Identifying tips for intramolecular NC-AFM imaging via in situ fingerprinting.

Sang, Hongqian and Jarvis, Samuel P. and Zhou, Zhichao and Sharp, Peter and Moriarty, Philip and Wang, Jianbo and Wang, Yu and Kantorovich, Lev (2014) Identifying tips for intramolecular NC-AFM imaging via in situ fingerprinting. Scientific Reports, 4. ISSN 2045-2322

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A practical experimental strategy is proposed that could potentially enable greater control of the tip apex in non-contact atomic force microscopy experiments. It is based on a preparation of a structure of interest alongside a reference surface reconstruction on the same sample. Our proposed strategy is as follows. Spectroscopy measurements are first performed on the reference surface to identify the tip apex structure using a previously collected database of responses of different tips to this surface. Next, immediately following the tip identification protocol, the surface of interest is studied (imaging, manipulation and/or spectroscopy). The prototype system we choose is the mixed Si(111)-7×7 and surface which can be prepared on the same sample with a controlled ratio of reactive and passivated regions. Using an "in silico" approach based on ab initio density functional calculations and a set of tips with varying chemical reactivities, we show how one can perform tip fingerprinting using the Si(111)-7×7 reference surface. Then it is found by examining the imaging of a naphthalene tetracarboxylic diimide (NTCDI) molecule adsorbed on surface that negatively charged tips produce the best intramolecular contrast attributed to the enhancement of repulsive interactions.

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