Kritik der Politischen Ökonomie Heute:Zeitgenosse Marx

Kraetke, Michael Roland (2017) Kritik der Politischen Ökonomie Heute:Zeitgenosse Marx. VSA-Verlag für das Studium der Arbeiterbewegung, Hamburg. ISBN 9783899657326

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In the year 2017, the first volume of Karl Marx's capital "The Capital" will be published for the 150th time. And a year later his author would have been 200 years old. Reason enough to ask why Marx's work, after such a long period, is still and increasingly the point of reference for capitalism analyzes not only of the Left. However, anyone who speaks of political economy today must beware of misunderstandings. What still existed in the nineteenth century, which in the twentieth century still dominated the style of the scientific debate on economics in Germany and the USA, no longer plays a role. Neoclassicism is understood by its protagonists primarily as apolitical science. Anyone who speaks of political economy today must reckon as a rebel, as a Marxist, or even worse, as a sociologist, and be punished with contempt by the "real" economists. This is why today it is a question of the critique of the apolitical economy: ruthless criticism of dogmas and pseudo-theories whose credibility melts thanks to the recent great crisis of the capitalist world system. And for that, the occupation with the principal work of the contemporary Marx is indispensable.

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