A Type II Supernova Hubble Diagram from the CSP-I, SDSS-II and SNLS Surveys

de Jaeger, Thomas and Gonzales-Gaitan, S. and Hamuy, M. and Galbany, L. and Anderson, J. P. and Phillips, M. M. and Stritzinger, M. D. and Carlberg, R. G. and Sullivan, M. and Gutierrez, C. P. and Hook, Isobel and Howell, D. Andrew and Hsiao, E. Y. and Kuncarayakti, H. and Ruhlmann-Kleider, V. and Folatelli, G. and Pritchet, C. and Basa, S. (2017) A Type II Supernova Hubble Diagram from the CSP-I, SDSS-II and SNLS Surveys. The Astrophysical Journal, 835 (2): 166. ISSN 0004-637X

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The coming era of large photometric wide-field surveys will increase the detection rate of supernovae by orders of magnitude. Such numbers will restrict spectroscopic follow-up in the vast majority of cases, and hence new methods based solely on photometric data must be developed. Here, we construct a complete Hubble diagram of Type II supernovae (SNe II) combining data from three different samples: the Carnegie Supernova Project-I, the Sloan Digital Sky Survey II SN, and the Supernova Legacy Survey. Applying the Photometric Color Method (PCM) to 73 SNe II with a redshift range of 0.01–0.5 and with no spectral information, we derive an intrinsic dispersion of 0.35 mag. A comparison with the Standard Candle Method (SCM) using 61 SNe II is also performed and an intrinsic dispersion in the Hubble diagram of 0.27 mag, i.e., 13% in distance uncertainties, is derived. Due to the lack of good statistics at higher redshifts for both methods, only weak constraints on the cosmological parameters are obtained. However, assuming a flat universe and using the PCM, we derive the universe's matter density: ${{\rm{\Omega }}}_{m}={0.32}_{-0.21}^{+0.30}$ providing a new independent evidence for dark energy at the level of two sigma.

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