Quantum resistance metrology using graphene

Janssen, T. J. B. M. and Tzalenchuk, A. and Lara-Avila, S. and Kubatkin, S. and Falko, Vladimir (2013) Quantum resistance metrology using graphene. Reports on Progress in Physics, 76 (10). ISSN 0034-4885

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In this paper, we review the recent extraordinary progress in the development of a new quantum standard for resistance based on graphene. We discuss the unique properties of this material system relating to resistance metrology and discuss results of the recent highest-ever precision direct comparison of the Hall resistance between graphene and traditional GaAs. We mainly focus our review on graphene expitaxially grown on SiC, a system which so far resulted in the best results. We also briefly discuss progress in the two other graphene material systems, exfoliated graphene and chemical vapour deposition graphene, and make a critical comparison with SiC graphene. Finally, we discuss other possible applications of graphene in metrology.

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Reports on Progress in Physics
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