ‘light fossils’, traces of old light etched into the fabric of our cosmos which act as clues to the physical processes that shaped the universe we know today. Light is the messenger from the early universe. By the time this ‘light information’ reaches us the event or material it descries is long obsolete. Correspondingly the work Light Fossil is made by shadow an indirect impression of an absent presence. Burnt into translucent film, the light passes through onto the wall, we have to peer around to dis-cover this shadow, an immaterial echo of a material presence.

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18 Apr 2017 10:56
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