High-order harmonic generation from solid targets with 2 mJ pulses

Easter, James H. and Mordovanakis, Aghapi G. and Hou, Bixue and Thomas, Alexander George Roy and Nees, John A. and Mourou, Gérard and Krushelnick, Karl (2010) High-order harmonic generation from solid targets with 2 mJ pulses. Optics Letters, 35 (19). pp. 3186-3188. ISSN 0146-9592

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Harmonics up to the 18th order are generated from solid targets by focusing 2mJ2mJ, 50fs50fs pulses at 800nm800nm to a spot size of 1.7μm1.7μm (FWHM). To our knowledge, this is the first demonstration of high-harmonic generation with a very short focal length paraboloid (푓/1.4f/1.4) and kilohertz laser system. The harmonics have a low divergence (<4°<4°) compared to the driving beam and conversion efficiencies (>10−7>10−7 per harmonic) comparable to gas harmonics. No contrast enhancement techniques are employed, and the system is capable of operating at 500Hz500Hz.

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Optics Letters
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