Between Something and Nothing:Exhibited in Nth Degree Art and Mathematics

Casey, Sarah Marie (2017) Between Something and Nothing:Exhibited in Nth Degree Art and Mathematics. [Exhibition]

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Between Something and Nothing is exhibited in The Nth Degree, an exhibition about art and mathematics at The Foundry arts centre, Missouri. Between Something and Nothing belongs to a series of 10 drawings made in collaboration with theoretical cosmologist, Kostas Dimopoulos. The drawings reflect upon the materiality of mathematics as something untouchable, invisible and intangible woven into the world around us, predicting the forces that shape our universe and beyond. In the context of a multiverse, mathematics is the messenger and go between the space we inhabit and dimensions beyond human reach. Consequently these feather-light drawings hang in space, moving in and out of focus, teasingly in and out of reach. Each drawing depicts an image of Dimopoulos’ equations as they were published in an academic paper, translating it from data to image, and bestowing material properties upon it. Laser cut into gossamer fine Japanese tissue, the drawing inhabits a space between paper and wall; it is the shadow which shifts and changes with the air currents of the viewers movement, a ghostly dance of symbols which can’t quite be grasped. The work was developed through support of the UK Arts and Humanities Research Council and exhibited in ‘Our imperceptible Universe’ at the Blyth Gallery London in 2016 as part of the Being Human Festival.

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