Normal X-inactivation mosaicism in corneas of heterozygous FlnaDilp2/+ female mice--a model of human filamin A (FLNA) diseases

Douvaras, Panagiotis and Liu, Weijia and Mort, Richard L. and McKie, Lisa and West, Katrine M. and Cross, Sally H. and Morley, Steven D. and West, John D. (2012) Normal X-inactivation mosaicism in corneas of heterozygous FlnaDilp2/+ female mice--a model of human filamin A (FLNA) diseases. BMC Research Notes, 5. ISSN 1756-0500

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BACKGROUND: Some abnormalities of mouse corneal epithelial maintenance can be identified by the atypical mosaic patterns they produce in X-chromosome inactivation mosaics and chimeras. Human FLNA/+ females, heterozygous for X-linked, filamin A gene (FLNA) mutations, display a range of disorders and X-inactivation mosaicism is sometimes quantitatively unbalanced. FlnaDilp2/+ mice, heterozygous for an X-linked filamin A (Flna) nonsense mutation have variable eye, skeletal and other abnormalities, but X-inactivation mosaicism has not been investigated. The aim of this study was to determine whether X-inactivation mosaicism in the corneal epithelia of FlnaDilp2/+ mice was affected in any way that might predict abnormal corneal epithelial maintenance. RESULTS: X-chromosome inactivation mosaicism was studied in the corneal epithelium and a control tissue (liver) of FlnaDilp2/+ and wild-type (WT) female X-inactivation mosaics, hemizygous for the X-linked, LacZ reporter H253 transgene, using β-galactosidase histochemical staining. The corneal epithelia of FlnaDilp2/+ and WT X-inactivation mosaics showed similar radial, striped patterns, implying epithelial cell movement was not disrupted in FlnaDilp2/+ corneas. Corrected stripe numbers declined with age overall (but not significantly for either genotype individually), consistent with previous reports suggesting an age-related reduction in stem cell function. Corrected stripe numbers were not reduced in FlnaDilp2/+ compared with WT X-inactivation mosaics and mosaicism was not significantly more unbalanced in the corneal epithelia or livers of FlnaDilp2/+ than wild-type Flna+/+ X-inactivation mosaics. CONCLUSIONS: Mosaic analysis identified no major effect of the mouse FlnaDilp2 mutation on corneal epithelial maintenance or the balance of X-inactivation mosaicism in the corneal epithelium or liver.

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