B-ball baryogenesis and the baryon to dark matter ratio

Enqvist, Kari and McDonald, John (1999) B-ball baryogenesis and the baryon to dark matter ratio. Nuclear Physics B, 538 (1-2). pp. 321-350. ISSN 0550-3213

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We demonstrate that B-ball decay in the MSSM can naturally solve the puzzle of why the densities of baryons and dark matter in the Universe are similar. This requires that the B-balls survive thermalization and decay below the freeze-out temperature of the neutralino LSP, typically 1-10 GeV, It is shown that this can happen if the baryon asymmetry originates from a squark condensate along the d = 6 u(c)d(c)d(c) D-flat direction of the MSSM scalar potential. For this to work the reheating temperature after inflation must be no greater than 10(3-5) GeV.

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Nuclear Physics B
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